How VoIP Automation Can Prepare Businesses For Unstoppable Growth

Here’s a highlight from our Resellers Helping Resellers webinar where we ask our best resellers what problems their customers faced from the pandemic, how they solved it, and what we can learn from it to be even more prepared for the future.

Video Transcript:


What kind of impact, whether it was negative or positive, did COVID-19 present to your business and, if you had a negative hit, how did you overcome that? What would be the one or two things that, were present to you as a business owner? Because you’ve got other owners on here, many of whom experienced exactly what you did. So let’s start with Louie. Why don’t you give us a story there?


Yeah, I think like everybody, we had an increase in tickets, which we expected just because the way they’re going to use the system had to pivot quickly. But I looked at it as an opportunity and that opportunity was to really show the clients how flexible the system was and how fast we could implement change. To piggyback on what Dan Crabill said about his restaurants. We actually do very little in the restaurant business but our very big success story is we have a retail operation that has 12 locations in the fitness industry. And if any of you have seen the national headlines about certain fitness products, it was actually helped their business, because everybody’s at home wanting to exercise. So they got crushed with phone calls and emails and requests to their website.

Naturally, they reached out and asked, ‘What can we do here? How do we handle this? How can we better manage it?’ 

The first thing that was obvious was they just needed to turn their phones off to stop them from ringing. We were able to quickly pivot to an auto-attendant; record the message that they needed it to say, to direct them to their chat on their website, as they can’t handle phone calls right now. 

They really appreciated that. And then they had to do curbside delivery, ‘text us when you arrived’. The mobile app came in handy for that and still does. 

The volume of texts that these guys received was just off the charts. And the SkySwitch system handled it beautifully. 

All 12 locations, probably had a thousand texts a day, in and out at each location. So iit was a great success story. 

And we took that knowledge and reached out to other clients in similar situations. And we’ve heard back from all of them, just how thankful they were, that they were on this system, that they had the ability to make these changes quickly, because obviously other systems, especially an on-prem(ises) system, can’t do a lot of those things. 

The requests we’re getting now, from new clients are obviously seeing that they couldn’t pivot quickly enough. I think all of us are going to benefit from this. When you’re selling now, how those success stories like that of not just how good the system is in terms of performance, but its flexibility, and how fast you can turn features on and off and really customize it for the customer.

This is just a highlight of our Resellers Helping Resellers webinar. Get even more tips, insight, and guidance with the full webinar right here.

Too Many Tickets: How This Reseller Stayed Ahead by Keeping it Simple

Here’s a highlight from our Resellers Helping Resellers webinar where we ask our best resellers what problems their customers faced from the pandemic, how they solved it, and what we can learn from it to be even more prepared for the future.

Video Transcript:


What’s the one thing, or two things, that you learned now that you wish you knew this before all this started because it would’ve made your life a lot easier and your customer’s life easier.


I think it’s, from a support issue, they (customers) didn’t use the kiss method: Keep It Simple, Stupid. 

We had a ton of tickets come in and people are like, ‘my phone doesn’t work.’ And we’re like, ‘what do you mean your phone on work?’ 

At the end of the day, they were plugging (their phone) into the wrong slot on the back of the phone. They get their poly-com and they plug it into the computer slot to plug into the ethernet port the back of the phone. 

We must have had 30 or 40 tickets open. It was crazy. So we just came up with a quick document, sent it out to everybody, and all of a sudden those (tickets) started slowing down.

So that was one of the big things, from the support side that we learned. We probably should have made that a little bit more clear with people taking these phones home.

So that was kind of one of the big things that we learned. And then, from a sales perspective, where we’ve had some pretty good success right now is talking to a lot of restaurants, that they were hurting because they didn’t know how to go mobile

Using all the texting features that SkySwitch has, we’ve actually walked into quite a few deals just by having the SMS feature and kind of educating our clients on how the mobility works from the VoIP side. I wish we, we thought of that at the beginning of all this, I think we could have picked up some more clients, but, those are my two takeaways.


I want to dig a little deeper. And Corey did a great video on our appointment reminder app with restaurants because I know they make up a good chunk of our resellers’ businesses around the country. What exactly are you seeing the restaurants doing and how is it helping them, which in turn, if you’re helping your customer, it’s helping your business?


You know, a lot of them (didn’t know) that you can text their menu to this (customer’s) number and it sends the customer their menu. 

That was a big thing that a lot of my restaurants were doing. They were also using it as a way to place orders, just click here and it automatically dials into their SkySwitch phone (number). 

