Webinar Rewind: Your Customer’s Journey Is Fueled By Content and Support by the Cloud Voice Alliance

For our weekly webinar this week SkySwitch invited the Cloud Voice Alliance to join us for another lively session. Managing Director of the CVA, Jeff Dworkin, newly named “The Marketing Magician,” joined SkySwitch CMO, Andy Abramson, to educate resellers on many of the aspects of “The Customer Journey” as well as the types of content they should be providing their customers along each step of the journey to better close a deal. 

If you missed the live session, no worries! For your convenience, you will find access to the webinar recording, presentation, a live demo of the CVA portal and the major highlights of this week’s webinar below.

The Cloud Voice Alliance strives to help locally-owned telecom providers of Cloud-Based PBX and UCaaS services compete effectively against large national, and multinational, telecom providers. The CVA does this by providing resellers with the marketing resources to help them build awareness in the market, and by providing a collaborative environment where members can share best practices, pool resources and leverage buying power to increase profitability.

The Customer Journey from Acquisition to Close

The Customer Journey is about understanding the customer’s experience from start to finish. Knowing how your customer interacts with your company and brand is a very important step along their journey. To help you along the way, try to implement the acronym A.I.D.A, which stands for Attention, Interest, Decision and Action. AIDA is a very sales-centric way of approaching a customer. In today’s market, it’s all about digital and social which means that you have to really be on top of the type of content you put into the buyer’s hands. 

Be On Top of Your Content

Many people today opt to do their own research and look at lots of different things before actually contacting a person to close a deal. So how do we get the right information into your customer’s hands? Creating and delivering the right content at the right time is essential to getting your customer’s attention and then keeping it. Try executing these content tactics: 

If you are focusing on content in the digital realm then you need to consider: 

  • Keywords
  • SEO
  • Retargeting
  • Remarketing
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Landing Pages
  • SEM

If you are wanting to focus more on content the real world then you need to consider: 

  • Advertising
  • Webinars
  • Direct Mail
  • Trade Shows
  • Word of Mouth / Referrals
  • Speaking Opportunities

Are you a Cloud Voice Alliance Member?

In the webinar replay, Jeff Dworkin will take you through a live demo of how Cloud Voice Alliance members can best use the CVA portal. As a CVA member, you have access to free marketing resources, like rebrandable product sheets, and collaborative forums where you can talk with other members and share vital information with each other at any time. If you aren’t already a CVA member be sure to sign up today!

Congratulations To These Attendees...

The SkySwitch team is always excited to raffle off prizes to attendees who participated in the Q+A session! For this week’s webinar, we gave away two SkySwitch Swag Packs, each of which includes a T-Shirt, socks, PopSocket and hat. 

Congrats to Jaclyn Morse and Colin Cummings for being this weeks winners! 


Join Us for SkySwitch’s Next Weekly Webinar

If you enjoyed this week’s webinar, make sure to join us next Tuesday, June 23rd at 11 AM ET for a SkySwitch reseller focused webinar,  Resellers Helping Resellers: Telecom Advice From the SkySwitch Community.” This webinar will feature a panel of SkySwitch resellers who will be speaking on what’s been working for their businesses, how they’ve overcome challenges and advice they have for their fellow SkySwitch resellers. You definitely don’t want to miss this! 

Register today to join us live and to also be added to our email list to receive the webinar recording.

Product Review: Snom D785

Snom is a unique offering in the business world because their products are always high performing and well-designed phones that perform with that legendary German precision. Let’s check out the Snom D785 as another member of the company’s next-generation desktop VoIP lineup.

For information and background on the Snom D735, be sure to see our review published earlier this year.

Features and Out-of-the-Box Experience

The Snom D785, at first look, is a very handsome set. It has that legendary Snom design in a compact body — with numerous features and buttons all presented in an aesthetically pleasing way. The phone has an impressive 4.3” color display and 6 configurable LED keys that can bring frequently-contacted colleagues within one-touch access. There’s also a secondary display that brings easy contact and call management functionality to the forefront.

Let’s look at the D785s feature list:

  • A 4.3” 320×240 color LCD screen
  • Support for up to 12 SIP accounts
  • Dedicated display for extension monitoring
  • Dual switch gigabit ethernet ports with integrated power over ethernet (known as PoE)
  • HD Audio support with support for all the major codecs including Opus
  • 3-year standard warranty from Snom

When your Snom D785 arrives, you’ll open the box and discover the highly fashionable handset base, ethernet cord, power cords and footstand that allows you to set up the phone at the viewing angle that makes sense for your desk height and preferences.


