The Rewards point program is designed to show our appreciation for each of our valued SkySwitch Resellers for utilizing our Store for all of your procurement needs.  Additionally, Resellers are rewarded with points for any end-user customer purchases in the Reseller’s white-label version of the Store. Earned points will be applied as a credit to Resellers’ account automatically at the time of check out.


1. Important information

We may add to and/or change the Rewards program Terms and Conditions at any time.  Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Change the number of points you can earn for eligible purchases
  • Change the number or value of points required to get rewards
  • Change how the rewards are earned
  • Impose caps on earning and/or using points
  • Cancel rewards

We reserve the right to cancel the program at any time.  In the event of a cancellation of the program, no further points will be earned on purchases.  Points are not your property and, therefore, cannot be transferred to any other Reseller or account.  No points will be back-dated to purchases made prior to the program’s start date. Resellers may not request advance points or how points can be applied.

All SkySwitch Resellers will be automatically enrolled in the program at no additional charge.  Points that were awarded for orders that are subsequently cancelled, for which products are returned, or to Reseller accounts that become past due, will be reversed on a subsequent statement.

2. Earning Points.

Products available for purchase from the SkySwitch Store may be assigned a point value, for example 1 point per $1.  Each point is equivalent to $0.005 as a baseline value. Resellers will accrue points for purchases made from the SkySwitch Store in the reseller dashboard or from a reseller-branded End-User Store.  The end-user Store prices are set to each manufacturer’s MAP (minimum advertised pricing) guidelines.

Additional points (i.e. double, triple, etc) may be earned in conjunction with any special promotional campaigns with distributors and/or manufacturers.

You will be able to see your total earned points balance on your dashboard, as well as next to your cart in the Store.

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