BCM One and SkySwitch Reseller Q & A

SkySwitch resellers have always been helping other resellers succeed. With BCM One adding a lot of new services and opportunities to your repertoire, it’s even more important that we keep helping one another. 

In this Q and A, we take a look at some of the pressing questions our resellers had. 

Video Transcript:

Andy Abramson:

Do the SD-WAN products support single circuits? 

Andrew D’Elia:

For both Meraki and also the Versa solutions, yes. SD-WAN works best when there are two diverse circuits into the boxes for load balancing and to route around outages. Typically, we’ll do one physical circuit like a cable circuit or fiber circuit plus a 3g or 4g wireless as a backup. 

Corey Stoker:

Infiot also works as a single circuit. Another question we have is, ‘is this a client-side router’?

Yes, it’s essentially a managed firewall router.

Andy Abramson:

That’s a good answer. Lance Walsh wants to know, can BCM One sell wholesale to a SkySwitch partner?

Andy Steinke:

Yeah. Great question. At this current time, no, that’s not available. This is a direct bill to an end-user with the omissions program for the reseller currently. 

Andy Abramson:

And then guy Fawkes wants everybody to know that they can buy the Microsoft Action Pack and it comes with all the software, including Office 365. Thank you, guy. Love how our resellers help each other out. 

Mark Harler asks, we’re working with a master agent to sell services. Will BCM One replace the master agent? 

Andy Steinke:

No, we will not replace the master agent. We obviously have a program where you could sign a BCM One contract to sell our services as a direct partner. But we also have contracts with, I think at this point, almost 10 national master agents. If you have a preferred one, I would encourage you to let me know who that is and we probably have a contract if that’s what you want. We’re not a master agent, we’re a single-source technology provider. So we are a service provider. So we’re on the line card for many master agents as a service provider. 

Andy Abramson:

And then Phillips CS asked the question about the Infiot product, wanting to know, is it similar to what simple WAN offers, including the firewall features? Corey, take it away.

Corey Stoker:

Yeah, it is. It’s not apples to apples though. So it offers everything that a simple WAN offers plus a little bit more and obviously some things are done differently. 

As long as resellers keep helping resellers, we all win. This is even more important as BCM One has added several new opportunities. With the help of other resellers, you’ll be able to quickly learn everything you need to know to be the most successful reseller you can be. 

If you missed any of the webinar, or just want to check it out again, you can find it right here. 

How to Become a BCM One Reseller

Adding the new and exciting solutions that BCM One has to offer to your repertoire of options you have for your customers is a breeze. 

Andy and Jayson will show you exactly how it’s done. Check it out. 

Video Transcript:

Andy Abramson:

Let’s talk about how you activate the accounts. Jayson, this will be really helpful for our resellers. And,  again, resellers, if you have any questions, please post them in the Q and A or follow up with either Jason or Corey or reach out to the folks at BCM One. Jayson, how do we get all this going? 

Jayson Jones:

Very, very simple. Everybody has access to their own admin console, which is our dash manager. Just go to the add-on services in the far right drop-down menu and click add-on services. And then it’s going to open the selection set, just choose the BCM One partner program and submit that form. 

That will come into Andy and myself, and then one of BCM One’s contacts, either Daniel Vaughn or Andy Steinke. 

Once you go ahead and submit that form with your reseller number we’ll take care of the rest. Then we’ll do a little onboarding with you and show you the lay of the land so you know how to go about ordering, getting quotes, and everything else. 

It’s a very organized program. BCM One ensures it runs very smoothly so they can handle a large amount of orders. Once completed, someone within 48 hours will be in touch with you.

Andy Abramson:

So go into the dash manager, select the BCM One channel partner program, submit a form. And then within 48 hours, someone from BCM One will be in touch with you. That’s a great easy solution. 

BCM One and SkySwitch are committed to giving you the support and resources you need to be the most successful. Becoming a BCM One partner is designed to be easy and approachable so you can spend your time taking care of your customers, while we take care of you. 

Check out the full webinar for even more information, resources, and support right here. 

Business Communications Move Fast but You Can Move Faster

The way businesses communicate can change so quickly that standing still means you’re falling behind. 

With BCM One and SkySwitch, you won’t just have exciting solutions available to you right now, but also the peace of mind that as the times change, you’ll have an array of solutions that will help keep you at the front of the pack. 

Here’s what the team has in the works.  

Video Transcript:

Andy Abramson:

Jayson, one of the questions we constantly are getting is will SkySwitch resellers be able to resell the BCM One product line and services under their own brand. What’s the answer to that? 

