An Important Update About Vectors 2020

From the beginning, SkySwitch has always put our resellers first, along with our partners and team. We have worked diligently over the years to build up a community that feels very much like family. With considerations of the health, safety and welfare of all in our community, the SkySwitch leadership team decided to not hold Vectors 2020 this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


It’s our goal to resume Vectors once again in the future when events of its type can be held in a safe and healthy manner. In the meantime, our team has increased the frequency of value-driven, educational webinars and email newsletter communications in an effort to stay engaged with the community at large during this “virtual-first” period that the global pandemic has presented to us.


We look forward to staying connected with you virtually in the coming months, and to eventually being together once again at a Vectors conference in the future.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

Best Regards,


The SkySwitch Team

Webinar Rewind: Increase Productivity with Fanvil’s Customizable Products and Solutions

While many businesses are facing obstacles from the worldwide pandemic, we have no choice but to adapt and make the necessary changes to keep moving forward. Now more than ever, resellers should be constantly thinking about ways to stay ahead of the pack — and Fanvil wants to help resellers do just that. 

Last Tuesday, the SkySwitch team invited Fanvil’s Vice President of Sales for North America, Tommy Lee, and NTSDirect’s Vice President of Sales, Marc Magliano, to join us for a product-focused webinar to give SkySwitch resellers insight on the latest Fanvil XU Series IP Phones and PA2 Broadcast Solutions.

Moderated by SkySwitch’s Andy Abramson, this webinar covered how Fanvil’s product line is working to help businesses change and move forward. If you missed the live session, you can watch the full webinar recording, download the slide deck and read up on the webinar’s highlights below.

Fanvil has many different products and solutions that can help your business excel with remote teams. The Fanvil products discussed in this webinar are all available in the SkySwitch Store.

Fanvil XU IP Phone Series

Released in 2020, the Fanvil XU Series includes the X3U, X4U, X5U and X6U. Each phone in this series comes fully equipped with features like GiG-E, color, PoE, OPUS codecs, discrete SIP and BLF keys and displays. This series also comes with rebrandable/OEM models for service providers and a two-year warranty. Here are some of the features these phones have to offer: 

Fanvil X3U

  • 6 SIP lines

Fanvil X4U

  • Wifi & BT USB
  • 12 SIP lines
  • 30 DSS keys

Fanvil X5U

  • Wifi USB
  • Bluetooth
  • 30 DSS keys

Fanvil X6U

  • Wifi USB
  • Bluetooth
  • H.264 Video Codec
  • 60 DSS keys 

These IP Phones also come equipped with Fanvil’s Bluetooth External Line feature, where you can easily communicate and connect with anyone in seconds. Once connected via Bluetooth, Fanvil IP Phones can make and receive calls via your mobile device.

Custom branding options for the XU Series

Tommy Lee also explained how resellers can fully customize the branding (EZ-OEM) and market their logo with the XU Series IP Phones. Take a look at all the branding options in the image below.

Key features of the Fanvil X Series

Along with the Fanvil XU Series, Fanvil also offers high-end Executive IP Phones with their X Series. The X Series phones all come with premium features like large 7” touch screens. This series includes the Fanvil X7, X7C, the new X7A, X2P, X210 and the Fanvil PA2. 

Every phone in this series has a unique set of key features like HD sound, POE, Bluetooth, IP Camera, SIP lines, Wifi, customizable soft keys, speed dial, call forwarding, call recording, BLF, broadcasting and more.

PA2 Rich Connections and Broadcasting Solutions

Fanvil has an impressive product line, but they also offer PA2 Rich Connections and broadcasting solutions. Their PA2 broadcasting solution offers single cast, multi-cast and analog connection options.

We hope that we were able to answer all of your Fanvil related questions in this webinar. The sales and tech support team at Fanvil is always ready and willing to help ensure that SkySwitch resellers’ needs are being met. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about Fanvil products feel free to reach out to one of the contacts below or visit


Contact the SkySwitch Store 


Contact Fanvil


Tech Support:  

Congratulations Are In Order For…

Two lucky attendees were randomly chosen to win a Fanvil X7 Touch Screen Enterprise IP Phone or a Fanvil X6U High-end IP Phone. 

