What I Learned From My Internship at SkySwitch

In October of 2019, I was offered the position of Social Media Marketing Intern for SkySwitch. Every moment since then has been a whirlwind of professional development, personal growth and thinking on my feet. 


Shortly after being brought on to the team, we traveled to Orlando, FL for Vectors 2019, the annual user group conference hosted by SkySwitch. Being the largest Vectors conference yet, I had a lot of quick thinking to do as the fast-paced environment was both terrifying and exhilarating. I helped coordinate and capture the event highlights and worked around the clock to assist the marketing team in ensuring everything ran smoothly. The late nights and long hours were worth it when we learned of the incredible success of the event — especially when I got to see the graphics I designed up on-screen in front of hundreds of people! 


My time at SkySwitch was not without its trials and tribulations. As with anything, there was a learning curve and I had to adjust accordingly. I’m grateful for the guidance I had along the way during the moments of confusion. Entering the telecommunications industry was difficult, and it was up to me to learn the terminology and new skills, like B2B marketing, in order to properly represent the voice of the company. Fortunately, there were many resources provided in order for me to develop the necessary skills, and we had team meetings to assess my progress and strengthen the areas that needed work. Also, Google was a big help. 


My past work experience is in the realm of Social Media Marketing. While my internship extended far beyond that title, I was able to implement my skills and create social posts and campaigns that were posted to the company’s platforms. One of my favorite projects is the #MeetTheTeam campaign, a series of social posts designed to bridge the gap between corporate offices and our resellers by allowing our clients to get to know our team members on a personal level. From the concept to the graphic design, to the copy and scheduling of posts, I had the pleasure of kickstarting a fun and engaging campaign that will extend beyond my time here at SkySwitch.


These past six months have been incredible and I’ve learned so much about my career field, the industry, and most importantly myself. During my time here, I had the opportunity to document huge events, draft creative briefs, create banners that were printed and used in conferences and so much more. The experience was unforgettable and I’m so grateful for the opportunities I was given at the organization. What I’ll miss the most though, is the wonderful work environment I was lucky enough to be a part of. 


My direct supervisors, Andy Abramson, Emily Vasquez and Erica Vasquez strengthened me as a professional in many ways. From providing endless support and answering the many questions I had, they were the best mentors an intern could hope for. SkySwitch truly is a family and I couldn’t recommend this internship or organization more. Thank you, everyone, for everything — and especially for trusting me with your Chicken Salad Chick orders. 

All the best,

Melanie Margolese

SkySwitch on the Move at Channel Partners Conference and Expo 2020

From Tampa to Las Vegas, the SkySwitch team is ready to #SkyRocket your business

We are excited to meet everyone this year at Channel Partners 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada, as it’s our Channel Partners debut. As a channel only white label cloud voice provider, we’re always looking to add more resellers to our platform. At Channel Partners, you can find the SkySwitch team as exhibitors in the expo hall at booth #603. And, you’ll also see our Founder and President, Eric Hernaez, featured on a panel during the show.

While we’re there, we plan on following the Channel Partners rule of no handshaking, but we do look forward to smiling, nodding and bumping elbows with you!

Learn About the CPaaS Opportunity In Our Upcoming Panel

Eric Hernaez, Founder and President of SkySwitch, is a featured panelist in “How to Get in Early on the CPaaS Opportunity”, a session led by leading telecom industry analyst Jon Arnold, alongside Steve Smith, CEO of Fonative, and Ari Rabban, CEO and Founder of phone.com. In this discussion, these industry-leading experts will touch on how they’ve used CPaaS to increase customer “stickiness” and show you how to get on board too.

Drop Your Card at Our Booth to Win a Major Prize

Visit our booth, #603, to meet with other members of our team and learn more about how your telco business can earn more monthly recurring revenue by reselling cloud voice. And, while you’re there, drop your business card to be entered into our Channel Partners 2020 giveaway. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, you can win any of these prizes:


Schedule a Meeting at Channel Partners 2020

Do you want to increase your value proposition by selling a white label telecom offering? Are you a 3CX user or interested in SIP Trunking? Or have any other questions for SkySwitch? Schedule an exclusive one-on-one meeting with our team and to learn how SkySwitch can skyrocket your profits with cloud voice.

