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About SkySwitch
SkySwitch empowers resellers to achieve success in the Unified Communications business, with all the back-office systems and support required to go to market quickly and with confidence.

SkySwitch partners get all the benefits of owning a feature-rich and fully redundant softswitch, with none of the pain.

Among other things, we don’t lock you into using our origination and termination. And, we give you a clear and defined path to migrate to your own switching platform should you ever decide it is in your best interest.

The White Label business model is a great fit for many organizations. But as they say, good choices are made from good options.
Why SkySwitch
  • White Label VoIP is our only business
  •  Best of Breed Platforms
  •  Unmatched Reliability with Always Active core
  •  Control and Flexibility 
  •  Supported by Experienced Professionals
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