The SkySwitch DID Management platform allows VoIP service providers to unify sourcing, activation and management of  DID resources across multiple underlying DID providers and carriers.

It is an integral part of the SkySwitch Web Centrex platform, but is also available as a stand-alone service to any VoIP service provider needing to increase efficiency in an otherwise complex workflow.

Using the SkySwitch DID Management platform it is possible to achieve the following scenarios:

  • Give your customers an automated portal to search for DIDs by NPA-NXX and automatically provision and route them in realtime.
  • Allow customers to order and manage DID related enhanced services such as E911, CNAM Delivery and Fax Mail.
  • Give your customers a normalized interface to view and route DIDs to any IP address or host that they choose.
  • Extend your network to customers, partners and peering providers using the industry standard ENUM telephone number mapping protocol.


Features of the SkySwitch DID Management Platform include:

  • SaaS Solution to store and manage DID routing records in SIP URI format
  • View Edit and Delete records in DID database by Admin web UI or REST API
  • Create unlimited number of Trunk Groups
  • Create up to three (3) URI routes for each Trunk Group
  • Assign priority to each route for failover routing (requires support in SIP server)
  • Assign any DID to any Trunk Group
  • Create unlimited number of Carriers
  • Assign any DID to any Carrier for tracking purposes
  • Flag any DID for CNAM lookup
  • Syncronize contents of DID database with any BIND server using SkySwitch-provided client
  • Synchronization conserves bandwidth and I-O by updating only modified records
  • Ability to host BIND server anywhere
  • Bulk upload and edit from Admin UI
  • Five (5) login accounts included
  • Track all record changes with Audit log
  • Custom branded UI with RESELLER’s logo and color scheme
  • SkySwitch servers are geographically diverse in at least two (2) Tier-1 Data Centers.

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