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You should meet with Sean Breeden, Northeast Sales Manager.

What’s Next for SkySwitch? Find Out In This Interview, Live at IT EXPO

Andy Abramson, CMO of SkySwitch, talks about the future of the company and the benefits of working within the small to medium business market.


TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with Andy Abramson, CMO of SkySwitch, at this year’s IT EXPO, the #TechSuperShow 2020 in Ft. Lauderdale FL about the growth of SkySwitch. Abramson details the benefits of working with the company and how SkySwitch differentiates from competitors.  

Rich Tehrani interviews SkySwitch Chief Marketing Officer Andy Ambrahmson at ITEXPO 2020.

Video Transcription:

Rich Tehrani  0:28  

Hey, it’s Rich at the ITEXPO Tech Super Show 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On our program today is Andy Abramson. He is the CMO of SkySwitch. Andy, welcome back to the show. How are you?  


Andy Abramson  0:39  

Rich, it’s great to see ITEXPO and great to see how it’s back, bigger than ever. And having been here now, you know, for so many years dating back to the late 90s. The show has gotten so, so big.


Rich Tehrani  0:51  

Thank you so much. Thanks for noticing and pointing that out. My team has done a wonderful job and we’re looking forward to bringing the community together year after year.


Andy Abramson  0:58  

Well, it’s really a great time to see all your friends, some of your partners, even some of the people you compete with, but this is the one event of the year where you do get to see everybody in some shape or form.


Rich Tehrani  1:09  

Thanks again and thanks for that. And you’re now at a company called sky switch you started last year, I’d love for you to tell us a little bit about that organization. 


Andy Abramson  1:17  

So SkySwitch is a channel only service provider for telecom and other services to the reseller community. So unlike some brands that you’ll know that they’re here, that steal from the channel, we only sell to the channel we don’t sell direct. We don’t use the we don’t take from them. We let the resellers decide what they want to call it, what they want to charge for it. 

And we stay in the background as a white label player, which means we market to resellers then we help them with training with support and with marketing.


Rich Tehrani  1:50  

That’s fantastic. And as an MSP there are a lot of benefits to white label right?


Andy Abramson  1:55  

You own the customer and then use pick your supplier and you’re able to maintain that relationship and as more and more of the big brands that you see are stealing from the channel and going direct, and then also moving upmarket.


 It’s leaving an awful lot of small medium-sized businesses who need help and still want that high touch hands-on relationship where they can call the person up and say, “Can I talk about what my needs are?” and you actually know who you’re talking to. You’re not getting some nameless faceless chatbot, or some person who’s answering the phone in a call center halfway around the world. 


Rich Tehrani  2:33  

That’s great and MSPs really benefit from white label right there. You want to list out all the various financial reasons that white label makes sense?


Andy Abramson  2:43  

Well, the first reason is you know what you’re paying. The second reason is, you can determine how much you want to make. You can set your own pricing. You maintain your relationships, and you control the transaction with your customer. 

You’re not simply getting a cut on the back-end of something and you’re not simply doing a one-shot like agents get a one-shot. So they bring the business to the brand. And then they’re gone. And then when somebody has a problem, they go back to the agent and the agent says well you’re on your own.


Rich Tehrani  3:13  

And there are also some benefits in terms of valuation right MSP’s that own that customer actually can end up with a higher valuation, which is great for if they have any kind of acquisition or anything like that.


Andy Abramson  3:24  

Well, the MSP not only owns the customer and owns the relationship and gets to set their pricing, which in turn, determines their value. They helped to grow their own business, they help to grow their customers, businesses, and then you’re seeing consolidation in the MSP space as well across the country. 

So what we’re happy about is we’re getting MSP’s are coming to us with hundreds and thousands of seats, and they’re migrating their customers over to us. It’s sometimes all at once, sometimes half now half in a couple more weeks every couple of weeks after that. And we’re growing. We’ve increased our reseller base since vectors very nicely.


Rich Tehrani  4:00  

That’s fantastic. That was last September?