After you unbox and set up the phone, the Snom D785 is ready for provisioning to your company’s phone system. If the Snom phone was ordered through the SkySwitch Store, the phone will come pre-provisioned and ready for use directly out of the box.

As my unit came direct from Snom, I simply followed the instructions on the SkySwitch Knowledge Base, which instructed me to: 

  • Add the Snom D785’s MAC address to my SkySwitch Dash Manager via the MAC address, which can be found on the back of the phone
  • Set the D785 to use SkySwitch’s provisioning server via the D785 web user interface. 
    • To find the D785’s IP address, record it upon boot-up as it’s displayed on the color screen as it loads up
    • Pull up the IP address in a browser using a computer on the same network by going to http://
    • Set the provisioning server to http://sipcfg.io/cfg/{mac}
    • Hit save and reboot the Snom D785. The phone will reboot and be ready for use

Use and Performance

I’ve had the Snom D785 on my desk for a week, using it to call contacts in Ireland, and landlines all over the US and Canada.

In terms of call testing, the D785 performed very well. All my callers were able to hear me clearly when I spoke on the handset as I spoke to them on landlines and mobile phones. Also, when talking through my headset, I was clearly audible to callers and they sounded great to me. The speakerphone returned great results as well – and it was freeing to be able to depend on its crisp and clear audio quality when I had to quickly answer.

The stand-out feature on the D785 though has to be the secondary screen. With it, you can bring contacts, calling features and applications within one-touch access. For instance, if you want to initiate a 3-way call, it’s fast with these customizable buttons.

Another small touch on this phone I love: the integrated LED that provides a visual alert to voicemails when I return to my desk. It’s a small touch — but to me, it stands out in this compact, highly functional phone.

One note for D785 buyers — there’s no power unit in the box. So, if your office environment doesn’t support PoE (power over ethernet), you’ll want to add a plug-in adapter to power the D785.


The Snom D785 is a smart, attractive phone that keeps me in contact with all my colleagues, in my office and abroad. The smart modern design of this deskphone presents call functionality in an intuitive way, and the performance of the D785 means you can rely on a quality call, every time. 

*Like all products Jason Harris is reviewing, this device is available in the SkySwitch store, accessible through the SkySwitch Reseller Dashboard.


Webinar Rewind: Learn More About the New Microsoft Teams Integration for SkySwitch, Created by TeamMate Technology

This past Tuesday, our team invited TeamMate Technology Managing Director, Micah Singer, to our latest weekly webinar segment. In the past few months, SkySwitch resellers have already shown interest in joining the Microsoft Teams Integration Beta by TeamMate Technology, so we were very excited to have Micah join us and chat about why this Microsoft Teams integration for SkySwitch is so important for the Reseller Community.


On the webinar, moderated by SkySwitch CMO, Andy Abramson, we tackled how timely and relevant Microsoft Teams is, the traction that Microsoft Teams has been gaining over the past few months, and the significant value resellers bring to their customers by offering a combined white-labeled telecom service with native Microsoft Teams integration to customers. 


If you watch the replay below, you’ll be able to view a live demo of the integration and listen in on the engaging Q+A session. We had so many great questions from the audience, all of whom were entered into the drawing to be one of three prize winners! Read on for all of the webinar highlights and to discover who the lucky winners were.

Why Microsoft Teams?

In order to understand how significant the Microsoft Teams integration is and the opportunities it provides resellers, it’s important to highlight what’s been going on in the world of Microsoft Teams. For starters, Microsoft Teams is free and included in Office 365 subscriptions. With it’s fully-integrated framework and no real, viable competitors out there, we see 75 million daily active users of Microsoft Teams, and around 10 million mobile app downloads.


The numbers don’t lie, and it’s clear that use of Microsoft Teams is growing rapidly — creating a massive opportunity for SkySwitch resellers to offer a solution that seamlessly integrates Cloud Voice with Microsoft Teams, and offering lots of added convenience to Office 365 power-users.


Direct Routing VS The TeamMate Integration

Recently, Microsoft has made Direct Routing available, which if configured, allows users to use native Teams dialing to make and receive PSTN calls. That user is essentially a SIP trunk user who can make and receive phone calls using Microsoft teams — but the TeamMate Integration takes it one step further. 