Congrats to the winners of this webinar…

Thanks for joining us this week. We look forward to meeting up with you during SkySwitch’s next webinar!

Webinar Rewind: Learn How SkySwitch Resellers Can Save Time and Money Each Month With the Glance App

This week, we had a very special guest join us on our webinar series: SkySwitch reseller Guy Fawkes of TELEPATH Communications. Here at SkySwitch, we encourage community engagement, so it’s always a pleasure when we have our very own resellers with us on webinars. But, what made this webinar so interesting in particular, is that it was another shining example of Resellers Helping Resellers within our community. Guy walked us through the SaaS app he developed that helps other resellers save hours of time and money every single month.

The name of the app is Glance, and a number of SkySwitch resellers have already been using it with great success. In fact, we even had two SkySwitch resellers give their testimonials live on the webinar and had comments in the chatbox pouring in from resellers who love using the Glance app.

If you weren’t able to join us live on Tuesday, July 28th, you can watch the full webinar recording below and read on for the major highlights.

What Is Glance?

In a nutshell, Glance is a troubleshooting app for the SkySwitch platform that provides resellers with fast access to key domain data points. So, if a SkySwitch reseller wanted to see — at a glance —  whether a phone is registered or SIP ALG, they can see it all in a matter of seconds right in the palm of their hands. Glance app users can also set up automated reports so that they’re able to provide proactive service for their clients.

During the webinar, Bill McClain wrote in the chat, “Love that Glance is smartphone compatible. I get my report at 6:00 AM while still in bed and can jump on any issues quickly.”

Why Should SkySwitch Resellers Use Glance?

The Glance app makes the lives of SkySwitch resellers far more convenient by providing quick and easy access to key data. That increased efficiency translates into:

  • The ability to accurately resolve customer issues quicker
  • The power to be proactive with clients
  • The freedom to resolve issues remotely — without having to spend time, money or resources to troubleshoot on-site

That last point is a big deal. Think about it: just one truck roll to a site to troubleshoot common, simple problems can cost more than $100 when you factor in the cost of a technician being out of the office, the additional amount of time spent on one support ticket, automotive expenses and more.

Another webinar attendee, Jeff Hawkins of Telepath Inc., wrote in the chatbox, “I have not charged for a truck roll in 8.5 years — that is my commitment to my customers. My commitment to myself is to NEVER need a truck roll. Glance helps me make BOTH commitments.”

Along with the praise that we saw come in through the webinar chatbox, Dan Napolitano of HighBridge Communications and Louis LeBlanc of Oregon Phone Systems, spoke live on the webinar about their experience using Glance and how it’s significantly helped their teams become more efficient with troubleshooting and client support. Make sure to listen to the full recording above to hear more about their unique stories.

Key Features of the Glance App

During the webinar, Guy Fawkes went over the key features of the app, how the features are visually presented in the app’s interface and how to utilize each feature. This includes:

  • Domains
  • Endpoint Control 
  • Offline Endpoints 
  • Offline Endpoint Email
  • SIP ALG Detection
  • 911 Reporting
  • 911 Weekly CSV
  • MOS Scores
  • Vulnerability Check
  • SIP trunks
  • Users
  • Branding
  • Security

If you want to learn more about how each of these features are used within Glance, and how they benefit you as a reseller, then make sure to listen to the full webinar recap.

SkySwitch Has Become the Third 3CX Titanium Solutions Provider in North America

Here at SkySwitch, we have always looked to work closely with our partners to help ensure each other’s success. And this year has been no different. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 has been a year of incredible growth for SkySwitch and the partners in our ecosystem too.  

That’s why we are thrilled to announce that SkySwitch has been named a 3CX Titanium Solutions Provider. 3CX’s exclusive Titanium Partner Level is the highest attainable to 3CX solutions providers, and SkySwitch is now one of three Titanium-level solutions providers in North America. 

What does it mean to be a 3CX Solutions Provider?