Andy Abramson  4:02  

It was last October.


Rich Tehrani  4:04  

Fantastic. Congratulations. So what’s next for the company?


Andy Abramson  4:06  

I think what’s next for the company is a deeper focus on moving into the larger reseller space. We’re getting some traction with that. I think the second big thing is just offering some new and different services as the world is more and more cloudified, we need to be able to make sure that our resellers have the right tools to support their customer base with the right kind of tools. So SD-WAN is something that’s very important to us. 


We see that as essential because it helps to manage and shape the traffic that a customer has. So we’re doing that we’re also doing a lot more with SIP Trunking. Now SIP Trunking has been around forever. We’re doing it because we have a high demand for it. Because unfortunately, fiber isn’t everywhere. And superfast broadband isn’t everywhere, or somebody just needs a SIP Trunk. So we’ve put a lot of effort behind that. 


And again, we listen to what our resellers are. We’ve also added Granstream as A brand to support what our resellers want. We now sell Poly, Yealink, Granstream, Snom. We’ve also got computer technology who’s a specialist supplier of phones for harsh environments, outdoors, beaches, construction sites. 

We’re doing that we also help our resellers, through alliances with companies like REV IO and Datagate on the billing side. We also work with CSI and, and compliance solutions on the compliance side. And these are things that whether it’s on the billing platform or on the compliance platform or taxation. 

We’re able to make sure that a reseller can come to SkySwitch and get a full gamut of what they need to run their telephony business, run their business and sell things to their customers.


Rich Tehrani  5:46  

That’s great. Now how can people find you?


Andy Abramson  5:47  



Rich Tehrani  5:50  

Thanks for being here. 


Andy Abramson  5:51  

Thanks, Rich.

Standing Out From the Crowd at ITEXPO

Eric Hernaez, President and Founder of SkySwitch talks about having a unique voice in the industry.


TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with SkySwitch Founder and President, Eric Hernaez, at the IT EXPO #TechSuperShow 2020 in Ft. Lauderdale FL about what makes SkySwitch a unique player in the telecom industry. SkySwitch is all about helping the customers differentiate themselves and having the tools to be successful. 

Rich Tehrani interviews SkySwitch President and Founder Eric Hernaez at ITEXPO 2020.

Video Transcription:

Rich Tehrani  0:29  

We’re here at the ITEXPO Tech Super Show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On our show is Eric Hernaez with SkySwitch. Eric, how are you?

Eric Hernaez  0:38  

I’m doing great, Rich. Thanks. How are you?

Rich Tehrani  0:40  

Good. Thanks. So tell us a little bit about SkySwitch for those people who may not know.

Eric Hernaez  0:43  

Sure. So SkySwitch is a channel only white label UCaaS provider, which what that really means is that our partners are able to take our UCaaS platform and sell it and brand it and build their customers under their own name. 

So we’re behind the scenes making sure that the platform is running and it’s geo diverse. So it’s always available. But it’s really our job to help our customers be successful selling you UCaaS to their customer base.

Rich Tehrani  1:10  

And there are a lot of benefits for an MSP to own the relationship. You want to go into some of those. 

Eric Hernaez  1:14  

Absolutely, sure. Well, you know, typically the way MSP’s have approached the market has been to, well, you know, they have customers and a lot of times the customers will say, “Well, you know, we’ve heard about cloud voice, we want to get into Cloud voice, what do you suggest and many msps end up being agents for some of the larger national players. And that can be good because you know, you can give the customer what they’re looking for, which is a more feature rich, absolutely, you know, platform that does not immediately obsolete it. 

The downside, of course, is that that MSP ends up losing that relationship with the customer because once they hand them over to another brand, they lose that opportunity for monthly recurring revenue. So in our model, the MSP gets to continue being the trusted visor for their customers. And but they’re also able to brand their own voice, business voice solution and maintain that relationship and keep the customer.

Rich Tehrani  2:11  

It’s really exciting. And so not only do they make more money, they keep the relationship but talk about what happens to the MSP at the time of resale when they own those relationships are not resale but acquisition.

