2600hz is Great, but SkySwitch is Better

Find out why 2600hz customers are moving to SkySwitch.

SkySwitch makes it EASY.

Customers that have migrated their hosted PBX business from 2600hz to SkySwitch have told us that SkySwitch is easier. Easier to sell. Easier to manage. Easier to succeed.

The SkySwitch turn-key ecosystem allows resellers to achieve success in the Unified Communications business, with all the back-office systems and support required to go to market quickly and with confidence.

SkySwitch partners get all the benefits of owning a fully redundant and feature-rich softswitch, with none of the pain. Among other things, we don’t lock you into using our origination and termination.

Talk to us to find out more about the SkySwitch platform, and how SkySwitch compares against 2600hz.

Why SkySwitch

  • White Label VoIP is our only business
  • Best of Breed Platforms
  • Unmatched Reliability with Always Active Core
  • Control and Flexibility
  • Supported by Experienced Professionals

SkySwitch versus 2600hz




Geo Redundant - Truly Multi-Tenant, Scalable Network Architecture w/ Auto Failover
White Label iOS & Android Smart Phone Apps w/ Voice, Video & SMS
White Label Class 5 PBX Functionality with Vmail Transcription & Call Recording
White Label Zero-Touch Auto-Provisioning that Supports Yealink, Polycom, Vtech and Others
White Label Storefront to Order and Drop Ship Equipment to End Users
White Label Business SMS Platform
White Label Web & Video Conferencing Platform
White Label WebRTC for Mac & Windows w/ Voice, Video, SMS
White Label Call Center Applications
White Label Video Surveillance Platform
Learning Management System w/ How to Videos (SkySwitch University)

Others that have moved to SkySwitch have this to say...

Being with one of leading white label platform providers in the US for four years was good, but never great. With long and multiple service outages, limited features and broken promises year after year, I just could not build a solid business model under that premise. I was introduced to SkySwitch by a colleague and as they say, the rest is history. Their platform, call quality, uptime, UC features and support were exactly what I was looking for in a true partnership. I immediately converted all my customers from provider C to SkySwitch in less than 60 days and I simply could not be more elated.”

Guy Fawkes, CEO – Telepath

“SkySwitch is our third VOIP switching platform and by far the most cost effective. The CAPEX route on the first two was expensive and with all the engineering overhead they required, the profit margins just weren’t there for us. Skyswitch was a fraction of the startup cost. Their features and functionality allowed us to compete at a very high level and with us being able to dedicate 90% of our resources on sales and support, it’s a win, win for both our customers and our bottom-line.”

Dan Crabill, President – Intellivoice

“We are SO happy we signed on with SkySwitch when we did. We are moving all of our clients over from our existing white label provider as we speak. When we are finished we will be putting all our eggs in the SkySwitch basket and ending our relationship with the provider that just had a four day network outage.”

Dan Napolitano, Founder & CEO – Highbridge Communications