SkySwitch UCaaS Now Integrated with Meeting Manager Web Conferences and Google Calendar

We are happy to announce that SkySwitch is now integrated with Meeting Manager web conferences and Google Calendar through the latest ReachUC Chrome extension.

Now, when using the ReachUC extension for Chrome browsers, PBX users can choose to create Meeting Manager web meetings directly from the Chrome browser bar, or directly from their Google Calendar page.


The new integration works with any Google Calendar or G Suite account.  To use it just look for the ReachUC logo in the Event Details page of any Google Calendar event.

Because the ReachUC app is integrated with the user’s PBX account, PBX conference bridge details are automatically pulled into the event description and will be included with calendar reminder emails.


Today, UCaaS services cannot exist in a vacuum because end users expect all their productivity tools to work with each other seamlessly.  As always, SkySwitch is working hard to provide Resellers with cutting edge integrations that make these interactions easier.   Our integration with Meeting Manager web conferences, Google Calendar and ReachUC is yet another way that SkySwitch enables Resellers to succeed by more easily differentiating their services from those of the competition.

To start using the new integration, download the latest ReachUC Chrome extension from the Chrome web store.  More information about use of the ReachUC Chrome extension can be found at the ReachUC website.

SkySwitch Unveils Click-to-Call Extension for Google Chrome

2000px-Google_Chrome_2011_logoAt SkySwitch, we strive to constantly improve our Hosted PBX Reseller platform.

Within the past year we have had requests from resellers for click-to-call functionality in, Sugar CRM, Zoho CRM, Agile CRM, Sage CRM and Quickbooks Online, among others.   Initially, we created a Salesforce app to provide click-to-call and other* functionality inside the user workspace.  However,   as the number of web-based CRM, ERP and Accounting system continues to grow, we decided that rather than developing a plugin for each service, we would  create a click-to-call browser extension that works with any web-based application.

As a result, the SkySwitch Click-to-Call extension for Google Chrome is now available as a free download from the SkySwitch Reseller Help website. Here is a quick vid showing how to install and use it.


*Not to be confused with the SkySwitch Click-to-Call extension for Google Chrome, the SkySwitch app is a widget that resides within the  portal.  In addition to click-to-call functionality, it also:

  • Allows an agent to login/logout of a Call Queue
  • Displays the status of other users within the Agent’s domain
  • Allows an agent to transfer a call to another extension
  • Allows an agent to note the disposition of every call
  • Creates a call record for every call to or from a customer within


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