Eric Hernaez  2:22  

So, of course, everybody’s interested in their exit for their business and today MSP’s are being rolled up by larger MSP’s and other types of investors. And of course, the way you get value for your company is based primarily on your revenue. 

And so if you are simply an agent collecting, you know, commissions from another company that counts less towards your value, as compared to owning the customer and having a contract that says you’re going to collect a certain amount of monthly recurring, revenue month in and month out for X number of years.

Rich Tehrani  3:03  

So basically you get a higher multiple on that revenue. That’s white labeled as an agent as you might get on agent revenue.

Eric Hernaez  3:10  

Absolutely. In terms of valuations, the multiples for owning the customer and having that contract are much higher.

Rich Tehrani  3:16  

Yeah, I’ve seen some significant increases in those numbers. So tell me, you guys, I’ve had a chance to write about some of the news this week. You’ve been really a flurry of activity, I think three pieces of news, at least this week. You want to talk about that? 

Eric Hernaez  3:28  

Absolutely. Well, we try and use this event as a springboard to announce new things. And the first thing that we’re really excited about is our Appointment Reminder App. 

So a lot of our customer base sells to service type companies, doctors offices, personal health care, automotive services, things where the end customer has an appointment. And so what our new feature allows us to do is it allows our resellers to sell appointment reminder services as an adjunct or an add on to their business voice services. 

And our platform ties in nicely with all the CRM. So if you create an appointment and and you can get that CRM to push it to us we’ll automatically create the reminder. And the reminders can either be telephone calls or SMS messages or both. 

You know, it’s really up to the end user how they want to promote and configure it. So we’re really very happy. It’s actually been the number one requested feature related to SMS on our platform for the past couple years. So we’ve been working on it and we’re happy to announce it here.

Rich Tehrani  4:39  

So congratulations. I mean, there’s been a race to zero in voice at least that’s what some people complain about that it’s so competitive and people undercut each other’s prices and so you can actually give your MSP’s you arm them with the ability to add revenue as opposed to dropping and they can go in with a less expensive solution, but then quickly add on, add on, add on right? 

Eric Hernaez  5:00  

You’re absolutely right. It’s all about features. And because there are so many providers out there fighting for the same customers, you really have to do something to stand apart from your competitors. 

So of course price is one way you can you can differentiate yourself. But having features that a vanilla voice provider doesn’t have is another way. So whether you add that feature in and you’re able to maintain a higher price per customer, or you sell it as an add on feature to the customer, either way, you end up with, you know, more satisfied customers that are stickier and higher revenue.

Rich Tehrani  5:34  

Awesome. And then you also have a new group, a new Association. You want to talk about that?

Eric Hernaez  5:38  

Oh, yeah. So we are the charter sponsor for the Cloud Voice Alliance. And really, the CVA as we call it, is an organization that’s designed to help the smaller telecom resellers have a voice in the industry, because today there are organizations but they’re really geared more towards the larger nationwide providers. 

There’s really no one out there that helps the little guy who is emblematic of our customer base. So I like to explain it as an outsource marketing department for a smaller MSP. A lot of MSP’s are two, four people, organizations, and they just don’t have dedicated marketing people. 

So when they need to get that marketing material or the email blast or anything done, it’s something that’s not typically in their wheelhouse. So CVA is an organization that any telecom reseller can join, and they can take advantage of shared resources to get these types of marketing things done.

Rich Tehrani  6:33  

That’s great. What’s next for the company?

Eric Hernaez  6:35  

Well, it’s all about finding more ways for our customers to be successful in the market. So we’re expanding. We’re planning to expand into Canada and perhaps some other countries, but really, it’s about just delivering the tools to our customer base that let them differentiate themselves and be successful.

Rich Tehrani  6:54  

How do people find you? 

Eric Hernaez  6:57  

www .SkySwitch.com, or just google “unified communications as a service”.

Rich Tehrani  7:03  

Fantastic. Thanks for being here.

Eric Hernaez  7:05  

Yeah. Thank you, Rich.

Meet SkySwitch at ITEXPO 2020 and Learn How to Level Up With White Label Cloud Voice

Join us at ITEXPO to learn from our industry-leading experts and discover how you can skyrocket your profits with Cloud Voice.