If you watch the webinar replay above, you’ll get a first-hand view of all the additional features that make the TeamMate Integration a robust solution that provides a much more intuitive, natural experience for the end-user. With the TeamMate integration, Microsoft Teams becomes a softphone with the ability to configure custom features.

Congratulations to Our Lucky Winners

As always, the SkySwitch team gave away prizes with all of the attendees who participated in the Q+A session entered to win! For this week’s webinar, we gave away three SkySwitch Swag Packs, each of which includes a T-Shirt, socks, popsocket and hat. 


Congratulations to…


We hope you enjoy your Swag Packs and the webinar! 


Join Us for SkySwitch’s Next Weekly Webinar

If you enjoyed this week’s webinar, make sure to join us next Tuesday, June 16th at 11 AM EDT for “Your Customers’ Journey Fueled By Content and Support From The Cloud Voice Alliance”. CVA Managing Director, Jeff Dworkin, will be joining us in a discussion about what the Customer Journey looks like from acquisition to close, the type of content that you need to provide along each step of the Customer Journey, how to access this content through the CVA portal and the CVA’s roadmap for additional content. Register here to join us live and to also be added to our email list to receive the webinar recording.

Case Study: SkySwitch Uses Datagate to Give Telecom Resellers ConnectWise-Integrated Billing

At SkySwitch, we are proud to have such a rich ecosystem of partners and vendors. Recently, Datagate published a Case Study that dives into how the SkySwitch and Datagate relationship brings a unique and powerful offering for telecom resellers with billing that is integrated with ConnectWise Manage.

Take a look at the case study below, which also includes insight from SkySwitch President and Founder, Eric Hernaez. If you want to learn more about how SkySwitch is the premier telecom choice for MSPs who use ConnectWise, make sure to schedule some time with us at ConnectWise’s now 100% virtual and free-to-attend event, IT Nation EXPLORE.

Webinar Rewind: Learn All About NTS and the New Grandstream and Fanvil Products and Promotions You and Your Customers Will Benefit From

This week, the SkySwitch team invited NTS Direct on our weekly webinar segment to talk about the great promotions they are offering SkySwitch Resellers with Grandstream and Fanvil, and the advantages of using NTS Direct as your distributor through the SkySwitch Store.


SkySwitch CMO, Andy Abramson, gave a welcoming introduction to NTS Vice President of ITSP Sales, Marc Magliano, and NTS Director of ITSP Sales, Chris Turcotte. As SkySwitch’s newest distributor, this webinar served as an introduction of sorts for SkySwitch Resellers to get to know the NTS Direct Team, learn about NTS Direct’s unique offerings and to learn more about the Grandstream Try and Buy Program and Fanvil Seat Credit Promotion. We were also joined by representatives of Fanvil and Grandstream on the webinar.


Make sure to check out the full recording, downloadable slide deck and webinar highlights below.

NTS Direct’s ITSP Advantage and Represented Brands

The NTS Direct team has prioritized building strong relationships with the executive teams of every single brand they carry — so when it comes to product information, support and special pricing or promotions, like the current ones they are offering with Grandstream and Fanvil, you know you can count on NTS. According to Marc Magliano, this is one of the biggest differentiating factors between NTS and other distributors. Some of the brands that NTS Direct carries include Grandstream, Fanvil, Jabra, Peplink, TP Link, Yealink and Avaya — and you can hear more about those brands and relationships on the webinar recording above.

Other advantages of NTS Direct include their incredibly flexible Trade-In-Trade-Up Program, 3PL and soon-to-come Device as a Service (DaaS) offering, which is promised to have minimal barriers to entry and low, reasonable commitments to participate in. To hear more about these advantages from the team, make sure to listen to the full replay above.

Fanvil Seat Credit Promotion Details

To kick off the arrival of Fanvil products introduced to the SkySwitch Store, and available exclusively from NTS Direct, all SkySwitch Resellers are eligible to earn bonus reward points that will be credited to their billing statements. This is how the Seat Line Promotion works: for every order containing three or more qualifying Fanvil devices from the SkySwitch Store, resellers will earn 2,500 reward points. This program, which runs for three months starting on June 1, 2020, had no cap on reward points.

