SkySwitch Partners with Metro Wireless

I just attended a webinar from SkySwitch partner Metro Wireless and couldn’t be more happy about our affiliation.  Metro Wireless has a great 4G/LTE backup and SD-WAN solution that fills a unique need for cloud PBX providers.  Best of all, it has been proven in the field with SkySwitch resellers over the past several years.  You can learn more by watching the video, or by contacting a SkySwitch sales rep.  If you are a SkySwitch customer and would like to order a demo unit, please complete this form.



Vectors Nashville 2018 is Open for Registration

It’s official! The 2018 SkySwitch User Group Meeting – Vectors Nashville 2018 – is going to be held Oct 7-10 in Nashville, TN. This will be our third user group meeting and, naturally, we are planning for it to be the best one yet.

Our objective for the event is to enhance your success with content and activities designed to make your business work better. We are also using Vectors 2018 as the launching pad for exciting new platform features and services, and will have sessions designed to help you convert them into new revenue streams in 2019.

Past attendees have told us that the Vectors Conference could be the most valuable industry event they attend all year.  Join us this year and discover for yourself!  More details about the venue and registration are available at

AI Smartens SMS Support – Channel Vision Magazine April 2018

ChannelVision Magazine published an article about the SkySwitch SMS bots – a big part of our newly launched White Label Business SMS service.

SkySwitch UCaaS Now Integrated with Meeting Manager Web Conferences and Google Calendar

We are happy to announce that SkySwitch is now integrated with Meeting Manager web conferences and Google Calendar through the latest ReachUC Chrome extension.

Now, when using the ReachUC extension for Chrome browsers, PBX users can choose to create Meeting Manager web meetings directly from the Chrome browser bar, or directly from their Google Calendar page.


The new integration works with any Google Calendar or G Suite account.  To use it just look for the ReachUC logo in the Event Details page of any Google Calendar event.

Because the ReachUC app is integrated with the user’s PBX account, PBX conference bridge details are automatically pulled into the event description and will be included with calendar reminder emails.


Today, UCaaS services cannot exist in a vacuum because end users expect all their productivity tools to work with each other seamlessly.  As always, SkySwitch is working hard to provide Resellers with cutting edge integrations that make these interactions easier.   Our integration with Meeting Manager web conferences, Google Calendar and ReachUC is yet another way that SkySwitch enables Resellers to succeed by more easily differentiating their services from those of the competition.

To start using the new integration, download the latest ReachUC Chrome extension from the Chrome web store.  More information about use of the ReachUC Chrome extension can be found at the ReachUC website.

Sallie the SMS Directory Bot is Now Available for Trial

We are happy to announce the availability for trial of an exciting new feature that combines business SMS and bot technology to solve a growing problem for business owners.

People are relying on text messaging more than ever.  In fact 8 out of 10 millennials prefers to send a text message rather than talk on the phone.   This can be a challenge for business owners because most business phone lines can not receive SMS messages.  And even when a business phone line is enabled with business SMS,  it’s often difficult to ensure that an inbound SMS message will get routed to the right person in the company.

To address this shortcoming, we developed Sallie the SMS Directory Bot, a smart agent that can help direct text messages using business SMS to the appropriate person or department within a company.  With Sallie on the job, businesses can connect with customers that send SMS messages in an efficient and conversational way.   Sallie engages with customers who send SMS messages by intelligently responding with relevant information from the company directory and taking the appropriate actions based on the responses received. Sallie not only makes calls,  automatically connecting a customer to the right resource in a company, but can also respond to inquiries about hours of operation, driving directions, or special events, just to name a few of the many possibilities.

We put together short video to introduce Sallie here:

Unified Communications as a Service is all about increasing productivity.  In the context of business SMS, that means getting the right people  connected to a customer or partner quickly and efficiently.  We believe that Sallie the SMS Directory Bot achieves this, and are excited about the potential for this type of application to  help SkySwitch resellers further differentiate themselves from the competition.

If you would like to start using Sallie, please submit a request here.


Growth In Hosted UCaaS and IP Telephony Not Limited To Big Providers

Frost & Sullivan has recently updated their North American Hosted IP Telephony and UCaaS Market, Forecast to 2023.  The news continues to be positive. The report shows that we can expect to continue on the current growth trajectory through 2023. In 2016, the market experienced healthy growth of 32.1 percent in terms of installed users and 30.6 percent in terms of revenue (without access).

Continued Growth Forecast

“Growing customer demand for more flexible technology consumption models to support digital transformation projects represents a key growth driver. Premises-based communications solutions reaching end of life and increasing availability of compelling UCaaS offerings are also encouraging the move to cloud communications.”

Not Limited To Big Providers

The other good news is that this growth is not limited to only a few big providers.