This year, the SkySwitch team will be participating at ITEXPO 2020 not only exhibitors but also as speakers, moderating several panel discussions and presenting at the conference. As an industry-leading white label UCaaS platform provider, we have thoughtfully curated these session topics to provide valuable insights that telecom resellers and MSPs can use to boost their business and skyrocket sales.

Mark Your Calendars for These Upcoming Sessions

Founder and President of SkySwitch, Eric Hernaez, is scheduled to participate in the panel of experts for Cloud Voice Alliance (CVA). His panel will feature other successful industry leaders, including Dave Gilbert from Cloud Communications Alliance, Tom Millitzer from Millitzer Capital, and will be moderated by none other than Doug Green from Telecom Reseller.

VP of Business Development Harlan Hamlin, will be leading the session “Implementing Kari’s Laws and Other New E911 Requirements”. If you missed his eye-opening panel at Vectors 2019, this is an incredible opportunity to see how simple updates can help save lives in your community.

CMO, Andy Abramson, will be demonstrating his years of experience by moderating several sessions throughout the conference. He’ll be covering a series of can’t-miss lectures that will help elevate your marketing techniques for years to come, with topics from “The Millennial Influence on Enterprise Communications” to “Modern Marketing for MSPs”.

Review Our Full Session & Panel Schedule

Take a look at all of the sessions and panels that the SkySwitch team will be participating in. (And save the picture on your phone to keep in handy while at you’re at the conference!)

Visit Our Booth & Get Entered to Win Prizes

Of course, make sure to stop by the SkySwitch booth in Hall A to meet with other members of our team and see how you can take (or launch) your business to the next level by reselling cloud voice. And while you’re there, don’t forget to drop your business card off at the booth to enter our giveaways with Poly, Grandstream, Snom and 3CX.

rp-trio-01 (1)
Poly Trio 8800

Snom C520 Conference Phone (Read Product Review Here!)


GXV3380 (Grandstream’s Android Video Phone)


Schedule a Meeting at ITEXPO #TechSuperShow

We all get caught up with the excitement of keynotes, sessions and expo halls, but while you’re at ITEXPO, make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to talk one-on-one with SkySwitch!


Schedule a meeting with Ben Macalindong, Director of 3CX Channel, at ITEXPO to learn more about our unique SIP Trunking offerings for 3CX Users. (Or, to simply learn more about our white label UCaaS offerings!)

Just click the link below to set up a date and time. See you there!

What Vectors Is All About: Reseller Success, Relationships and Growth

Jayson Jones, VP of Sales for SkySwitch discusses the success and growth of SkySwitch’s telecom reseller network. 

In this Vectors 2019 interview, TMC’s Editorial Director, Erik Linask, speaks with Jayson Jones, Vice President of Sales at SkySwitch. Hear why Jayson Jones considers SkySwitch to be a pioneer of true channel-only, white label telecom, and how that translates into the cutting-edge content offered to MSPs, VARs, agents and resellers at Vectors 2019. Learn why this year’s user-group conference doubled in size, and how it’s projected to do so again in 2020. 

Erik Linask and Jayson Jones talk about the importance of building strong relationships within the reseller community.

Full Video Transcript Below:

Erik Linask  0:07  
We’re here in Orlando at Vectors 2019. And joining me now this afternoon now, Jayson Jones from SkySwitch. Jayson, thanks for joining me.


Jayson Jones  0:15  
Thank you very much, Erik. Glad to be here.


Erik Linask  0:17  
So, you know, we’re getting close to wrapping up day one of this year’s event. You know, talk to me a little bit about what you’re hearing from some of your partners.


Jayson Jones  0:28  
Absolutely. The SkySwitch resellers that are at the event this year, they’re just really appreciative of the extent that we’ve gone to set this event up, bring in the amount of sponsors we’ve had. I mean, it’s just been a tremendous response from sponsors wanting to join the SkySwitch event and get access into our reseller channel because it is a very lucrative opportunity for them.


Erik Linask  0:53  
What have you done different? What have you changed about Vectors since last year?