As a 3CX Solutions Provider, organizations are required to provide a “one-stop-shop” platform that offers fully certified, managed and supported 3CX SIP Trunks. They also have to provide 3CX hosting services and maintain a minimum 3CX Platinum level designation annually.

SkySwitch and 3CX

SkySwitch announced the availability of its Advanced SIP Trunking solution for 3CX Partners last year at our annual user group conference, Vectors 2019, in Orlando. We have been successfully distributing 3CX licenses annually ever since. 

Our unique, 100% channel only platform gives new and experienced 3CX resellers full control, and total client ownership to provision SIP Trunks, purchase and distribute top brand equipment, a fully integrated billing platform and telco services like LNP, DID, SMS, and E911. Our integrated platform is utilized by our 550+ resellers throughout North America, who range from large MSPs to small telco companies. 

3CX Titanium Solutions Provider

Earning this prestigious status is not an easy feat. To become a 3CX Titanium Solutions Provider, you have to annually distribute 3CX licenses at the highest watermark. SkySwitch’s expertise in 3CX-integrated solutions and the 24/7 support offered to our resellers, are just two factors that led us to this achievement

Our number one goal at SkySwitch is to do more for our resellers and empower them by providing a range of next-generation communication services they can offer to their end users. Our rapidly-growing relationship with 3CX showcases our ability to uphold that promise.

Webinar Rewind: Learn More About SkySwitch’s CamCommand Solution & How to Create a Cloud Video Sales Strategy

On our latest weekly webinar, the SkySwitch team discussed everything you need to know about CamCommand and how to best sell the CamCommand solution. Earlier this year in April, we hosted a webinar about Safe Workplace Solutions, where we touched on our Cloud Video solution, CamCommand. 


So on Tuesday, July 7th, we had SkySwitch VSaaS Specialist, Justin Baker, and SkySwitch CMO, Andy Abramson, take resellers through a deeper dive into how the CamCommand cloud video solution works. Additionally, we invited SkySwitch reseller, Gary Lee of Converged Technologies, to speak candidly about his experience selling CamCommand to help others in the SkySwitch Community who are interested in building another recurring revenue stream with VSaaS.


If you weren’t able to make the live session, make sure to watch the Webinar Replay below, download the slide deck and catch up on the highlights from the webinar.

What Is CamCommand and How Does It Work?

CamCommand is a cloud-based video storage solution. By taking video to the cloud, CamCommand is easier to deploy and simpler to manage than premise-based video monitoring solutions. In the webinar, Justin Baker explained that certain regulated businesses may be required to store video a certain minimum distance away from the physical location, which also plays into how cloud video can be more secure than premise-based solutions.

Additionally, resellers and end-users will typically both see significant cost-savings with a cloud-based solution like CamCommand, which comes with 7-Day, 14-Day, 30-Day, 60-Day and 90-Day storage plans.

For SkySwitch resellers who want to get started with CamCommand, they have multiple options of premium “plug and play” cameras that work with the CamCommand solution. One of those camera brands, Amcrest, is conveniently accessible through the online SkySwitch Store. Resellers will also be happy to hear that “plug and play” is not an exaggeration by any means — in the webinar, Justin Baker confirms that it really is that simple with minimal set-up.

Cloud Video VS On-Premise Solutions

We’ve already touched on how CamCommand is incredibly quick and easy to deploy, especially with the use of premium “plug and play” cameras that require virtually no set-up. Another huge advantage of the CamCommand solution, for end-users, is the ability to view camera footage from anywhere in the world, instantly, using the mobile app or web browser interface. Later, when SkySwitch reseller Gary Lee shares his success story, he notes that this feature was huge for his customers who purchased CamCommand. And, not only can end-users view footage in real-time from anywhere in the world — they can also receive real-time alerts from pre-configured event triggers, such as motion detection, via mobile phone push notifications or by email.

Another advantage of CamCommand is how cost-effective it is and its scalability. The reseller’s customer can take advantage of a small number of cameras, or even just one camera, to start with. From there, they can easily grow their cloud video monitoring solution however they wish. That also means that customers can have unlimited camera connections, installed on an infinite number of locations, all pointing to a single, convenient point of access.