For more information about what makes Fanvil devices a unique offering for your customers, make sure to watch the Webinar Rewind above and check out this news release published earlier in May.

Grandstream Try and Buy Program Details

Recently, Grandstream has made significant improvements to their device quality and added new, improved features to their line of desk phones. On the webinar, the panelists all admitted that some of the previous shortcomings that Grandstream had in the past led to reseller aversion, and explained this is why all parties — SkySwitch, NTS Direct and Grandstream — worked hard together to bring to life the “Try and Buy” program.

With this program, every single SkySwitch Reseller is eligible for a GRP2612w desk phone completely free of charge. This program affords all of our resellers with a risk-free, zero-cost ninety-day evaluation period to try out the device. If you don’t like it, you can send it back for free with your feedback. If you like and end up purchasing ten or more Grandstream devices during the ninety-day evaluation period, you get to keep the GRP2612w for free. 

If you’re a SkySwitch Reseller and haven’t signed up for the program yet, we highly encourage you to do so because there’s absolutely no cost, risk or harm in participating and giving the new and improved Grandstream a chance. You can sign up for the program through this form here.

Congratulations to the Webinar Winners

At the end of the presentation, we moved into a great Q+A session with the audience and selected at random three lucky winners! Congratulations to Demetrice Rogers of Rogers Technology Solutions on your new Jabra Evolve 75 Stereo Bluetooth headset, courtesy of NTS Direct! And congratulations to Chad Shields of Rocky Mountain Computer Solutions and Mitch Welin of ComRes on your SkySwitch Swag packs, complete with a SkySwitch branded t-shirt, socks, popsocket and hat.

If you enjoyed this webinar, make sure to join us again next Tuesday, June 9th at 11 AM ET for “Learn More About the New Microsoft Teams Integration for SkySwitch, Created by TeamMate Technology”.

CVA Webinar: Work From Home – How It Has Changed in 2020

Yesterday, our CMO, Andy Abramson, was featured on a Cloud Voice Alliance webinar along with CVA Managing Director, Jeff Dworkin, on how the workplace as we know it has changed forever. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more businesses have transitioned to a work from home model, and company CEO’s and Owners are now seeing the benefits of remote work. So what does this mean for businesses moving forward post pandemic?

Find out below in this CVA Webinar Replay. 

Webinar Rewind: Product Versatility For An Uncertain Workplace Future, Presented by SNOM

On our latest weekly webinar, the SkySwitch team invited SNOM Regional Account Manager, Korey Kather, and SNOM Sales Engineer, Simon Bradbrook, to inform SkySwitch Resellers all about the versatility of latest SNOM products and how they work seamlessly within society’s uncertain workplace future. While many employees have made the transition to working from home, resellers should now be thinking about more than just WFH-compatible communication tools. With the expectation of phased openings, the arrival of new safe workplace protocols and more, this all means your customers need more up to date communication tools that allows them to adapt to the new changes in the workplace.


Moderated by SkySwitch CMO, Andy Abramson, the webinar was a lively discussion about how Snom is working to help businesses communicate effectively in any environment — whether it’s a work from home environment, restaurant, retail space or any other type of workplace.


If you missed it, you can watch the full webinar recording below, download the slide deck and get briefed on the highlights of the webinar below.

What’s In a Name — From VTech to Snom

Snom has a reputation for being an originator and innovator of mass-produced SIP phones, and VTech has a reputation for being a leader in manufacturing business and consumer phones. So when VTech acquired Snom in 2016, Snom was able to combine the strengths of both brands to offer you and your customers with high-quality telephony and communication tools.

Key Benefits of Selling Snom

Snom has a wide range of innovative, diverse and scalable SIP-based products, including business desk phones, DECT mobility solutions, key line, wired and wireless conference phones, broadcast and more — which all come with a 3-year warranty. And with the North American based team, including engineering, R&D, Product, Sales, Marketing, Technical Support and Distribution, resellers now have coverage and assistance in close range.


Additionally, Snom is working on re-launching a ramped-up Partner Program that shifts focus on empowering resellers to drive new business opportunities, increase top-line revenue and increased margins. With the new Partner Program that will be coming soon, resellers can expect to see more resources that makes quoting and sales presentations easier.