Jayson Jones  0:56  
Well, the event has really grown. And we’re really, really proud of that. And we’re happy about that. But you know, a few things that have changed, we’ve had a few resellers that came on very quickly, and they wanted to sign and they wanted to use the Vectors event as an onboarding platform for them. To kind of springboard them into the onboarding platform. So, we got them signed, as a matter of fact, Compudyne out of Minnesota signed on Friday. They made their first payment and we got their Dashmanager built, and now they’re directly onboarding right now with our team.


Erik Linask  1:35  
Well, that’s certainly impressive. And congratulations on that. What kind of benefits did they get from not only onboarding that quickly, but onboarding here at Vectors?


Jayson Jones  1:45  
The culture really came naturally to us. As a management team, we just have a strong feeling for caring for our partners. So having them exposed to that and being able to see that firsthand and kind of see how we interact with each other. And the commitment between the partnership, reseller to platform provider is just very unique.


Erik Linask  2:10  
How much do you think that environment has contributed to not only the growth of your event, but the growth of your partner community in general?


Jayson Jones  2:20  
I think it’s contributed tenfold. They rely on us to keep developing technology and innovating at a high rate. And just so they can go out there and really compete in the marketplace. But when they come together here, not only do they get introduced to new technologies and the roadmap of where we’re going in the next year in 2020, but you know, they get exposed to being able to ask support questions and marketing questions and, onboarding questions with team members from every department. They get exposed to our marketing teams too, so the communication and mutual communication, reciprocal communication is very, very good.


Erik Linask  3:05  
How much feedback, or how much commentary or wish list type things, go into planning an event like Vectors? As far as you know, what your partners and resellers are looking for?


Jayson Jones  3:19  
That’s, that’s kind of ironic because they really don’t give much input as to what we’re going to do because we seem to be really blowing their minds every year. With all the new content and what we’re coming up with. We’re really cutting edge, I think, in the White Label space. We like to think that we’re the pioneers of white label and we’re really innovating at a very tremendous and fast rate. 

So when they come here, I think they don’t have any expectations beyond, “There’s going to be something new, there’s going to be something exciting, we’re going to learn something, and we’re gonna be able to take back nuggets of information that are just going to benefit their business.”


Erik Linask  3:58  
So from a business perspective and, in particular, a partner’s businesses, what would you say really is the biggest goal here at Vectors?


Jayson Jones  4:08  
The biggest goal here at Vectors is just to build relationship with our customers. We’re a 100% remote workforce. We don’t go out and see our customers at all. Every conversation that we have, it could be by either audio conference or webinar. Sometimes we do a video conference, but generally, it’s just a phone conversation. 

So we don’t really get that face-to-face time with them. When we gather everybody together, and know that only a quarter of our resellers are here, but we get that opportunity just to get that good face-to-face time with them that just allows us to relate. To build relationships, socialize, have some fun, get to know each other.


Erik Linask  4:55  
And how do you see Vectors 2019 pushing you forward into 2020?


Jayson Jones  5:01  
Very good question. I think with TMCs assistance this year, and management, this event is probably going to really blow up. We see this event probably doubling next year. So we’re looking at about what 350 attendees this year going to 750. I don’t think it’s going to be a problem next year. So with that, we’re glad that you guys are here helping us because there is no possible way we’d be able to manage the whole thing ourselves.


Erik Linask  5:29  
Well, thanks, Jayson. Thanks for including us and having us here. And we certainly look forward to helping you enjoy some more growth in the future. 


Jayson Jones  5:36  
It’s been my pleasure. Thank you for the time

Recap of Vectors 2019 – SkySwitch’s Best Conference Yet

Welcome Reception

SkySwitch’s annual user group conference, Vectors 2019, kicked off this year at the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort at Universal Orlando. The conference began with a welcome reception where attendees were able to network over hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. The evening’s entertainment included sets by DJ BillyRo from San Francisco, who helped set the high-energy tone for the rest of Vectors with his upbeat atmospheric selections.

DJ BillyRo at the Welcome Reception spinning a variety of atmospheric melodies.

