Appointment Reminder to Calendar and Organizer Agenda

Putting Business SMS In More Hands with SkySwitch’s Appointment Reminder App

In recent years, more and more of the companies I use, including my car dealership, where I get my car serviced, my doctor’s and dentist’s offices and other service providers, have wisely started using SMS reminders to keep in touch with me. There’s a good reason for this – as with most Americans, our mobile…

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SkySwitch Business SMS Is Now Integrated With Rocket.Chat

SkySwitch has integrated Business SMS services with Rocket.Chat, a leading open-source web chat application. Business SMS is a huge differentiator for resellers in the UCaaS industry—which is why we’ve written so much about how it will soon trump email and become a necessary component to any organizations’ communication strategy. This upward trend we’ve predicted has…

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SkySwitch Enhances Business SMS with New SMS Keyword Responder

It’s no secret that I think Business SMS presents a fantastic opportunity for UCaaS providers to increase ARPU and make services stickier. Business owners know that  SMS is a valuable part of their lead acquisition and customer engagement process.  But today most SMS communication is done with a personal mobile device that is not integrated…

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How to make business SMS a part of your UCaaS

Why Business SMS Must Be Part Of Your UCaaS Strategy

Introduction Text messaging (SMS) is the most used data service in the world. (Nielsen, Pew Internet Research.)  Usage is not  limited by age, economics or geographic location. Adults over 55+ are sent and receive 16+ text messages a day (Experian Marketing Services). Texting is as much a part of the consumer market as it is…

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Copy SMS Messages to a Google Spreadsheet with SkySwitch Business SMS and Zapier

One of the best features of the new SkySwitch Business SMS service is the ability to send copies of SMS messages to any URL.  This feature allows you to log copies of SMS messages to any other web application that has a webhook listener. One such service is Zapier, my favorite online automation tool.  With…

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Why Today’s Business Communication Resellers Need the Best Contact Center Solutions

The ongoing financial success of any business requires meeting and exceeding consumer expectations. While there was a time most merchants and service providers felt reasonably confident outsourcing various aspects of customer care to a call center or answering service, today’s customers expect personalized service with rapid, responsive communication across multiple channels. Companies that fail to…

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two buisness men looking at clipboard

6 Keys for Finding a VoIP Business Partner

With the many advances in telecom technology, businesses now have better and more cost-effective ways of communicating with their customers. One such way is the Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP, which has brought many advantages to the modern-day business owner. Reports show the projected corporate VoIP subscribers worldwide in 2020 was 204.8 billion, and the…

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ReachUC Is An Ideal Business Cloud Voice Softphone

BY JASON HARRIS, REVIEWS EDITOR Many ‘modern’ businesses have begun eliminating the desk phone. You know, the one that sits in your office/cubicle and enables you to dial extensions to reach co-workers, departments and colleagues? As the workforce has become increasingly mobile with co-working and work-from-home arrangements in the last decade or two, business phones…

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RCS Is the Advanced Evolution of SMS and SkySwitch Plans to Support It

What is RCS? Rich Communication Services (RCS) is the next-generation replacement for SMS. RCS offers upgraded features that users have come to expect, like higher-resolution images and video, Wi-Fi messaging, typing indicators, read-receipts and better group chats. SMS has been around since the 90s and hasn’t reached the capabilities other third-party messaging services (like WhatsApp…

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