Those are two big things customers really liked because a lot of their customers were asking, ‘Hey, what’s your menu again?” And they (the restaurant) would go ‘great’, and just texted the menu to them. They’re like, ‘that was awesome,’ but then they (the customer) just hit ‘dial’, and boom, it would connect them to the restaurant. So, that was the two big things that the restaurants really took advantage of now.

This is just a highlight of our Resellers Helping Resellers webinar. Get even more tips, insight, and guidance with the full webinar right here.

The Best Tool Telecom Resellers Have For The Future

Here’s a highlight from our Resellers Helping Resellers webinar where we ask our best resellers what problems their customers faced from the pandemic, how they solved it, and what we can learn from it to be even more prepared for the future.

Video Transcript:


What was the one thing you learned that if you knew then what you know now, you would be doing differently?


I definitely agree with Dan. We ran into that same thing. But one of the things we learned is our clients were much more open to having multiple devices full time.

One of the nice things with SkySwitch, we can have five devices per extension without additional seat charges. 

And once I started engaging customers who are now going to be living in this new reality, almost a hundred percent of them said, “so we just have to, you know, just for the one-time cost of the phone, we could leave the phone at home?” 

We had clients taking phones back and forth. They weren’t working full-time at home. They might’ve been working at home two, three days a week and they just got tired of dragging their phone around. 

Once we made all of our customers aware of that, they really appreciated that. So now we’re starting to sell a bunch more phones the last few weeks; just getting customers set up. So now they can have devices wherever they need to work full time. So I think that made us look really good when we were able to tell them we could do that very easily.


So what you, what you’re saying is a lot of your customers created a new brand of mobile phone with Yealink or Polly or Grandstream, or any other brands that they have on their desk that became a mobile phone because they were having to take it to and from when really there was an easier solution. 

During the period of time where they were waiting to get second phones or third phones to work from at home, did you find any of them picking up the use of ReachUC, the soft client, and coming to you for help with configuration? Or what was it like around ReachUC?


Yeah, absolutely. I guess it depends on the type of client, not all of our clients were even aware that a mobile app existed; that there are some situations where we sell to certain businesses that it’s, it’s just not necessary. 

So a lot of people didn’t even know about it. So we started getting the support tickets of just, “how do we work from home”? 

And then that’s when we introduced the mobile app to a lot of clients, the existing clients who knew about it, we didn’t hear from them because they just started using the app full time, rather than as an ancillary phone. 

I’m sure everybody else can speak to this, that the challenge with the mobile app is, of course, their internet, at home, as everybody’s experiences during the pandemic have just overworked or not enough bandwidth or not enough GOs at home.

We still struggle with that. We had to put out a blanket email to the office managers, basically, every one of our clients to let everyone know that this is a best-effort product. It’s going to depend on these variables. It’s not going to be the same experience you have with the desk phone. 

Once we kind of set the table with those parameters, things kind of calmed down and people understood, and as I’m sure other people experienced, turning off Wifi was a big hit for us.

That at least the cellular network tended to be a little better than a lot of people’s home broadband just where they were so that the mobile app really saved us.

And in the sense of, I think we may have lost clients, had we not been able to have that and to Skyswitch’s benefit. I know there were some capacity issues when things ramped up, but Skyswitch stepped up. I don’t know what you guys did in terms of the technical backend in terms of spinning up more resources. But that was brilliant. That SkySwitch was able to do that very quickly.

This is just a highlight of our Resellers Helping Resellers webinar. Get even more tips, insight, and guidance with the full webinar right here.

Webinar Rewind: Connect Easier to Microsoft Teams With The New Teams Connector

On Tuesday, we hosted a highly anticipated and requested webinar on the new SkySwitch Teams Connector.  The Skyswitch Team wanted to make sure that all of our resellers fully understand the value and application of the SkySwitch Teams Connector integration. So SkySwitch’s Andy Abramson, Corey Stoker, VP of Support at SkySwitch, and Micah Singer, Managing Director of TeamMate Technology, all came together to take us through the intricacies of Teams Connector.


If you missed the live session, you can watch the full webinar recording, retrieve the slide deck and read up on the webinar’s highlights below.

What Exactly is the Teams Connector?

