SkySwitch Device Management Makes it Easier to Troubleshoot Polycom SIP

Polycom continues to lead the field when it comes to features that aid in troubleshooting and diagnosing SIP issues.    Officially supported in Polycom’s UCS 5.1.0 version firmware is the ability to read network traffic directly from the Polycom device’s network interface to Wireshark.  Below is the content of a Polycom support article that describes the use of the feature.

For some IP-PBX administrators, implementing this type of troubleshooting feature can be challenging.  SkySwitch Resellers, however, can enable this Polycom feature with just a few mouse clicks.  This is just one of the many ways that Polycom devices can be remotely managed with ease using the SkySwitch device provisioning server.

Your success as a hosted PBX provider depends on your ability to customize the look and operation of the phones that you deploy.  SkySwitch makes this easy for Resellers. The SkySwitch device provisioning server enables remote provisioning and management of all the major SIP phone and ATA devices, including Polycom, Yealink and Cisco among others.   To learn more, contact a SkySwitch white label VoIP specialist today.



The provisioning parameters involved are:


The Polycom UCS 5.1.0 Admin Guide describes this on page 170 in the Remote Packet Capture for Logs section.

  • To start using this feature please download Wireshark
  • Start Wireshark after the installation and select the Capture Interface Options









  • Manage Interfaces => Remote Interfaces => Add









  • Enter the IP Address of the phone

Port 2002
Username: Polycom
Password: MAC Address of the phone in lower case and no colon ( : )













  • Once OK is pressed the interface should show up








  • Leave this menu via cancel
  • You are then able to select this new Interface







  • If an error message in regards the Buffer appears please click on OK










SkySwitch gives resellers more than one way to skin this cat!  Getting network packet captures directly from a SIP device is sometimes helpful, but not always necessary.  With SkySwitch, Resellers always have access to cutting-edge diagnostic and troubleshooting tools, including SIP traces and PCAPs for every call – straight from the PBX Manager portals.