Identifying Cloud Video Customers & Creating a Sales Strategy

To help resellers identify which of their customers, or prospects, would be good candidates for CamCommand, Justin Baker explained three main business categories that can usually obtain great value from the CamCommand solution. This includes businesses with multiple locations, like retail franchises, regulated businesses, such as liquor handling facilities, and large or scaling locations, like HOA’s, hotels or resorts.

Once you’ve identified potential customers, you can utilize some of the tips that Justin Baker suggests when creating a cloud video sales strategy. Justin identified upselling to existing customers, bundling VSaaS service with hardware, bundling with supports, or including one license of cloud retention to every new sale. For more details on these tips, and to hear straight from a fellow SkySwitch reseller who has successfully sold CamCommand, make sure to listen to the webinar above.

Congratulations to Our Prize Winners!

On most of our webinars, we like to give away prizes to live webinar attendees who are engaged with the presentation and take the time to ask questions. Picked at random, we’d like to congratulate the following resellers on their new, free SkySwitch Swag Packs.

Congratulations to…

  1. Tyler Berger of Techcure
  2. John Adams of AdamsComm
  3. Daniel Millington of Northwest Cloud Talk

Join Us on Upcoming Webinars

As mentioned in the webinar, SkySwitch will be taking a short 2-week “Summer Break”, to give everyone a chance to recharge. We’ll be back on Tuesday, June 28th, at our usual time of 11 AM ET, chatting with SkySwitch reseller, Guy Fawkes of Telepath Communications, about his Glance solution that he has built specifically to help SkySwitch resellers save time and earn more money. You won’t want to miss out on that one, so make sure to keep an eye on your inbox for the webinar invitation next week!

Webinar Rewind: Sophisticated Billing-as-a-Service for Resellers Presented by

For our last webinar in June, we invited leaders from, SkySwitch’s premier billing partner, to demonstrate the benefits of their system and explain the importance of combining subscription-based billing with customer management and taxation planning. 

Moderated by SkySwitch CMO, Andy Abramson, and presented by’s VP of Marketing, Patrick Elliott, and SkySwitch’s VP of Customer Success, William Brister, this webinar discussed everything has to offer SkySwitch resellers.

Keep scrolling to listen to the full webinar recording, download the slide deck, read the top highlights from this webinar and to learn more about how the platform works with the SkySwitch platform.

Who Is

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is a next-generation billing and back-office software platform used by leaders in the UCaaS, Wireline, Wireless, VoIP, and MSP markets. They offer a carrier-grade solution tailored to the needs of communications, IoT and technology service providers with recurring revenue or consumption-based business models. Their platform can rate usage, calculate taxes, bill, and manage the services provided to customers.’s Billing-as-a-Service (BaaS) Ecosystem’s robust billing-as-a-service platform empowers businesses by providing them with all their billing needs within one consolidated platform. Their adaptable telecom & IoT billing solutions scale with your business, enabling billing capabilities for any recurring, metered, or one-time service. Their simplified billing management, quote-to-cash capabilities, hybrid cloud infrastructure and self-service tools are just a few of the services that they can offer SkySwitch resellers.

SkySwitch, and Resellers

SkySwitch’s integrated partnership with completely supports our white label UCaaS platform.’s platform gives resellers access to accurate recurring billing, usage rating, telecom tax presentation, customer management and reporting. Once resellers set up and learn how to use this rock-solid platform, they will see for themselves how has committed to providing all resellers with a solution to manage their monthly billing with ease.

Congratulations To These Attendees...

For this week’s webinar, raffled off some of their branded swag to give to three lucky attendees! 

Congrats to this week’s winners:

  1. Brian Kiefer
  2. Fouzi Bouzid
  3. Evelin Flores

Join Us for SkySwitch’s Next Weekly Webinar

Make sure to join us next Tuesday, July 7th at 11 AM ET for the next SkySwitch’s webinar, Learn More About SkySwitch’s CamCommand Solution & How to Create a Cloud Video Sales Strategy. SkySwitch VSaaS Specialist, Justin Baker, will be taking a deep dive into how the CamCommand solution works, the benefits of the solution for you and your customers and how you can create an effective cloud video sales strategy. 