Jayson Jones:

Well, the short answer to that is not at this time. They’re not set up to do that. They’re going to do direct billing. If you want to get these services from BCM One, it’s going to be more of an agent commission type relationship, but let’s talk about some of those services that you can get. 

We just launched our Teams Connector and it’s a very valuable tool and feature that you can take to market and generate some new monthly recurring revenue. And that’s what it’s all about, but if you’re not a Microsoft dealer, where do you buy those licenses? Where do you find Microsoft Office 365 licenses? How do you source those? 

And this is part of what we’re bringing to the SkySwitch reseller channel. Some of these products and services can be sourced from BCM one and they’re supported by BCM One. So you’re able to make those commissions off those products. 

Let’s talk about connectivity. That’s huge. I’m sure many of you have gone into existing clients that need to upgrade their internet. Maybe they want to move to MPLS. Maybe it’s a five-site MPLS deal that you would just take somewhere else. But now you can take it right to BCM One, let their team of professionals get a quota. Get it, get it architected perfectly for you so you can go to market. And then (you) have a sister company, SkySwitch, that’s helping you fulfill that and support that and ensure great service and uptime on that circuit. That’s what it’s all about. Even though you can’t white label it and bill it as your own, you know, it’s coming from BCM One and you’re going to be protected as a valued SkySwitch reseller. 

Andy Abramson:

If someone orders MPLS from BCM One for a multi-site location. Is it going to be possible to connect the circuit to the SkySwitch data center, or is it going to be a better QoS experience by doing it directly with BCM One? Andrew D’Elia, can you answer that question? Because you got multi-site MPLS, you got our resellers connecting their customers to our pops, and now you’ve got the BCM One pops. How do we do it? 

Andrew D’Elia:

On day one, no. Our MPLS networks that we manage and also resell won’t connect into the SkySwitch platform today. But that is on our roadmap. We have all of our assets that a BCM One has been acquiring over time. We’re working through that roadmap and tying into all of them. So SkySwitch is on the docket, we just don’t have a timeline just yet, but that will be coming for sure, making it an end-to-end QoS experience for your clients. 

Andy Abramson:

So explain why having that end-to-end experience is so important and talk about some of the hiccups that can occur if you don’t do it the right way. 

Andrew D’Elia:

The benefit of that (end-to-end QoS) is call quality. Ultimately when a client is leveraging the public internet, yes, the public internet is pretty solid. It has come a long way over time, but there is congestion, especially now, with a lot of people working from home, some of those last miles, and some of those smaller carriers are getting overloaded and we are experiencing some call quality issues related to jitter, packet loss, and latency. Having a QoS enabled, an end-to-end solution, will guarantee that call quality from the customer’s location all the way to the SkySwitch pop. So it is important. There is a demand for it. Clients do come to us asking for QoS enabled, end-to-end networks. And we’re happy to build them. If you have a sizable client, we will build it right away. So it’s just something to bring to the table. Bring us the opportunity. We can review it. 

Andy Abramson:

So you’re able to manage the last mile. Or is connectivity in a way to ensure that the traffic moves at a consistent pace? So you don’t have, as you said, packet loss, buffer, jitter, rebuffering any of the things that, you know, lead to a bad call like echo, one-way audio, all those things are detrimental to a call experience. So by going with MPLS and BCM One, those companies that have a multi-site location setup, or even remote location setups, will be able to have a much better quality of service experience. That’s what I’m hearing you say.

Andrew D’Elia:

That is a hundred percent accurate. Absolutely. And one thing, just to add, all of the services that we do sell on the BCM One platform, we include proactive monitoring and also remediation. We have eyes on glass, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, watching these services that we install for our clients. We’re not just sitting there watching. Should an alert go off, they’re the ones remediating. So we have that extra layer of monitoring and management for our clients. 

Stay ahead of the pack with BCM One. Right now you have new opportunities available to your current customers, and with many new features and opportunities on the way, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the pack, too. 

With the new services available to you right now, you’ll be able to give your customers a unique, effective solution that they’ll love. 

And with the speed of technology, you need a team committed to leading the way like BCM One and SkySwitch. 

Check out the full webinar to see what else is in the works for you. 

Which SD-WAN Solution do Your Customers Need?

SD-WAN solutions are becoming a must-have for businesses all across the country.  

