Training Sessions


“Vectors 2016 was well worth my time, from meeting other VoIP providers and vendors, to teaching by the SkySwitch staff. Immediately upon completion, I was asking “when and where will Vectors 2017 be?”

G. Fawkes, VoIPWRX


Hosted PBX, the Basics

How to build a new virtual PBX from scratch. Learn how to get started with the basics.

Call Center, the Basics

Learn how to setup and manage call center agents, supervisors, call queues and music on hold. Understanding the Call Center management reports are available from the system.

Managing Telco, DIDs and Faxes

Learn how to work with the DID portal to order and port DIDs.  Learn the ins and outs of porting and how to minimize rejections.  Learn how to work with the SkySwitch prepaid usage system.  Learn how to configure and manage fax service.

Setting Up and Managing Web Conferences

Learn how to configure and manage the SkySwitch web conferencing service.

NDP and Overrides, the Basics Training

A basic course that covers the device provisioning process and the various techniques that are available to manage SIP phones using the NetSapiens device provisioning module.

NDP and Overrides, Advanced

Learn how to handle more complicated device provisioning issues, including: button configuration on Polycom, Yealink and Grandstream phones; multicast paging; call parking; directory and contact management; and more.

Billing Best Practices, with

How to handle typical billing scenarios using

Quoting Best Practices, with Socket

Learn how to streamline order management with Socket’s quote to cash workflow in the SkySwitch dashboard.

The Role of SD-WAN in Managing QoS

An overview of to the role that SD-WAN solutions play in the world of UCaaS and a survey of the available soutions, including SimpleWAN, Bigleaf, Telo and others.

Understanding SIP Ladder Graphs, the Basics

Basic troubleshooting using the SIP Ladder Graphs available from the SkySwitch dashboard.

Understanding SIP Ladder Graphs, Advanced

A deeper dive into understanding more advanced SIP call flows.

Introduction to VoIP QoS and RTP-Sight

A General VoIP/SIP/RTP informational class focusing on the differences and causes of Jitter, Delay and packet loss and how to identify these problems using RTP-Sight.

PCAP Analysis, Advanced

Working with PCAP files in Wireshark to identify and troubleshoot problems

Optimizing SimpleWan for SkySwitch

Vendor led training on how to setup and deploy SimpleWan routers

Optimizing Bigleaf for SkySwitch

Vendor led training on how to setup and deploy Bigleaf routers