“Currently, the market is relatively untapped and can support a large number of providers with a diverse background and skill set. As the market matures, highly diversified telecommunications companies and software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers are likely to dominate the market,” said Frost & Sullivan Digital Transformation Vice President Elka Popova.

The report states that such issues as security, control, and more flexible customization will be important drivers as companies continue to move away from premise-based systems. Bigger providers must deliver a more “cookie-cutter” solution in order to maintain scale. This is the antithesis of what customers are looking for.

We believe that a local provider (backed by an outstanding white label partner like SkySwitch)  is best positioned to deliver the customized solutions that many companies are looking for.

North American Hosted IP Telephony and UCaaS Market, Forecast to 2023 InfoGraphic

SkySwitch Featured In Telecom Reseller Podcast

Jayson Jones, Executive Vice-President of Business Development at SkySwitch was recently featured in a podcast with Douglas Green, Editor & Publisher of Telecom Reseller. In the podcast, Jayson discusses the recent expansion of the SkySwitch network, the Active-Active architecture that is used to deliver high-availability and the impact of the new Las Vegas geo-node on load balancing and network capacity.  They also follow-up on an earlier podcast that featured a discussion about the integration between SkySwitch and the Amazon Echo/Alexa products.

Jayson also explains the SkySwitch business model and how white label UCaaS providers realize significant benefits when they place their customers and VoIP traffic with SkySwitch.

You can listen to or download the podcast from this link.


VTech Desktop Cordless SIP Phones Now Available in SkySwitch Store

VTech, well known for their outstanding cordless DECT phones for the consumer market, is expanding  into the world of business SIP phones.

A unique feature of VTech Eris SIP phone line is the use of DECT cordless technology in desktop and conference room phones.  These phones can be deployed without the need for ethernet cabling by pairing them with an ErisTerminal base-station or repeater using DECT 6 technology.

Until now, there were two choices when deploying SIP phones in areas with no network cabling:  use a portable DECT SIP phone (like the Yealink W56P); or, use a Wifi dongle on a standard SIP handset .  Neither approach worked well for stationary users.  Wifi is notoriously bad when it comes to VoIP QoS, and most cordless handsets have small form factors that do not work well on a desk.  The VTech approach is unique because it pairs the desktop form factor with DECT cordless technology.

While these phones are missing some of the bells and whistles that are becoming de rigueur from other manufacturers (features such as color LCD and touchscreen display are not currently available) they look and feel solid and have all the basic features required for a hosted PBX user.   In deployments where ethernet cabling is a limitation, these phones definitely meet a need that is unfilled by other manufacturers.

The VTech ErisTerminal line of phones is now available for purchase in the SkySwitch Store.  In the coming weeks, single-screen provisioning will be available so that both the phone and the PBX can be auto-provisioned at the time of purchase.  Look for upcoming promotions that will make it easy for SkySwitch resellers to test-drive these phones.

Significant Upgrades And Improvements to Meeting Manager with Release 7.0

The ability to collaborate with co-workers or clients is a key driver for companies moving to a Unified Communications as a Service Platform. The upcoming release of Meeting Manager will significantly improve and enhance the user experience for this key component of our offering.

Highlights of the version 7.0

An Entirely New and Modernized GUI

All the functionality is there and accessible through a much smaller widget that takes considerably less desktop space. During a session, it can be minimized all the way down to this:

But just hovering over the widget instantly exposes every control Icon:

There is even more functionality available under the icons:

This is just the start of the benefits from the new interface. Here are a couple of screenshots showing off the new interface.

This is the new look for meeting set-up


Here is the scheduler:


Improved Integration with SkySwitch Platform

The web meeting audio will automatically be connected with the Meeting Host’s PBX conference bridge when a meeting starts. Previously, this required the Meeting Host to press a ‘Connect’ button. This screenshot shows a meeting in progress with the direct PBX Integration:

Additional New Features

Live Streaming.

Stream desktop, HD video, and audio to browser-based viewers across all platforms including PC, MAC, iOS and Android.

Up to 20 frames per second desktop sharing.

Share HD video and audio from your desktop to attendees at up to 20 frames per second. This incredible feature brings desktop sharing to the next level over the public Internet by delivering a smooth HD experience in real-time with only milliseconds of delay.

MAC HD Video Recording and Conversion to MP4.

It is now possible to record HD video and desktop sharing sessions on a MAC.  The file format of the recording can be converted to MP4 from the MAC.

More improvements in the future

We are already working on the next release of Meeting Manager that will include an integration with Google and Outlook calendars.

See the Tenfold Connector for Salesforce in Action

Tenfold has produced a video showing how the Salesforce Connector works with SkySwitch.

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