hostedFor billing and back-office functions, SkySwitch offers Rev.io (formerly H2O), a carrier-grade solution tailored to the needs of Communications Service Providers. Rev.io is a next-generation platform used by leaders in the Wireline, Wireless, and VoIP markets. It can rate, tax, bill, collect and manage the services you provide to your customers.

When used by white-label resellers, the Rev.io platform excels in the following areas:


  • Customer Service (CRM)
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Automated Reporting
  • Managing Commissions

SkySwitch chose Rev.io based in no small part on the capabilities of the Overgroup team.  Overgroup is a software-as-a-service company that develops innovative billing, CRM and management solutions. Since its founding in 2002, Overgroup has grown to be the go-to solution for companies across the US. Overgroup benefits from being privately funded, profitable, and having a dedicated founding team that continues to lead the company today. The company takes a long-term view on the ever-changing markets and takes an active role in its evolution and development.  All the while keeping focus on its clients and helping them to achieve success in every way we can.


The flexible, scalable and secure Rev.io billing and back-office system can be used to bill for all SkySwitch services. The combination will give you a distinct competitive advantage with subscription management, discounts, flexible rating and more.



  • Customer Service (CRM)

Fast & accurate customer service is critical in today’s telecom market – Rev.io’s hosted OSS telecom software provides an integrated customer profile giving your team the tools it needs to connect with your customers and deliver confident & quick service. Rev.io’s CRM services provide automated tools to empower your customers to take charge of their telecom accounts.

Unified Customer Profiles

Rev.io’s integrated customer profile offers a consolidated view into your customer. Quickly see name, contacts, services, bills (including PDFs), open tickets, orders, and more, all in one place.

Unique Customer Tagging

Tag System

Rev.io’s unique tagging feature enables your team to categorize and quickly identify telecom customers with specific needs to enable you to provide better customer service and build customer loyalty.

Detailed Customer Support Notes

Notes are often misused and can be difficult to interpret. Rev.io telecom software offers note categorization, popup notes, reminders, & more, to enable you to properly document customer communications and history.

  • Billing & Invoicing

Bill anything and everything with Rev.io’s comprehensive & scalable telecom billing platform. This back-office telecom billing software offers real-time rating & mediations, accurate taxation, prepaid & postpaid telecom billing, multi-location billing, residential & business telecom billing, and more.

Monthly Recurring Charges

Recurring Billing

A fast and accurate recurring billing engine enables Rev.io telecom billing software to bill for monthly, quarterly, and annual arrangements for business or residential telecom customers.

Accurate Taxation

SkySwitch has partnered with the Compliance Solutions, to provide taxation you can depend on. It is an integrated part of the Rev.io solution and features detailed address verification ensures addresses are identified down to the ZIP+4 level to provide the most accurate taxation possible.

Auto Pay

Enable your telecom customers to sign-up for auto pay to have their accounts debited automatically on a monthly basis with Rev.io billing software. ACH and credit card payments are accepted through Authorize.net. Other supported payment processors include Stripe, PayScape and IP Pay.

  • And Much More…

Do more with less. Rev.io telecom software’s integrated provisioning supports an increasing number of mobile & wireline telecom carriers and devices each day. Manage more with EDI & XML, built-in telecom support ticketing, automated collections, and configurable workflow processes. 

Automated Telecom Reports

Reports can be scheduled for maximum efficiency. Want a weekly summary of sales or accounts receivable? Want to keep track of top performance by sales rep per day? Build a report & schedule it to be sent to you automatically each day, week, or month, to help you consistently & carefully manage your operations.

Customizable Reporting


In addition to many built-in reports, you can quickly create your own, customizable telecom reports to drill-down into your customers, billing, accounts receivable, commissions, & more; allowing you to efficiently and effectively manage your telecom business.

Online Signup for Customer Support

Empower your telecom customers to take charge of their account to make payments, request changes, and more, 24/7 with our automated phone-based IVR and online telecom customer support portal. Customers simply sign up online.

CEO’s Dashboard

CEO Dashboard

Rev.io telecom softwareʼs unique CEO’s Dashboard shows a quick & powerful snapshot of the health of your company’s operation, in a real-time. Easily see top customers, churn, accounts receivable, order summaries & more, in one consolidated view.

Telecom Agent/Reseller Portal

Our easy-to-use, branded telecom Agent/Reseller portal provides a direct link for your indirect telecom sales channel. Simply setup a username & password and send them a link to your portal, and they can be up and running, generating revenue for you. Rev.ioʼs portal provides real-time chat, commission reports, customer reports, order entry, payment processing, electronic signature, & more.

Managing Commissions

Taking a Payment

The flexible telecom commission engine supports many variations of both residential (e.g. prepaid/cash) & commercial (e.g. usage, bounty, MRCʼs, & buy-rate) models. Commissions can be calculated daily, weekly, or monthly, & can be distributed online through the agent portal directly to your telecom agents.


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