Work From Home Solutions for Your Customers: Mobility, Flexibility and Versatility

Mobility is a big factor to take into consideration when working from home, and the KLE line excels in this category. In the webinar, Korey Kather explains how the KLE desk phone has a rechargeable battery that allows you to unplug the phone and take it with you and use it almost anywhere, so you can move from your home office desk to your living room without any hassle. 


Another feature of Snom products that makes it easier to work from home, or just about anywhere, is that their product interoperability of DECT solutions. This means that end-users can mix-and-match models to work together. This unique feature makes the line easy to build on and adapt to changing work environments.

Vertical Industry Deployment Examples

Snom’s KLE line, which excels in mobility, flexibility and versatility, is not just great at supporting work from home — it also works exceptionally well in many small-business environments. Snom has seen the KLE system frequently deployed in restaurants, retail, education, warehouse, distribution and manufacturing settings, with comments from their partners about how easy the KLE system is to deploy.


The KLE functions like an old-fashioned key line system, where you have Line 1, Line 2, Line 3 and so on, where calls can be placed on-hold on one device, and picked up on another, and supports up to 10 users. So, in a small business setting, and even in warehouses or distribution centers, the KLE can support just about everybody and also gives workers the ability to walk freely in their workspace with reliable handset range. To learn more about the KLE line and other exciting Snom products, make sure to listen to the full webinar recording above.

Congratulations to the Webinar Winners!

At the end of this product deep-dive, we moved into a great Q+A session from the audience and selected at random two lucky winners! Congratulations to Micahel Slonin of Peace Telecom on your new Snom C620 Conference phone, and to Mark Colik of Converged Technologies, LLC on your new Snom M100 KLE System with 2 phones! We hope you enjoy your new Snom gear and SkySwitch Swag. 

If you enjoyed this webinar, make sure to join us again in two weeks on June 2nd for a webinar with NTS Direct – one of SkySwitch’s newest distributors, to learn more about Grandstream and other products that your customers can benefit from. 

Webinar Rewind: Everything You Need to Know About SkySwitch’s Appointment Reminders on vBroadcast

On our most recent webinar of the week, the SkySwitch team walked our resellers through everything they need to know about our latest and greatest vBroadcast feature: Appointment Reminders. We launched Appointment Reminders a few months ago in February, so we figured it was the perfect time to do a deep dive and answer any questions about this new feature!


Led by SkySwitch CMO, Andy Abramson and SkySwitch VP of Support, Corey Stoker, we started with a high-level overview of SkySwitch’s vBroadcast service, what types of businesses can benefit from the Appointment Reminders feature, how resellers can set themselves apart from the competition with Appointment Reminders, important telemarketing and dialer restrictions resellers need to be aware of and more — which can all be viewed in the recording and slide deck below.

What is vBroadcast?

Before we dive into the latest and greatest with Appointment Reminders, it’s important to understand what vBroadcast is and what it’s capable of doing. The vBroadcast application was launched in September 2017 and is designed to be used in conjunction with the SkySwitch WebContact Call Center Suite. It was first introduced for automated call campaigns that would allow the user to place outbound calls and play a pre-recorded message, or transfer the call to a Call Center agent. 


Since its inception, there have been lots of updates and new features added on, including SMS campaigns and now, Appointment Reminders.


How Does the Appointment Reminders Feature Work?

The Appointment Reminders feature has four core abilities: Appointment and Report Management, Reminder Configuration, SMS Reminders, and Voice Reminders. 


This feature is incredibly valuable to service-based businesses or any business that needs to notify or send reminders to their customers. 


During the webinar, we invited SkySwitch Reseller, Clark DeLeon of TeamUp Telecom, to talk about how the Appointment Reminders feature was able to help one of his customers and how he was able to pair the Appointment Reminders feature with SkySwitch’s SMS Responder to create a unique solution for his customer. Make sure to check out our Webinar Rewind to hear more about it.

How Do You Set Up And Use Appointment Reminders?

After we detailed what Appointment Reminders can do, we went into a live demo, led by Corey, to show resellers how to set up and use this new feature. The setup is fairly simple and quick, taking only minutes, and there is currently no setup or activation fees for resellers who want to use Appointment Reminders. Be sure to watch the replay to see Corey’s setup explanation, and if you have any questions about pricing, make sure to contact your SkySwitch Sales rep.


Webinar Bonus: Our “Creative Challenge” & Prizes!

