Avaya Done?

As an Avaya reseller, or if you sell VoIP Services using any Avaya platform,
it’s time for you to be concerned.

Premise-based telephony is going away.  This not only true for business owners that are giving up on the CapEx model and moving to OpEx, but also for service providers.  The real skill of the successful service provider is taking care of your customers, not maintaining a communications platform.  You take care of Customer Service, Tier-One Support, Training and Maintaining your Business Relationships, not maintaining a platform, carrier services, quality of service issues, and dozens of other technical details.  Those headaches can be outsourced to a White Label partner.

If you’ve been considering moving from a premise-based solution to a white label, cloud-based Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) or a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution, now may be the time to start that change.

Although Avaya will continue to operate and provide long-term value, its bankruptcy filing will incline both existing and prospective customers to switch their contact center over to a well-established CCaaS provider. Companies nearing the end-of-service contracts on heavily depreciated equipment will make up the majority of this group.

Adam Dawson
TBI MarCom Manager

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