The SkySwitch engineering and development team has been diligently working behind the scenes to ensure our resellers have access to the best of all the telecom solutions available. As a result of this hard work, we recently announced that SkySwitch has made connecting with Microsoft Teams fast and easy to deploy with the new SkySwitch Teams Connector

SkySwitch Teams Connector allows integration between Microsoft Teams and our phone system (PBX). The Teams Connector essentially changes the standard Teams application to work as a PBX softphone for desktop, laptop and mobile devices. With our Teams Connector, your customers are now able to do the following:

  • Place and receive PBX calls using Microsoft Teams App (Desktop, mobile, browser) that are placed or received over your SkySwitch powered telecom network 
  • Utilize many of the PBX feature codes within Microsoft Teams.
  • Receive PBX notifications within Microsoft Teams.
  • View your PBX Portal within Microsoft Teams (using Single Sign-On).
  • Build Direct Routing.
  • Register Teams Users on an existing PBX.
  • Create a Teams Application for your PBX (Optional).

How TeamMate Works

The TeamMate architecture is ultimately composed of three components: the media path, registration subscription and provisioning. 

The Teams native integration supports Microsoft Direct Routing, deploying and managing a Microsoft compliant SBC, connecting SIP Trunks, and allows resellers to manage users in the Teams Admin portal and via PowerShell scripting.

With Teams Connector, this integration becomes easy to provision, manage & resell. The integration continues to support Microsoft Direct Routing, the native teams dialing for PSTN calls from a SIP PBX or a SIP Trunk, and works as a Microsoft Teams Softphone & PBX application all in one.

Who is This App For?

The Teams Connector requires each TeamMate/Microsoft Teams user to have the correct Microsoft User License and a Phone System License to function, making this app for MSPs familiar with Microsoft and are already reselling Microsoft products like Microsoft Office 365. If you are familiar with the Microsoft Admin Council, there is a good chance you will have to do some walk-throughs with your end-users.

The Global Admin Dilemma

One thing that is different about Teams is that we have to get permissions to write in the PowerShell API. This means that we have to get the Global Admin involved. So, if you are the reseller or MSP that is provisioning Microsoft, you can add yourself as the Global Admin for the day, making it easy. But, if you are working with a company that is not your customer, then you have to be the person to walk them through setting up the application.

Benefits of Selling Teams with PBX Integration

There are many benefits to reselling Teams Connector. But, the main benefit is the ability to tap into different markets like: 

  • SMB’s that are already utilizing Teams with calling, but want more features.
  • Small Businesses starting to integrate Teams.
  • Your current customers who are starting to use Teams as a collaboration tool.

Risks of Introducing Teams Calling with PBX Integration

With every new integration comes potential risks. One risk that comes along with introducing Teams Connector is having to add on a Microsoft License on top of the Microsoft 365 licensing, which is approximately eight dollars. Along with this, you are also competing with Microsoft’s already established $15-20 calling plans. 

Also, introducing Teams to a company that is not already using it can potentially shrink your margins in comparison to the desk phone solution.

Documentation and Setup

To ensure our resellers have all the information they need for the Teams Connector integration, we have set up a Teams Connector Reseller Resource Guide and a FAQ section in the SkySwitch Knowledge base.

SkySwitch Support

When it comes to SkySwitch Support, we will support the application setup and our PBX integration. Neither SkySwitch nor TeamMate will support your Microsoft Tenant or your end customer. With enough detail, we can point you towards the problem (like an API permissions issue), but it will be up to you to understand where to correct the Microsoft Portal issue. 

Most of these possible issues have TeamMate articles guiding you towards a fix, but as Microsoft’s constantly changing and your clients may have different setups, there are potential unforeseen challenges.

For more information about the new Teams Connector integration or pricing, please contact

Webinar Rewind: Enhance Call Reporting with Cloud SWEET!

Here at SkySwitch, we are always looking to partner with industry leaders to improve our reseller community. That is why we are working with DATEL to provide our resellers access to Cloud SWEET!, an enhanced call reporting integration that helps grow our resellers’ customer bases.

For over 20 years, DATEL has created innovative, cost-effective solutions that enable businesses to manage all of their customer interactions in a single, easy-to-use interface. 

For our webinar about Cloud SWEET! we invited Dan Lemke, President of DATEL Software Solutions, to join SkySwitch’s Andy Abramson for a discussion about the flexible and scalable solutions DATEL delivers in their cloud-hosted and premise-based models.

If you missed the live session, you can watch the full webinar recording, retrieve the slide deck and read up on the webinar’s highlights below.

