Robocalls Got You Down? Your Business Internet Phones Need Nomorobo


Robocalls are a huge problem for anyone in the US with a phone. It doesn’t matter if it’s your home phone, mobile or work line — there’s nothing more annoying than picking up the phone in the middle of a busy workday and have it be a computer on the other end trying to sell you a vacation or some anti-virus software.

The problem goes back decades — when the FTC started the “Do Not Call Registry”. Remember back when we were promised that the National Do Not Call list was supposed to solve our spam-call problem? With modern-day calling infrastructure, the robocall problem has become even worse. Much worse. Spammers, fraudsters and marketers use them to annoy owners of landlines and mobile phones….driving pretty much all Americans crazy.

Now There’s a Viable Robocall-Busting Solution

Let’s introduce you, dear reader, to Nomorobo. This service is aimed at ending robocalls for your business or residential phone number. Nomorobo offers a fee-based service for mobile users via their application and subscription service for resellers’ customers available in the SkySwitch dashboard.

Nomorobo’s AI-based platform monitors millions of calls and rates the incoming phone numbers based on a few factors, like: how many calls is a specific number making in a short amount of time? The service gets this data from phone companies, mobile app users and most importantly, a telephone honeypot – basically a bank of “dirty” phone numbers that’s been set up to act as a “target” for robocallers. Then, using their AI-based data analysis, Nomorobo makes an assessment to decide if the caller is a robocall or not.

According to Nomorobo, 36% of calls are illegal/unwanted — which equates to billions of calls per day. The company has more than 3 million subscribers and claims to block robocalls with 97% accuracy.

Nomorobo Is Free for Landline, Charges for Mobile

For mobile users on Android and iOS, Nomorobo charges a mere $1.99 per month for the service. However, the good news is, for customers using wired phones at work — the service is completely free for landlines. 

By registering to use Nomorobo, you’re also contributing to the greater community because you’re helping defeat robocalls and stop them from calling other business owners by increasing the call data Nomorobo analyzes each day.

Nomorobo also offers a separate service, “Nomorobo for Business”. The mobile and landline services mentioned above kicks in with spam prevention after the consumer’s phone rings, so users may hear a ring or two before the call is blocked. But, “Nomorobo for Business” has an additional feature that many business owners will enjoy: it intercepts spam calls before the user’s phone even rings. “Nomorobo for Business” is a premium service made available for SkySwitch resellers to purchase and deploy.

Get Nomorobo on Your SkySwitch-Powered Phone Numbers Today

Luckily, for those of us with SkySwitch-powered phone lines, you can enable Nomorobo by following a few easy steps. In our Knowledge Center/Docs, you’ll see all the instructions for how to get started.

Once you get Nomorobo configured on SkySwitch all that robocall-blocking magic happens on Nomorobo’s side — ending robocalls using the service is as easy as registering your number on the Nomorobo website and like magic, the robocalls end.

When I think of businesses and robocalls, I consider the vast amount of lost productivity organizations lose to distractions and frustration caused by the interruptions. With Nomorobo, we are happy to have a tool to help fight back!

You can learn more about Nomorobo and how SkySwitch is working with them in our webinar and the accompanying slide show. Resellers can sign up by contacting their sales rep, and deploy for Nomorobo by visiting the SkySwitch reseller dashboard and easily activating the service for their customers.