Interested in 2600hz?

Find out why 2600hz customers have moved to SkySwitch


SkySwitch makes it EASY.

Customers that have migrated their hosted PBX business from 2600hz to SkySwitch have told us that SkySwitch is easier. Easier to sell. Easier to manage. Easier to succeed.

The SkySwitch turn-key ecosystem allows resellers to achieve success in the Unified Communications business, with all the back-office systems and support required to go to market quickly and with confidence.

SkySwitch partners get all the benefits of owning a fully redundant and feature-rich softswitch, with none of the pain. Among other things, we don’t lock you into using our origination and termination. And, we give you a clear and defined path to migrate to your own switching platform should you ever decide it is in your best interest.

Talk to us to find out more about the SkySwitch platform, and how SkySwitch compares against 2600hz.




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