DATEL + SkySwitch

Every telephone system needs an enhanced call reporting application. DATEL enables customers of all sizes and industries to drive business decisions and collect key insights and metrics. The SkySwitch platform provides resellers raw calling data. But, there is no easy way to gain insights into the data. DATEL’s Cloud SWEET! will provide those key insights, allowing resellers to interpret data.

The Cloud SWEET! Solution

Cloud SWEET! is simple to sell, install and use. It’s cloud-hosted so, it can be used on any device, anywhere. The Cloud SWEET! solution is designed to grow with any size business and is backed by a comprehensive partner and customer support program.


DATEL designed this competitively priced solution to help companies optimize their business with comprehensive reporting and tangible benefits like increased productivity, reduced costs, identify trends.

SkySwitch Reseller, Seth Berkman of BT Voice, also joined us during this webinar to share his experience with Cloud SWEET! and what it has done for his business so far.

If You Attended, You Won!

Three lucky attendees were gifted a SkySwitch Swag Pack for participating in the live Q&A. 

The real prize comes from DATEL. From February 23rd through June 30th, DATEL will be giving resellers a chance to win a gift card!

  • If a reseller signs up five customers to a yearly contract – $200 gift card
  • If a reseller signs up ten customers to a yearly contract – $500 gift card

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Webinar Rewind: The Definitive Answer, Presented by AdvantageIVR

For over two decades, phone techs have voiced their own greetings. Very little thought went into the scripting, the call routing, or the caller experience. With all the money clients spend on marketing to get people to call them, they can’t forget to mirror their image/brand experience on the phone as well.

SkySwitch invited Donna Renee of AdvantageIVR to discuss why having a professionally recorded greeting is vital to your business’ success. On Tuesday, February 2, 2021, SkySwitch’s Andy Abramson, Joren Carlson of Unicom Solutions, John Adams of Adams Comm, and Donna Renee fo AdvantageIVR came together to discuss why providing professionally recorded Auto Attendant Greetings should be part of the core competency offerings on every reseller’s line card.  

This webinar explained how AdvantageIVR has successfully pioneered a new way to provide professionally recorded auto-attendant greetings that is super easy and allows resellers to make up to 158% ROI by selling VOaaS. 

If you missed the live session, no worries! You can listen to the webinar recording, download the presentation, and read up on some highlights of this webinar below.

Why You Need AdvantageIVR

Impressions are everything, especially when it comes to your business. That is why you shouldn’t skimp when it comes to your customer contact points. Many companies will use their phone tech or the “best voice” on their staff to record auto-attendant greetings or on-hold messaging. While it may be the most cost-effective way to record one, companies can damage their brand and even lose business by taking the cheaper route. AdvatageIVR gives resellers access to professional voiceover specialists with decades of experience.

Which Subscription Works Best For You?

To make life easier for you, AdvantageIVR has introduced various Subscription Credit Packages. These packages can be used for auto-attendant greetings, voicemail prompts or on-hold messaging. By offering various packages, AdvantageIVR lets you decide what will work best for your business.

SkySwitch Resellers + VOaaS

SkySwitch Resellers Joren Carlson of Unicom and John Adams of Adams Comm joined this webinar as panelists to share with the SkySwitch community what it’s like to work with Donna and offer VOaaS. Both Joren and John offered advice to their fellow resellers on how to make VOaaS a profitable revenue stream.

Everyone Was a Winner!

AdvantageIVR offered to waive the implementation fee of $299 to all attendees who joined in on the live session!  

This webinar did have one lucky grand prize winner who won an Auto Attendant/On-Hold Makeover for them and a client of their choice, courtesy of AdvantageIVR! Congratulations to Urban Warner of SecurTel and Lock Inc.

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Webinar Rewind: Yealink UCaaS Solutions — New Product Updates

Successfully meeting your customers’ needs while working in a remote environment is crucial in today’s new virtual office culture. That’s why your business should be operating with the latest telephony hardware and software solutions.

Yealink wants to make sure that you are ready to power through 2021 and have access to their top of the line UCaaS solutions which provide easy collaboration and high productivity for any size customer across multiple industry verticals.

Irene Deng, the Yealink Channel Manager of North America, and SkySwitch’s Andy Abramson came together for a discussion that shined a light on what’s to come from Yealink’s unified communications solutions in 2021.

If you missed the live session, no worries! You can listen to the webinar recording, download the presentation, and read up on some highlights of this webinar below.

Why Yealink?