With BCM One on your side, you’ll have a variety of different WAN solutions. As the needs of your customers grow and change, you’ll always have the perfect option ready, with the support that your customers expect. 

The team breaks down what different WAN solutions look like, and where they perform best. 

Video Transcript:

Andy Abramson:

Why don’t we go to Andrew D and let him talk a little bit about the BCM One enterprise-grade SD-WAN solution? And then I want to have Corey talk a little bit about what we’ve got up our sleeve. So Andrew, why don’t you start off? 

Andrew D’Elia: 

We do have a couple of flavors of SD. We do have our enterprise-grade, which is Versa. With Versa, we’re doing something a little special; tying that into our pops and we created gateways so clients can connect to us over the Versa SD-WAN and connect to our services that we offer. 

That is a unique one that we’re rolling out. 

Then we also have Cisco Meraki as an option for more of our mid-tier clients, that are looking for ease of use, a little security, and so on. 

We have those options available to us. To Andy’s point earlier, we go through a whole design phase with a client, right? We understand their business requirements, understand what their technical needs are, and then we bring solutions to the table. So we’re not just a one-trick pony. We will bring outside vendors if we have to, to solve problems. That’s mainly what we want to do for our enterprise clients and that is: solve problems. We generally fall back on our design skills and the building of technology solutions. 

Andy Abramson:

Corey, we heard from Andrew about what is a more big enterprise or large business SD-WAN solution. That’s good for some SkySwitch reseller clients, but for the bread and butter of our resellers, we’ll have those small businesses. And as SD-WAN becomes more important with people working from home and working in remote locations and with internet infrastructure constantly changing. What do we have up our sleeve? 

Corey Stoker:

I can talk about Infiot. It’s a fairly new product. We’ve been working with it for about a year, but it’s fairly new to market. And BCM One is actually a little bit familiar with them, but it serves an SMB rather than the enterprise (sized business). We have servers in each one of our pops. We have a webinar coming up in the next couple of weeks here, but it’s going to be available to you this week or next week through the SkySwitch store, a lot of information is going to be hitting the pipeline and you should see more coming soon. 

Andy Abramson:

Well, you’re right. We do have a webinar coming up in a few weeks. You’ll be hearing all about that and what we’re doing at Infiot. Pay attention to the weekenders and your emails, because having talked with the Infiot people last week about their solution, it’s quite different from a lot of the solutions that are being aimed at small/medium businesses. And I think in a few week’s time when we have their team on, it’s going to be some eye opening stuff for them. 

Having so many solutions available to you lets you be ultra-specific in what you’re offering your customers. Plus, as your customers grow and change, you can be there before a problem happens, because of your vast array of solutions at the ready. 

See what else BCM One has up their sleeve by checking out the whole webinar right here. 

How BCM One’s History Impacts Your Future

BCM One has a unique history that has given them the tools, resources, and experience to serve a plethora of different customers, and how that gives resellers a valuable partner on their side. 

Their commitment to serving customers for decades is just one of many ingredients that makes them such an attractive option not just for you, but also for your customers. 

Video Transcript:

Andy Abramson :

What type of verticals and what size of client do you really find are ideally suited for a BCM One solution in the sense that they’re growing or maybe they’ve expanded, maybe they’re multi-site, maybe they’re multi-state, and what industries are you best suited to support? Based on the experience you had working with a multitude of clients in many different industries.

Andy Steinke: 

We (BCM One) grew up in New York, that’s no secret there. Obviously, a lot of heavy footprints in financial services and retail, healthcare, distributed workforce solutions for healthcare, also big medical facilities, and hospitals because they require the multi-service redundant networks. That’s huge for us. We’re very valuable to them when it comes down to client size. 

We do have single-site clients that obviously come to us for all of their services. I wouldn’t say necessarily down to the site count per se, but looking for a client who has a distributed workforce, who’s got a small technology team supporting a large technology footprint. Those are the clients that we’re going to support very well. And I’m sure you guys see that with your reseller or client base, too. 

Those clients who just don’t have the time to do certain things related to collaboration or next-gen communications or data and services, they’re looking for partners like you just like, they’re looking for partners like us – that trusted partner, who’s going to bring multiple solutions to the table. Obviously, that does lean towards multi-site clients. So we tend to have two, three plus sites on our average user. But we do operate in the single-site market, too. So just depends on what the client’s looking for. 

BCM One has worked closely with a variety of different customers, for decades, in all kinds of different industries. This makes them such a valuable partner to have on your side as a reseller – having a huge array of different customers with different needs requires a versatile and proven company like BCM One. 

