Customers Agree, SkySwitch Outperforms CoreDial

“I had the great fortune of switching my last customer over one week before Coredial went down”

SkySwitch makes it EASY.


Customers that have moved from CoreDial to SkySwitch tell us that running their business is easier with SkySwitch. Easier to win business. Easier to manage. Easier to succeed.

SkySwitch has a better platforms, better tools, and better business practices.

And, unlike Coredial, we give white label partners the same control and flexibility that they would have if they were to purchase and integrate their own carrier class geo-redundant VoIP switch and OSS/BSS.

Among other things, we don’t lock you into using our origination and termination. 

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Why SkySwitch

  • White Label VoIP is our only business
  • Best of Breed Platforms
  • Unmatched Reliability with Always Active Core
  • Control and Flexibility
  • Supported by Experienced Professionals

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