Register now to join us live and to also be added to our email list to receive the webinar recording. We can’t wait to virtually meet up with you! 

Webinar Rewind – Resellers Helping Resellers: Telecom Advice for the SkySwitch Community

This past Tuesday, the SkySwitch team hosted a very special webinar that was a first in a few areas — and based on the wonderful feedback we’ve received, it definitely won’t be the last. After tuning in, SkySwitch Reseller, Bill Smith from Ingenious Technology said, “The webinar yesterday was excellent. Thank you and the team for presenting this timely and valuable information. You can count on me to take in as many of your great webinars as possible.”


For starters, if you joined in live, we connected with the audience on camera, which was a nice change during this time of social distancing. Secondly, and most importantly, this webinar wasn’t focused on a service or product offering⁠ —  instead, a panel of SkySwitch Resellers that were eager and happy to help their fellow resellers were put in the spotlight.


We gathered our panel of SkySwitch Resellers from around the country to talk about what’s been working for their business and the advice they have for the SkySwitch Community. What inspired this new webinar series was all of the feedback from resellers who have attended our annual event, Vectors. Many resellers have praised the family-feel and collaborative environment at SkySwitch’s Vectors, so during unprecedented times like now, it’s more important than ever to recreate that — even in a virtual setting.


SkySwitch CMO, Andy Abramson, chatted with our panelists Dan Crabill of Intellivoice, Christopher O’Neill of Net Tel One Communications, Louis LeBlanc of Oregon Phone Systems and Dan Napolitano of Highbridge Communications. Make sure to listen to the full recording below to learn more about them and the amazing insight they had to offer, and read on for brief highlights from the webinar.

What is the one thing you would have done differently, or wish that you knew, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic?

It was unanimously agreed that finding power supplies was akin to trying to find hand sanitizer or toilet paper during the initial COVID-19 outbreak. In response, Dan Napolitano of Highbridge Communications said, “I believe that whenever you experience a bump like that — what’s the learning opportunity?” 

Having learned from that experience, now Highbridge Communications’ process is to always sell a power supply with a phone no matter what, so in the case of something like this happening again, the customer is covered.


Dan Crabill of Intellivoice and Christopher O’Neill of Net Tel One spoke about SkySwitch’s Business SMS and Mobility offerings and how they wish they would have pushed these features earlier. Recently, Intellivoice has seen a lot of success with their Business SMS offering, specifically for their customers in the restaurant industry who benefit from utilizing the SMS bot and Appointment Reminder features to make curbside pick-up and carry-out orders much more seamless for their customers. Dan said, “We’ve actually locked in quite a few deals just by having the SMS feature. I wish we would have thought of that of that at the beginning of all this — I think we could have picked up some more clients.”


Similarly, Christopher O’Neill noted that with so many of his clients utilizing the ReachUC Mobile app to accommodate working from home, he wishes that he would have pushed the mobility aspect from the start of onboarding new customers to make times of crisis like this more seamless.


Louis LeBlanc of Oregon Phone Systems discovered that many of his customers were very open minded to owning multiple phones than he initially thought. Since the SkySwitch platform supports up to five devices per extension with no additional seat charges, Louis was able to be the hero for his clients by adding a new device to their home office easier and affordable. 

What kind of impact, negative or positive, did COVID-19 present to your business?

There’s no way to predict what to expect when a global pandemic occurs. Christopher O’Neill said, “My first thought was that it was going to be bad because we have a lot of small businesses, and if they take the hit, we take the hit with them. But it hasn’t turned out to be that way. It’s turned out to be an opportunity.”


Our panelists all discussed how impressed their customers have been with how quickly they can pivot, and the mobile features that the platform is capable of. Dan Crabill said that he predicts that SkySwitch Resellers will see a “gold rush” in the next few months, as people are realizing the benefits of cloud voice versus on-premise systems, especially for its ability to respond and adapt quickly during times of crisis.


Louis LeBlanc said, “I think like everybody, we had an increase in support tickets, which was expected. But, I looked at it as an opportunity. And that opportunity was to really show clients how flexible the system was and how fast we could implement change.”