Get more of their valuable input by checking out the full webinar right here! 

Finding the Perfect Business Communication Solutions for Your Customers

BCM One has brought some exciting new opportunities to the table. As a reseller, it’s imperative you know not just what these opportunities are, but for who they are best suited. 

Here’s what the team has to say about their ideal customers.

Video Transcript:

Andy Abramson :

I’ve got a series of questions that I’ve come up with as a result of what we’ve been doing with BCM One since January. And one of the questions I have, and I’ll throw this over to Andy S., what are the ideal clients and scenarios that make BCM One solutions really shine?

When you shine, it makes the customer look good. And in our case, that means the reseller is going to look good to their customer because we’re channel-only white-label and we don’t channel steal. 

Andy Steinke: 

Absolutely. Great question, Andy A.. 

I would say it comes down to multiple services, multiple products, and, obviously, multiple sites too; but it doesn’t have to be a client that has multiple sites. 

If you think about it, to operate a company, there are multiple things within the technology portfolio that a client may need. As a reseller, you may be selling one or two products on your own. These clients may need four or five others to operate in their business and our business model, and the way it’s been since 1992, has been that single point of contact for technology services. 

And we operate very, very well with partners who are doing something on their own and bringing our powerful relationships and products to their clients. We compliment that sale extremely well. And we do that by getting to know you. We do that by designing. 

Andrew, myself, and my team get on the phone with you. You tell us what you need. And our goal is to eliminate supplier fatigue for your clients. So any of those clients out there who are looking for multiple services per site for primary or secondary data, for example, to support SkySwitch Voice or multiple sites across the country, and the world, the more complex and the more flavors of services that they need in the telecommunications world, the better of a fit they’re going to be for BCM One.

With new BCM One services available to you, you’re able to shine even brighter by giving your customers more of the services and opportunities that they already need, without them having to go find another supplier to give it to them. 

By knowing exactly what each of your clients needs, you’re able to give them that perfect solution that makes them happily stay with you for years to come. 

See what else these BCM One services can do for you by checking out the full webinar right here. 

Get to Know The BCM One Team

One of the most valuable resources the BCM One is bringing to the table is the passionate individuals that make up their team. Their commitment to uniquely serving their customers has been a key ingredient to their success for decades. 

Get to know the BCM One team and see how they can help you be a more successful and diverse reseller. 

Video Transcript:

Andy Steinke:

My name’s Andy Steinke. I’m the Vice President of Channel Sales for BCM One and have been with the company going on 13 years and I’ve witnessed what amounts to the most growth of our company. 

More than happy to talk about that either now in these questions or later one-on-one. But what I really want to cover right now is just a little bit more about us and introduce someone else who’s very critical to the channel team as well after that. Some of you may know us, some of you may not know us but that’s the whole point of this conversation, right? 

The way I would categorize our company is that we’re a managed technologies company. And that means a lot of managed solutions. We probably do something that you can find complementary to your current businesses. 

Hopefully, you’ll see that today. Where we came from is probably very similar to a lot of the folks on the line right now, how you guys started your business. We started as an extremely customer-centric business almost 30 years ago. Obviously, different landscapes, different products, different ways to approach the market. 

Back then it was kind of like consulting and the whole getting paid on deals from carriers didn’t really exist up until the mid-nineties. We cut our teeth doing a lot of heavy design, heavily focused on project management for clients primarily in the Northeast, and out of that, we took advantage of what was really kind of the opening of the market for the telecom act in the mid-nineties to create our own platform. 

And 20 some odd years later, that kind of advanced the BCM One Holdings Group and affiliates that are out there today as managed solutions and managed technology products. We’re going to go into a little bit more about that and the products that you guys could sell to your clients or work with us to bring to your clients but before we do that, definitely want to introduce Andrew. Andrew, if you want to get a little bit about yourself, that would be great.

Andrew D’Elia: 

Welcome, everybody. I’m the Director of Managed Services and have been in the industry for 20 plus years and have been with BCM One for six-plus years. I’m looking forward to meeting with the whole channel team and working on opportunities. I am responsible for pre-sales engineering, and then also support for all managed services clients. We’re with you for the long haul, throughout the whole process. 

Andy Abramson: 

Speaking of support, we’d be remiss without mentioning that the one and only, Corey Stoker, who really drives our support team and is heavily involved in all product development within SkySwitch. Corey is also with us. Corey, you want to say a few words? 

