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Find out why Coredial customers are moving to SkySwitch


We are focused on YOUR Success.

Coredial customers have told us that running their business is easier with SkySwitch. Easier to sell. Easier to manage. Easier to succeed.

Unlike Coredial, SkySwitch offers white label partners the same control and flexibility that they would have if they were to purchase and integrate their own carrier class geo-redundant VoIP switch.

Among other things, we don’t lock you into using our origination and termination. And, we give you a clear and defined path to migrate to your own switching platform should you ever decide it is in your best interest.

The White Label business model is a great fit for many organizations. But as they say, good choices are made from good options.

Only SkySwitch gives you the option to move to your own switch with zero downtime and no migration headaches.