Louis LeBlanc’s team was able to provide a client who specializes in fitness equipment great advice on how to best use the platform to take advantage of the surge in demand for at-home fitness equipment. After great success, his team was able to pass that knowledge onto other clients who were all extremely happy and grateful for the assistance.


“When you’re selling now, tout those success stories like that about not just how good this system is in terms of performance, but its flexibility, how fast you can turn features on and off, and really customize it for the customer,” Leblanc said.


Dan Napolitano also had great things to say about his client base, with one of the biggest positive things coming from this being the overwhelming pleasure that his customers expressed about Highbridge Communications. At Highbridge Communications, after Help Desk tickets are closed, a customer satisfaction survey is always sent out. In the past few months, the customer satisfaction surveys nearly doubled in quantity and remained high in quality, nearly all coming in with perfect 5’s. Highbridge Communications was able to leverage this by asking their customers for testimonials, which they’ll be able to use for future sales and marketing efforts.


How did you leverage your knowledge and expertise in working from home to help your customers?

Louis LeBlanc has always worked from home, and aside from providing his customers with the right technologies to efficiently work from home, he has been able to offer great consultative snippets of wisdom to his customers. On working from home, he said, “It requires a different mindset. It’s a certain discipline because it’s very easy when you work from home to put things off and work on other little things as they happen, and all of a sudden you’ve lost hours out of your day.” 


Being experienced in working from home, Louis is able to consult his customers on how to work efficiently and shift their mindset


During this pandemic, Dan Crabill has had clients who were worried about their employees not putting in their hours or slacking off while at home. Dan explained that his company is very results-driven, which means that if his employees can meet deadlines and produce amazing results, then it doesn’t matter when they do the work or how long it takes. In the webinar, Dan specifically recounts a story about one of his clients, who after listening to his advice about a results-driven approach, decided to permanently move to a work from home model because their employees’ productivity went through the roof when given the flexibility to work from home.


Our own VP of Support, Corey Stoker, also chimed in and explained that since nearly 50% of the SkySwitch works remotely, and has since the start of the company’s inception, our team has been able to offer tips and advice on proper work from home mindset to our resellers who want the help.


Watch the Full Webinar Rewind

Whether you’re a long-time SkySwitch Reseller, newly onboarded, or checking out SkySwitch, make sure to carve out some time to watch our sixty-minute webinar and take in all of the advice our panelists had to offer for their peers during the COVID-19 pandemic, and post-pandemic. 


If you want to learn more about SkySwitch and how our platform has made it easy for our resellers to pivot and see success during a global pandemic, you can schedule a demo below.


Putting Business SMS In More Hands with SkySwitch’s Appointment Reminder App

In recent years, more and more of the companies I use, including my car dealership, where I get my car serviced, my doctor’s and dentist’s offices and other service providers, have wisely started using SMS reminders to keep in touch with me. There’s a good reason for this – as with most Americans, our mobile phones are either in our hand or near us virtually 100% of time – making text messaging the ubiquitous way to reach customers.

From a business perspective, appointment reminders make financial sense too. By alerting customers to scheduled and upcoming appointments, businesses can minimize the missed appointments caused by human error, forgetfulness and unforeseen circumstances.

So, yes, appointment reminders make sense for both your customers and for your business, but the difficult thing has been building the plumbing to enable your business to have the capability to send reminders out. Thankfully, customers of SkySwitch resellers have a new feature available to them – SkySwitch Appointment Reminder application.

Capabilities and Features of SkySwitch’s Appointment Reminder App

With the Appointment Reminder app, resellers’ customers can easily schedule and record appointments and configure automated reminder campaigns for upcoming appointments. Reminders can be set up to be voice calls or SMS reminders, or a combination of the two. Also, customers can schedule reminders to go out as a single occurrence or a recurring event.

If your company uses a CRM application or an automation tool, like the popular Zapier, reminders can be created and scheduled automatically when a new appointment is created within the system.

