Because any modern telephony system is only as good as the user interface (UI) that it presents to system users, SkySwitch has gone to great lengths to ensure that our UIs are intuitive and pleasant to use. These efforts are embodied in our Manager Portals, a family of web UIs that allow Resellers and end-users to control every aspect of their service (or as much or little as the Service Provider wishes to delegate).

The Manager Portal family includes views designed for End Users, Office Managers and Resellers,  Call Center Managers and Call Center Agents.

The image below shows a domain level dashboard in the Office Manager view. Using this UI the Reseller can delegate many  administrative functions directly to a customer (or customer representative), including:


SkySwitch Office Manager Portal

  • Moves, adds and changes (MACs)
  • DID Assignment and routing
  • Call Features
  • Auto-Attendants (creation, assignment and options)
  • Conference Rooms (creation, assignment and options)
  • Call Queues  (creation, assignment and options)
  • Music on Hold (upload and assignment)
  • Record Calls and Access to Recorded Calls




To learn more about our intuitive hosted PBX management portals, view our informative videos.

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