SkySwitch offers its RESELLER’s the option of creating unlimited Sub-Reseller accounts under their primary RESELLER account. All MSA terms and conditions with regard to the delivery of SkySwitch services apply for all Sub-Resellers under the primary RESELLER’s account.

Branded Portals– Upon the receipt of a Sub-Reseller account creation request, SkySwitch will build a sub-reseller branded PBX Manager and User Portal according to the branding guidelines outlined in the SkySwitch Help. These portals will be linked to the primary RESELLER account, tested and deployed according to the specifications of the primary RESELLER.

Support – It is the sole responsibility of the RESELLER to support, communicate, train and deploy any and all SkySwitch services to the Sub-Reseller. SkySwitch will not provide any of the aforementioned services to Sub-Reseller in any capacity.

Sub-Reseller Billing

  • All MRC(s) and usage generated by Sub-Reseller will be billed under the RESELLER’s account.
  • MRC(s) and usage rates will be governed and billed per the RESELLER’s applicable riders.
  • Sub-Reseller MRC product pricing will be charged at the highest tiered pricing reached by the RESELLER per their MSA. Sub- Reseller’s platform usage does not count toward RESELLER MMC or and scaled pricing discounts.
  • In the event RESELLER becomes insolvent for any reason, SKYSWITCH reserves the right to enter into a direct MSA with Sub-Reseller.

NRC & MRC Charges (per new sub-reseller) 

  • Web Centrex NRC Setup & Configuration – $249
  • Web Centrex MMC – $99
  • Telco Services are charged per the RESELLER ‘Telco Services’ rider.
  • Billing Services NRC ( – $500 per account (RESELLER must have a stand alone ‘Billing Services’ rider in place in order for a Sub-Resellers to activate this option)
  • Billing Services Fees are per the RESELLER’s ‘Billing Services’ rider.
  • Billing Services MMC $50.00 (per sub-reseller)
  • Upon activating three (3) Sub-Resellers, Web NRC setup fees are waived. ( Billing Services are excluded from being waived)
  • All other SkySwitch services and products sold by Sub-Reseller shall be billed to RESELLER at the RESELLER’s MSA existing MRC and NRC pricing.