Corey Stoker:

Hey, it’s great to be here. Good morning, everyone. Thanks for joining us. I think everyone knows me so we can kind of skip over me, but I’m here. If you need me and I’ll be answering questions as we go as well. 

Andy Abramson:

Corey, if you wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on the Q and A, and if you see some questions, you can quickly knock out while either Andrew or Andy or Jayson are all providing some really cool team input. That would be great. Cause we want to keep this thing moving because we know resellers time is valuable. 

The BCM One team and the SkySwitch team have melded together perfectly because their core beliefs are the same. Their passion and commitment to customers are unrivaled. And they have been doing this for a long, long time so you know they have the necessary skills and experience. 

Now that you know the team, check out the full webinar to see how these professionals will help you be a more successful and effective reseller.

Why Being a SkySwitch Reseller Just Got Better

When SkySwitch became part of the BCM One family, a bevy of new opportunities became available to current SkySwitch resellers.

In this webinar, representatives from BCM One and SkySwitch fill you in on everything you need to know about the new services available, value they bring to you and your clients, and how to start offering them, adding more revenue to your bottom line.

Video Transcript:


Hello everybody. And welcome to another great SkySwitch webinar. And this one is a really special one. We’re going to have a lot of fun today with our guests, with our participants. Some people, you know, some people you don’t know. 

I’m Andy Abramson. And I have a lot of fun hosting these for SkySwitch today. We’re bringing along someone, you know, very well, Jayson Jones. We’re also going to have some of our new friends from BCM One as part of the whole relationship that started in December. 

So with that, let me talk a little bit about what we’re going to do today. We’re going to have a really nice webinar that’s going to introduce you to some new services that you can be selling to your customers. And to start that off, I’m going to hand it over to the person who really makes it all happen inside SkySwitch when it comes to your very, very, very valuable reseller family. The one and only, the unduplicated, often imitated Jayson Jones. 

Jayson Jones:

Thank you very much. Thank you, Andy, for that kind intro. 

Hey guys, it’s great to be back with you. It’s been a long time. I haven’t really been participating on the SkySwitch university webinar series all that much over the last couple because Andy, the team, and Erica they’ve been doing a fantastic job, and hats off to them for really taking care of us in that capacity. 

But I always want to get in front of you. We know we missed Vectors last year. It was scheduled, you know, the pandemic, everything that happened, and that’s our only opportunity to really get face-to-face with our resellers. We miss that. We wanted to do more of a round table discussion with you, bring your questions, bring your concerns in, discuss new topics and some new technology, some new services; but I want to go back to the pandemic real quick and just talk about what we learned last year about ourselves, about our companies. You know, we learned that we were really kind of a pandemic-proof business.

Some companies thrived. Some went down a little bit, but we all survived it and we came through it, which is huge for us. And we learned a lot about who we are as a company and as people, and it takes communication. And that’s why we got these online webinars and these collaboration tools like Zoom and this new video collaboration tool that we’re coming out with from SkySwitch that allows that communication to be healthy for your business.  

It’s good to be face-to-face with our customers. We’re really excited about that. Another topic I want to talk to you about was how we were acquired by DCM holdings last year. It’s no secret there. The words out, press releases are all out. And everybody wants to know how’s it going? And how’s it working with BCM One. 

And I got to tell you, I am really elated to be working with their team and their leadership over there. The thought-leadership that they have over there, where they want to take the company, how they continually want to strive to deliver better services, better technology for Channel. And that’s where the synergies come in. They’re very channel-focused. SkySwitch is very channel-focused. And that’s why we’re melding together perfectly. We’re really excited about that too. 

Let’s get back to what we’re here to talk about today and that’s a few products and services we will be offering, but before we get started with that, I want to do an introduction to the VP of Channel Services and Channel Sales over at BCM One. His name is Andy Steinke. 

Andy is really my counterpart. He takes care of this channel. Like I’m the caretaker of my channel. Andy, he’s going to give you an overview of BCM One, and then he’ll introduce some of the other players that are on the call today. So let’s sit back. Let’s have a great time and enjoy this time together. Thanks much. 

Andy, Jayson, and everyone else on the call are thrilled at the new opportunities available to their ever-growing reseller family. 

Check out the whole webinar right here and maximize your opportunities to serve your customers as best as possible.

Webinar Rewind: SkySwitch Resellers – Learn About New Services to Offer to Your Customers

If you haven’t heard SkySwitch Resellers can now offer additional solutions to their customers like internet connectivity, Office 365 Licenses and Deployments, and Enterprise-Grade SD-WAN.

