SIP Session Control is all about lowering costs, tightening security and improving efficiency through increased visibility and real-time control of your VoIP traffic.

SIP Session Control is an integral part of the SkySwitch platform; every hosted PBX customer benefits from our advanced call control and session border management practices.  However, we also offer expanded SIP Session Control capabilities as a stand-alone managed service that targets specific needs.

Least Cost Routing

Gain greater control of your costs with SkySwitch’ flexible and scalable Least Cost Routing engine.  Designed to work with industry standard SIP 302 redirects, the SkySwitch Least Cost Routing engine can reliably and accurately serve thousands of concurrent call sessions to help ensure that you are maximinzing your bottom line.  Features include:

      • Comprehensive Reporting and Statistics
      • Support for Inter/Intrastate Calling
      • LRN routing

Credit Control

If you cater to customers that make international calls, being able to assign and enforce credit limits is crucial to your success.  The SkySwitch Credit Control capabilities help you to decrease your exposure to bad debt and risky calling patterns.  Features include:

    • Pre-paid calling capabilities
    • Low balance notifications
    • User portals

Fraud Alerts

No VoIP implementation is immune to fraudulent calling attacks.  Even if your internal security practices are sound, your network is only as safe as your weakest customer.    SkySwitch can help lessen potential vulnerabilities by alerting you in real-time whenever potentially fraudulent calls are detected.

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