What SkySwitch Reseller, Team Up Telecom, Has to Say About Appointment Reminders

To get a sense of what benefits the Appointment Reminders capability means to a SkySwitch customer, we asked Clark de Leon of Florida based Team Up Telecom about his experience with it..

What’s your favorite aspect of the new Appointment Reminders app?

I really like the way you can use it not only to remind your customers of upcoming appointments but also to remind them about upcoming bill payments. Text notification is perfect for our customer base and SkySwitch has built a solution that lets me use text messages in any way that’s relevant for my business and for my customers.  I also love the third-party integrations – no other telecom providers are able to offer this.

What are customers of yours saying about Appointment Reminders?

We’re still working on roll-out and our early customers say they like that it’s included in their normal monthly costs – and that they don’t have to go to another provider to integrate text messaging capabilities.

How difficult was setup for the Team Up team?

Set up is easy on our side. Nothing complicated once you know how it works. Once you set up your Reminder settings, all you need to do is add or remove recipients.

How does Appointment Reminders differentiate SkySwitch as a telecom provider?

Well, again, we love not having to go to a third party for integration reasons and because of added cost/complexity. I really like how SkySwitch’s text capability can work on both SMS reminder and as an SMS provider.

How to Get Started With Appointment Reminders 

If you’d like to try SkySwitch’s Appointment Reminder App for your customers, we offer two fantastic ways to get started. First, our Knowledge Base has a fantastic step-by-step reference of how to get going.

Also, our own Corey Stoker has recorded an informative video if you’d like to see the tool in action.

Webinar Rewind: Your Customer’s Journey Is Fueled By Content and Support by the Cloud Voice Alliance

For our weekly webinar this week SkySwitch invited the Cloud Voice Alliance to join us for another lively session. Managing Director of the CVA, Jeff Dworkin, newly named “The Marketing Magician,” joined SkySwitch CMO, Andy Abramson, to educate resellers on many of the aspects of “The Customer Journey” as well as the types of content they should be providing their customers along each step of the journey to better close a deal. 

If you missed the live session, no worries! For your convenience, you will find access to the webinar recording, presentation, a live demo of the CVA portal and the major highlights of this week’s webinar below.

The Cloud Voice Alliance strives to help locally-owned telecom providers of Cloud-Based PBX and UCaaS services compete effectively against large national, and multinational, telecom providers. The CVA does this by providing resellers with the marketing resources to help them build awareness in the market, and by providing a collaborative environment where members can share best practices, pool resources and leverage buying power to increase profitability.

The Customer Journey from Acquisition to Close

The Customer Journey is about understanding the customer’s experience from start to finish. Knowing how your customer interacts with your company and brand is a very important step along their journey. To help you along the way, try to implement the acronym A.I.D.A, which stands for Attention, Interest, Decision and Action. AIDA is a very sales-centric way of approaching a customer. In today’s market, it’s all about digital and social which means that you have to really be on top of the type of content you put into the buyer’s hands. 

Be On Top of Your Content

Many people today opt to do their own research and look at lots of different things before actually contacting a person to close a deal. So how do we get the right information into your customer’s hands? Creating and delivering the right content at the right time is essential to getting your customer’s attention and then keeping it. Try executing these content tactics: 

If you are focusing on content in the digital realm then you need to consider: 

  • Keywords
  • SEO
  • Retargeting
  • Remarketing
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Landing Pages
  • SEM

If you are wanting to focus more on content the real world then you need to consider: 

  • Advertising
  • Webinars
  • Direct Mail
  • Trade Shows
  • Word of Mouth / Referrals
  • Speaking Opportunities

Are you a Cloud Voice Alliance Member?

In the webinar replay, Jeff Dworkin will take you through a live demo of how Cloud Voice Alliance members can best use the CVA portal. As a CVA member, you have access to free marketing resources, like rebrandable product sheets, and collaborative forums where you can talk with other members and share vital information with each other at any time. If you aren’t already a CVA member be sure to sign up today!

Congratulations To These Attendees...

The SkySwitch team is always excited to raffle off prizes to attendees who participated in the Q+A session! For this week’s webinar, we gave away two SkySwitch Swag Packs, each of which includes a T-Shirt, socks, PopSocket and hat. 