Yealink is a global brand specializing in video conferencing, voice communications, and collaboration solutions with best-in-class quality, innovative technology and user-friendly experience. From 2014-2019 Yealink had seen a rapid compound growth rate of 38.4% and, as of 2019, is number one in the market share of the SIP desktop phone unit. 

Yealink Entry-Level Phones: T3 Series

Yealink is transitioning to the T31G/T31P and T33G entry-level SIP Phones at the basic level. Their T3 series has more vital computing ability, a more powerful chip and more scalability in the future. 

The T3 Series enhancements include:

  • Elegant industrial design
  • Stronger computing ability
  • Device management 
  • EHS35
  • Unified Firmware
  • Auto Test Platform 
  • Color Screen (T33G)

Yealink T4U Phone Series

The Yealink T4U Series comes with various new features such as Optima HD Voice, Dual USB Ports, Acoustic Shield, Unified Firmware, Opus Codec, 1000M Gigabit, Color Expansion Module, and is in stock to purchase now in the SkySwitch Store! 

Yealink High-End Business Phone: T5 Series

The new versatile high-end T5 Series can be beneficial to any business owner with its base station and satellite modes. This series also features an Adjustable LCD Screen, Corded-Cordless Phone Feature, Acoustic Shield and Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi.

Yealink Headsets

Yealink business headsets will be one of three strategy product lines in 2021. Yealink has spent over 40 months with market research, analyzing their headsets and ensuring proper technology development.

The Yealink Headset line will consist of office, call centric and on-the-go variations:

  • USB Wire Headsets
  • RJ/QD Wired Headsets 
  • DECT Wireless Headsets 
  • Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

Yealink + The SkySwitch Store

Yealink is one of the most popular brands with SkySwitch Resellers. Many of the products featured in our webinar are readily available in the SkySwitch Store. If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Osborne at Or, if you have any questions specifically for Yealink, please contact Irene Deng, the Yealink Channel Manager of North America, at

Webinar Rewind: Communications, Compliance, and Controls: HIPAA Compliance for SkySwitch Resellers

Protecting the privacy and integrity of any business’ confidential information is very important and getting more important every month. But, where there’s doctor-patient confidentiality involved, ensuring a cost-effective way to address HIPAA compliance is the real challenge. 

That’s why our friends at Compliancy Group are here to help meet that challenge for SkySwitch resellers and their customers. Paul Redding, VP Partner of Engagement & Cybersecurity at Compliancy Group, joined SkySwitch’s Andy Abramson on a webinar that discussed the opportunity to differentiate and grow your business by offering your customers HIPAA compliance certification.

If you missed the live session, no worries! You can listen to the webinar recording, download the presentation, and read up on some highlights of this webinar below.

Compliancy Group + SkySwitch

SkySwitch prides itself on working with the right partners that will enrich our ecosystem. To differentiate ourselves in the market, SkySwitch chooses to hold the Compliancy Group HIPAA Seal of Compliance. By working with Compliancy Group, we can protect our resellers, sell a higher value of HIPAA compliance solutions and build an internal culture of compliance.

Are SkySwitch Resellers Compliant?

No, even though SkySwitch is HIPAA compliant, this doesn’t mean that SkySwitch resellers are automatically compliant too. By becoming HIPAA compliant, resellers have the opportunity to stand out, allowing them to work with one of the largest sectors in the US economy and mandate additional security services that may not have been accessible before.

Who Needs to Comply?

When it comes to being HIPAA compliant, not only covered entities such as healthcare providers, healthcare clearinghouses and insurance providers need to comply. If you have a single customer in healthcare and conceivably interact with their EPHI at any level, then this makes you a business associate.

All business associates, MSPs, accountants, lawyers, call centers, voice providers, faxing providers, even email hosting services all need to comply. Bottom line: If your customer is in healthcare, then you are in healthcare.

2020 was a record year for HIPAA violations. By not being HIPAA compliant, you risk being heavily fined and being placed on the HIPAA Wall of Shame. Once you are posted up on this website, it can never be removed.

Why Offer HIPAA?

It doesn’t matter who you are offering HIPAA to; the same rules apply to everyone. By offering HIPAA compliance, you solve a business problem and create a deeper relationship between you and your customers. Since you are now offering them a business solution and tech services, you are making a more significant impact on your customers.

How To Sell HIPAA

If you want to know how to sell HIPAA compliance to your customers you must  do these three things: 

  1. Focus on educating your customers about HIPAA. Show them the need and the benefit of being compliant.
  2. Try to relate to your customer and rise above the techy jargon. Instead, focus on your customer’s business and reputation. 
  3. Provide real-world examples to easily get your point across.