Clark DeLeon’s unique use of Appointment Reminders inspired our team to think of innovative ways this feature can be used. We’d like to invite all SkySwitch Resellers to participate in our “Creative Challenge”. Simply share a unique use-case of how you or a customer have deployed Appointment Reminders, and you’ll be entered in for a chance to win 20,000 SkySwitch Rewards points! For more details on the contest and to submit your deployed use-case, visit this page.


In addition to this Creative Challenge, we chose at random five lucky webinar attendees who received SkySwitch Swag packs.

Congratulations to Ben Rush of Colorado Central Telecom, Brian McClain of United Business Technologies, David Boyd of InBound, Rich Cizmas of Voice Plus Communications, and Aaron Deiter of DS Tech! We hope you enjoyed your time with us on the webinar, and your new SWAG packs!

If you enjoyed this webinar, make sure to tune into next week’s webinar on Tuesday, May 19th, “Product Versatility for an Uncertain Workplace Future”, presented by SNOM. 


As usual, it will take place at 11 AM ET. We’re looking forward to seeing you there and spending some time together virtually! 

Webinar Replay: Yealink’s T5 SIP Phones Deep Dive: Learn More About These UC Phone Solutions, Presented By Jenne

Having the ability to successfully counsel your customers while working in a remote environment is crucial in these unprecedented times — which means it’s even more important to be knowledgable about the lastest telephony hardware and software developments. That way, you’re equipped to best advise your customers on which devices fit their unique needs.

This week’s webinar was packed full of the most up-to-date information as we took a deep dive into Yealink’s UC Solutions that help support working from home. SkySwitch CMO, Andy Abramson, spoke with Jenne’s Yealink Business Development Manager, Craig Rocco, Yealink Business Development Specialist, Anthony Johnson and Yealink Product Specialist, Joseph Freistuhler, and together they educated resellers on the ins and outs of the new Yealink T5 Series SIP Phones and other UC Solutions.

Replay the webinar below, download the presentation and read on for the important highlights of this week’s session. 

Jenne and Yealink

With an extensive inventory, Jenne is a platinum distributor and resource for Yealink products. They have a dedicated support team that specializes in Yealink product knowledge. The Jenne team handles everything from promotions and demo requests to sales and tech support. Most importantly, Yealink products can be bought from Jenne via the SkySwitch Store.

Yealink USB Headsets, Personal Conference Phones & T5 Series Business Phones

USB Headsets

Many Yealink products are easily adaptable for remote work and also have flexibility in traditional workplace locations. Their newest USB Headsets, the UH36-Mono and UH36-Dual, have soft ear cushions for breathable wear, lightweight design and are ideal for remote work, in-office or call centers. They feature excellent audio performance with a noise-canceling microphone. When integrated with Yealink IP Phones (V85 and above) they offer enhanced functions like audio optimization, redial capabilities, call hold, volume synchronization and multiple call control. 

Personal Conference Phones

The Yealink Personal Conference Speaker Phones, the CP700 and CP900, are perfect for working from home, private offices, huddle rooms, or on-the-go business. With middle and high-end options, these USB speakers have a portable design and both are certified for Microsoft Teams. Both speakers are user-friendly and have easy Bluetooth and USB connectivity options. They also offer acoustic echo cancellation, noise suppression and digital signal processing.

T5 Series Business Phones 

The T5 series is the latest generation solution from Yealink, with upgraded enhancements these phones can help boost your bottom line, maximize ROI and provide more flexibility, at a low cost. The Yealink T5 key features include an Acoustic Shield for background noise suppression, a large ergonomic adjustable display, corded-cordless options and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. This series offers 3 options: the Flagship Smart Video Phone, Smart Business Phone and Prime Business Phone. With the T5W Series, there’s no need for any extra accessories, which frees up the USB slot and has a more reliable WiFI Dongle.

To learn more about these Yealink products and how to sell them to your customers, make sure to listen to the full webinar recap linked above.

And The Winners Are…

After Craig’s great presentation and Q+A session from the Yealink team, our team randomly drew names for prizes! We gave all attendees the chance to win one of two new UH36 Yealink Headsets, one UH36-Mono and one UH36-Dual. This week, we had two lucky winners: Congratulations to Kyle Wayman and Rich McGahan!

