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“After four years with a different white-label VoIP provider, we decided to move to SkySwitch and are very happy with the decision. It brought a lot more functionality to the table, using our existing hardware. Clients love it, and it’s a lot easier for us also.”    Guy Fawkes – CEO


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“SkySwitch is our third VOIP switching platform and by far the most cost effective. The CAPEX route on the first two was expensive and with all the engineering overhead they required, the profit margins just weren’t there for us. The SkySwitch White Label UCC Platform was a fraction of the startup cost. Their features and functionality allowed us to compete at a very high level and with us being able to dedicate 90% of our resources on sales and support, it’s a win, win for both our customers and our bottom-line.”      Jason Alidor – CEO



“As a SkySwitch reseller, their suite of UCC tools allowed us to quickly become a phone company and displace the primary service provider within our vertical space. They never once minimized our support issues and always pushed to resolve them quickly no matter how complex the problem. Another huge factor to underscore is that every aspect of our business is API fed and at times, even though their IT/Support department was taxed heavily, we were always treated like a valued partner.”     David Boyd – President


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“With us being a fixed wireless broadband internet startup, we required a flexible and cost-effective white label UCC platform to serve our customers phone system requirements. The SkySwitch’s comprehensive UCC infrastructure required little up-front capital expense, on-boarding was fast and their provisioning platform was so intuitive , we were deploying phone services within a week. Support and uptime has been incredible with the best part that it’s sold and billed under our company brand, backed by our dedication to customer service which when combined; increases our business valuation across the board.”    Ralph Abrams – CEO