Problem Over Product

Day one began bright and early at 7 a.m. with breakfast sponsored by Adaptiv Networks. Following breakfast, Eric Hernaez, President and Founder of SkySwitch, and Jayson Jones, VP of Sales at SkySwitch took to the stage to welcome attendees with the Vectors Opening Ceremony.

Shortly after, Keenan, from A Sales Guy Inc., shared his unique selling techniques and perspectives on problem-centric selling versus product-centric selling. During his keynote, Keenan taught the audience how to apply his highly-acclaimed book, Gap Selling, to their sales methods in the UCaaS industry.

Untitled design (6)
Keenan from A Sales Guy Inc.

The day continued with fast pitches from sponsors and sessions from the SkySwitch sales team, Billy Robbins of Intent Company and Jeff Dworkin of the Cloud Voice Alliance. To wrap up the day, everyone made their way over to Hard Rock Live at Universal’s CityWalk for the Vectors Annual Dinner Party, sponsored by Compliance Solutions Inc., featuring Grammy-nominated reggae artist Julian Marley. Marley rocked the house, with songs from his new album during his 90-minute set, giving attendees an unforgettable night of reggae music.

DSC_0592 (1)
Julian Marley rockin' the house at Hard Rock Live.

UCaaS Today

Day two kicked off with a groundbreaking panel on the main stage with Scott Brillman, Joe Barasoain and Harlan Hamlin with their session, “E911: The Changes in 2020“. In this panel, they discussed the importance of “Kari’s Law” and how to be part of a positive change using technology sales and strategy as a way of enforcing code.

E911 Panel discussing the importance of Kari's Law. (Left to right: Joe Barasoain, Harlan Hamlin, Scott Brillman)

Right before the Lunch & Learn, sponsored by Adaptiv Networks, our featured keynote speaker Jeff Pulver, Executive Vice Chairman at Skrumble and co-founder of Vonage, discussed economic, financial and technological trends in the telecom industry during his session, “Now Is The Best Time To Be Selling UCaaS.” 

Jeff Pulver, Executive Vice Chairman at Skrumble and co-founder of Vonage

Attendees also heard from Spencer Scott of Loup, Micah Singer of TeamMate Technology, Darren Knapp of Poly and many other speakers that introduced new innovative strategies and tactics within the telecom industry. 

Small Customers in a Big Market

The final day was full of informative sessions from Greg Steinig of 3CX, Bill Stucklen of Stack Advisors and Paul Johan of Ballast Point Ventures. To end Vectors with a bang Amy Lind, Research Manager at International Data Corporation (IDC) wrapped up the event on the main stage with her session, “The 2020 UCaaS Market for Resellers: Big is Good, Small Customers Are Better.”

Amy Lind, Research Manager at International Data Corporation (IDC)

TMC, Telecom Reseller, ChannelVision News and UCToday 

Many of the Vectors 2019 speakers were interviewed by ChannelVision News, TMC, Telecom Reseller, and UCToday for in-depth discussions on what’s new in telecom, and where they believe the industry is headed. Speakers, sponsors, and resellers participate in podcasts and video interviews with Martin Vilaboy, Doug Green, Erik Linask, and Patrick Watson as they led with a variety of introspective and informational talking points.  

Wrapping up Vectors 2019

To wrap up our best event yet, attendees awaited the results of the Vectors 2019 QR code Scavenger Hunt and raffle.  The first place winner won a brand new iPad, while other winners won prizes like a Poly Studio, Poly Trio 8300, Netgear Orbi Smart Speaker, a full year of Adaptiv 50 MB Internet service and all sorts of other new and exciting technologies. Vectors 2019 was an informational, action-packed conference — and SkySwitch’s biggest one yet! We can’t wait to show you what’s in store for Vectors 2020. 

SkySwitch Executives responsible for Vectors 2019! (Left to right: Frank Babusik - COO, Jayson Jones - VP of Sales, Eric Hernaez - President and Founder, Andy Abramson - CMO, Corey Stoker - VP of Support, William Brister - VP of Customer Success, Blake McKeeby - CTO)

Want to view more photos from Vectors 2019?

Check out the full Vectors 2019 photo gallery below! 

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