Yesterday, Jayson Jones, VP of Sales, and Corey Stoker, VP of Support at SkySwitch, were joined by technology leaders from BCM One including Andy Steinke, Vice President of Channel Sales, and Andrew D’Elia, Director, Managed Services at BCM One, for a roundtable webinar discussion moderated by SkySwitch’s Andy Abramson. 

During the webinar, we educated resellers about selling connectivity, Office 365 licenses and deployments, and enterprise-grade SD-WAN through our parent company, BCM One. All of these solutions will add to your managed services sales mix to create a stickier and more complete one-stop-shop solution for your customers.

If you missed the live session, no worries! You can watch the webinar recording and read up on some highlights of this webinar below.

SkySwitch + BCM One

UCaaS + Connectivity + Microsoft Office 365 + Managed SD-WAN = Higher MRR and Increased Value to Your Customers.

SkySwitch is the latest acquisition to be integrated into BCM One, joining nexVortex, SIP.US and SIPTrunk. This furthers the company’s ongoing investment in its voice and collaboration services and continues the growth initiative spurred by Thompson Street Capital Partners’ 2019 recapitalization of the business.

BCM One has connectivity partners nationwide with a niche of servicing multi-site deployments, is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and has deployed enterprise-grade SD-WAN solutions for larger installations. Adding these services to your lineup will increase your MRR even more and empowers you to obtain new opportunities from one provider you trust, SkySwitch.

New Services to Offer to Your Customers

Along with SkySwitch’s robust product portfolio, SkySwitch Resellers can now take advantage of several BCM One solutions, including NextGen Communications and WAN Services.

Activate Your Account

You can start taking advantage of these new services today. All you need to do is activate your account via the SkySwitch Dashmanger in three easy steps:

  1. From your Dashmanager Portal, select “Add On Services”
  2. Select the BCM One Channel Partner Program
  3. Submit the form

And that’s it! Once you submit your form via the Dashmanager, a BCM One channel partner account manager will reach out to you within 48 hours.

If you have any questions about these new services please contact your SkySwitch sales representative for more details.

Teams Connector Enables Teams’ Users To Do More


I started following Microsoft Teams in the summer of 2018 when they released Direct Routing.  I thought it was a really neat concept that would engage more with service providers to get them involved with Microsoft Office 365.  This is really almost the opposite tactic than Microsoft had taken a few years earlier with the Skype for Business launch.

With a SIP channel available to easily connect phone services into Microsoft Teams it opened the door to the PBX and a world of 3rd party applications that use voice.  In addition, Microsoft introduced their Graph API and an SDK to allow third parties to build applications that integrate with Teams.  This means workflows that involve systems outside of Teams (like those PBXes or SMS services from SkySwitch) can now easily interact inside of Teams.  More recently Microsoft announced their commitment to these business workflows with Azure Communication Services which means they are looking to really compete with Twilio for the CPaaS market.

In all these big initiatives, Microsoft is telling the world that integration is the key to a better user experience.  With Direct Routing and the Graph API, Microsoft has actually been able to provide powerful tools to improve user experience.

That’s where the idea of the Teams Connector really came more into focus.  If people are using Microsoft Teams, the thought process is how can it become a place where call-control offered by a PBX or a Contact Center application is use-able and use-ful.  The idea was to build a set of integration tools that Service Providers, like Skyswitch, could use, customize and integrate into business phone services.

The big question I had back in 2018 was would people start using Microsoft Teams.  Microsoft was heavily promoting Teams and finding a responsive but slow market.  By 2020 (even pre-pandemic) it was starting to see broader adoption.  The pandemic provided steroids and adoption quadrupled in under a year.  Now, in 2021 businesses, schools, non-profits, healthcare and other verticals are trying to make Teams do more.

Looking to the future, our prime consideration with the Teams Connector is to enable Teams’ users to do more things more easily inside Teams with external tools.  Microsoft has created an increasingly open platform that is allowing the world to work in Teams and with the recent announcement of Azure for Operators they made a point to reiterate that they are “… committed to working with operators as a partner, not as a competitor.”  Those are encouraging words but only words.  As a sales organization, it makes sense to keep providing valuable communication tools and integrations, like the combination of Teams and SkySwitch, to your customers.  You are the trusted source for Telecom and IT.

In short, as a Service Provider it seems like a good time to have a solid Teams – PBX integration as an option for your business customers, and the Teams Connector let’s you do just that.

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