Thank you for tuning in! Our team had a great time meeting up with you virtually, as usual! Make sure to register for our webinar next week: 

Everything You Need to Know About Appointment Reminders on vBroadcast

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 at 11 AM ET

Product Review: Yealink SIP-T53W

Yealink is a desk phone, speakerphone and headset manufacturer that is trusted for making great sounding voice products that are reliable, big on value and easy to deploy. Today, we evaluate the mid-range Yealink SIP-T53W and evaluate it for its viability in today’s office environment.


The Yealink SIP-T53W is an attractive phone unit with a 3.7” LCD display that swivels vertically for an optimal viewing angle depending on your desk height and setup. This desk phone model has advanced wireless connectivity, including built-in support for Bluetooth, and dual-band Wi-Fi, so you can use it without being tethered to an ethernet cable if you choose. Finally, you’ll find and a USB port for call recording or using with a wireless expansion module that enables you to use Yealink expansion modules, or cordless phones 

In an office environment with background noise? You’ll enjoy Yealink’s proprietary Acoustic Shield technology, which eliminates background chatter and distractions. In today’s growing work from home use of phones made for the office, this is a big plus when the kids walk in and just start talking to you from across the room.

Other features to highlight:

  • Support for Wi-Fi (including 802.11a/b/g/n/ac)
  • Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity for wireless headsets
  • USB port for call recording on a USB thumb drive
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) support
  • Support for up to 16 VoIP accounts
  • LED for call and message waiting indication

Lastly, I’d really like to highlight the Wi-Fi capability that’s included onboard the Yealink SIP-T53W. With more office workers needing business phones at home, this unit’s wireless connectivity enables you to have a phone in places in your home/office without the need for ethernet cables. This is a huge advantage for this Yealink model.

Opening the Box and Setup

My review unit came with the expected included pieces: the phone base unit, the handset, cord, stand, ethernet cable and power supply. One note — not all Yealink SIP-T53W phone units come with a power supply, so make sure to check and purchase a Yealink power supply separately if your unit does not include one, or if your network does not have power over ethernet (PoE).

Lastly, there’s an included plastic stand that enables you to customize the angle the phone sits on your desk. This phone model is easy to assemble and to connect to your network — it took me less than 75 seconds to get the phone physically ready to use.

If you purchase the Yealink from the SkySwitch store, it arrives already provisioned out of the box. For me, this unit came from Yealink, so I had to provision it myself. Luckily, getting the new Yealink handset online and ready to use was an easy three-step process:

  • Find the MAC address using the YeaLink on-screen menus
  • Add the phone to my Skyswitch Dashmanager PBX using the Yealink’s MAC address
  • Setting the Yealink to use SkySwitch’s server URL in the web user interface

For the Yealink, I simply navigated to the Admin settings, set the provisioning server address to http://sipcfg.io/cfg – then, the Yealink SIP-T53W power cycled itself and the phone came back ready to use!

Let’s Check Out Performance 

I’ve been using the Yealink for a week now, both at my home (to mimic working from home situations) and at my office. In both environments, the SIP-T53W performed marvelously. The phone is easy to set up and sounded perfect in each call I placed and received. I have used the SIP-T53W to call my SkySwitch colleagues via extensions, regular landlines and on their mobile phones in the U.S. and Canada, and each call sounded really clear.

Yealink’s Acoustic Shield noise isolation technology came in handy when I had noisy office chatter in my work area; it was great at canceling out cars driving by and copying machines that are near my workspace. The phone has a great user experience overall. Using the on phone display, I was easily able to handle calls such as mute, transfer and use my headset.

I also tested out the speakerphone on the Yealink, and it performed as expected. Callers were able to hear me but not any of my background noise – but, of course, they also reported that  I didn’t sound as good as when I was on the handset.

Lastly, at home, my review of the Yealink SIP-T53W was to ensure the WiFi support performed well in different parts of my house, where I know my WiFi signal is strong and other areas where it’s weak. I’m happy to report the antennas and performance of the desk phone performed well in my house, no matter where I placed calls from. I had zero dropouts and no dropped calls. So – home workers – this is a great phone for you to use in your home office workplace.


The Yealink SIP-T53W is an attractive, well-built, and highly functional office desk phone that will compliment your office or home office well. It delivers amazing call performance and has a set of features that’s unrivaled in the marketplace. 

*Like all products Jason Harris is reviewing, this device is available in the SkySwitch store, accessible through the SkySwitch Reseller Dashboard.


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