Congrats to Jaclyn Morse and Colin Cummings for being this weeks winners! 


Join Us for SkySwitch’s Next Weekly Webinar

If you enjoyed this week’s webinar, make sure to join us next Tuesday, June 23rd at 11 AM ET for a SkySwitch reseller focused webinar,  Resellers Helping Resellers: Telecom Advice From the SkySwitch Community.” This webinar will feature a panel of SkySwitch resellers who will be speaking on what’s been working for their businesses, how they’ve overcome challenges and advice they have for their fellow SkySwitch resellers. You definitely don’t want to miss this! 

Register today to join us live and to also be added to our email list to receive the webinar recording.

Product Review: Snom D785

Snom is a unique offering in the business world because their products are always high performing and well-designed phones that perform with that legendary German precision. Let’s check out the Snom D785 as another member of the company’s next-generation desktop VoIP lineup.

For information and background on the Snom D735, be sure to see our review published earlier this year.

Features and Out-of-the-Box Experience

The Snom D785, at first look, is a very handsome set. It has that legendary Snom design in a compact body — with numerous features and buttons all presented in an aesthetically pleasing way. The phone has an impressive 4.3” color display and 6 configurable LED keys that can bring frequently-contacted colleagues within one-touch access. There’s also a secondary display that brings easy contact and call management functionality to the forefront.

Let’s look at the D785s feature list:

  • A 4.3” 320×240 color LCD screen
  • Support for up to 12 SIP accounts
  • Dedicated display for extension monitoring
  • Dual switch gigabit ethernet ports with integrated power over ethernet (known as PoE)
  • HD Audio support with support for all the major codecs including Opus
  • 3-year standard warranty from Snom

When your Snom D785 arrives, you’ll open the box and discover the highly fashionable handset base, ethernet cord, power cords and footstand that allows you to set up the phone at the viewing angle that makes sense for your desk height and preferences.


After you unbox and set up the phone, the Snom D785 is ready for provisioning to your company’s phone system. If the Snom phone was ordered through the SkySwitch Store, the phone will come pre-provisioned and ready for use directly out of the box.

As my unit came direct from Snom, I simply followed the instructions on the SkySwitch Knowledge Base, which instructed me to: 

  • Add the Snom D785’s MAC address to my SkySwitch Dash Manager via the MAC address, which can be found on the back of the phone
  • Set the D785 to use SkySwitch’s provisioning server via the D785 web user interface. 
    • To find the D785’s IP address, record it upon boot-up as it’s displayed on the color screen as it loads up
    • Pull up the IP address in a browser using a computer on the same network by going to http://
    • Set the provisioning server to{mac}
    • Hit save and reboot the Snom D785. The phone will reboot and be ready for use

Use and Performance

I’ve had the Snom D785 on my desk for a week, using it to call contacts in Ireland, and landlines all over the US and Canada.

In terms of call testing, the D785 performed very well. All my callers were able to hear me clearly when I spoke on the handset as I spoke to them on landlines and mobile phones. Also, when talking through my headset, I was clearly audible to callers and they sounded great to me. The speakerphone returned great results as well – and it was freeing to be able to depend on its crisp and clear audio quality when I had to quickly answer.

The stand-out feature on the D785 though has to be the secondary screen. With it, you can bring contacts, calling features and applications within one-touch access. For instance, if you want to initiate a 3-way call, it’s fast with these customizable buttons.

Another small touch on this phone I love: the integrated LED that provides a visual alert to voicemails when I return to my desk. It’s a small touch — but to me, it stands out in this compact, highly functional phone.

One note for D785 buyers — there’s no power unit in the box. So, if your office environment doesn’t support PoE (power over ethernet), you’ll want to add a plug-in adapter to power the D785.


The Snom D785 is a smart, attractive phone that keeps me in contact with all my colleagues, in my office and abroad. The smart modern design of this deskphone presents call functionality in an intuitive way, and the performance of the D785 means you can rely on a quality call, every time. 

*Like all products Jason Harris is reviewing, this device is available in the SkySwitch store, accessible through the SkySwitch Reseller Dashboard.


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