Compliancy Group is Here to Help!

There is no doubt that HIPAA rules can be very confusing. That’s why the HIPAA experts at Compliancy Group are available to explain how this impacts you and guide you through the regulatory requirements. If you have any questions about becoming HIPPA compliant, please 

fill out this form and a representative will contact you!

Case Study: SkySwitch Customer Success Story: Telepath Communications

Telepath Communications prides itself on reliability and responsiveness but was stuck with a sub-par supplier with an archaic architecture, low reliability and poor customer service. 

Back in 2017, they switched to SkySwitch and easily migrated their customers over to SkySwitch’s platform and have seen virtually no downtime since! 

Learn all about their migration and the success Telepath has had since they established a genuine relationship with SkySwitch in our newest case study.

Webinar Rewind: Single Pane of Glass Billing Solution for SkySwitch Resellers Presented by Datagate

SkySwitch prides itself on having a rich and robust cloud communications platform that acts as a one-stop-shop for our resellers. To make billing just as easy, we’ve added Datagate, a one-stop SaaS telecom billing platform for MSPs and resellers like you to our ecosystem.

We asked Datagate CEO Mark Loveys to join SkySwitch’s Andy Abramson for a webinar to better inform resellers on how Datagate has everything required to make telecom billing fast, easy, profitable and compliant, all in a single SaaS package. For this webinar, we took a deep-dive into how the SkySwitch-Datagate-ConnectWise-QuickBooks-ConnectBooster integrated solution has helped MSPs save countless hours in their billing of telecom services. 

We also heard from fellow SkySwitch reseller Bob Bascom, Founder of Charleston Telecom about his first-hand experience using Datagate with SkySwitch and how this integration has helped his business blossom. 

If you missed the interactive live session, no worries! For your convenience, you’ll find access to the webinar recording, presentation and the major highlights of this week’s webinar below.

Datagate + SkySwitch

Despite Covid-19, from August 2019 to August 2020, in the U.S., there has been a 77.5% increase in VoIP revenue growth for MSPs. With Datagate’s intricately designed SaaS package SkySwitch MSPs and resellers have also experienced an increase in their revenue.

Billing Flow with Datagate

Instead of replicating software that MSPs may already be using, Datagate chooses to stay in their own lane and deploy a more efficient way to within your ecosystem. This means helping you with problems you may already be facing.

Problems MSPs Face

  • There’s a lot to account for when it comes to communications taxes, now being collected by thousands of jurisdictions across the U.S., which is why it’s a bit more complicated than basic sales tax.


  • With a lack of integrations for your software ecosystem, billing telecom services becomes even more difficult. Rekeying invoices across different systems takes up valuable time and can lead to mistakes.

Payment & Billing Machine

Datagate refers to their software as a machine because it is always running. Their system is constantly collecting CDRs as well as checking and validating this data automatically for SkySwitch resellers. 

Once collected, Datagate can rate the data virtually and automatically generate telecom invoices, instantly calculate taxes, send the invoice to the customer and export the invoice into your company’s ecosystem ensuring successful delivery.

Datagate + ConnectWise

Along with sending data to your PSA or accounting system, they can also pull information like customer details, agreement and product info. Datagate can push invoice data to ConnectWise in two ways combining all invoices in one. 

With Datagate’s ConnectWise integration, you can provision telecom just like any other IT service. Through ConnectWise Sell and ConnectWise Manage, you can create the quote and turn it into an agreement, then Datagate reads the agreement for billing purposes. 

Once the invoice generates, resellers have the option to use Datagate’s white-label end-customer portal to ConnectBooster to collect any telecom payments.

Case Study: Charleston Telecom

SkySwitch Reseller and Founder of Charleston Telecom, Bob Bascom, joined us for a live testimonial of how Datagate’s integrations with ConnectWise, ConnectBooster and QuickBooks Online has created an ‘automated billing and payments machine’ that runs itself and gave him valuable time back to focus on his business.

Is Datagate Right For You?

Datagate has made it easier than ever to get started with them. All you have to do is contact your SkySwitch Sales Representative at and ask for a Datagate demo. We do the rest for you! 

To continue making the telecom billing process as easy for MSPs as possible, Datagate is constantly looking for ways to improve. Be on the lookout for what’s to come for Datagate in 2021.

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