With SkySwitch Instant Messaging, Resellers can offer secure, standards-based, IM as a free add-on to hosted PBX services.

The SkySwitch Instant Messaging service leverages XMPP, which means that end-users can access the SkySwitch IM server using any XMPP-compliant chat client (there are many free clients available, such as Zoiper, Adium, Pidgin, IM+, Messages for Mac, Jitsi, Blink and Spark, among others).

The service features single sign-on with the end-user’s PBX portal username and password and sync’s with the PBX buddy list so that users within the same company automatically see other employees in their chat buddy list.   The service is also secure, supporting Centralized User Administration from the PBX Office Manager portal, SSL encrypted data streams, and server infrastructure that is hosted in redundant SOC II certified facilities.