Because FAX Is Not Going Away

Faxing Is Still An Integral Part Of Many Business Processes
You MUST Add It To Your Service Offer


SkySwitch Makes it EASY

Fax-Over-IP can be difficult, but SkySwitch resellers have told us that offering Fax as part of their service offer is easy with SkySwitch. Easier to sell. Easier to manage. Easier to succeed.

SkySwitch has a superior platform, better tools, and better business practices.

With options for both Inbound and Outbound Faxing integrated into end-user applications and our Reseller Dashmanager Admin Console, faxing is as easy to use and deploy as any other VoIP Service.

If you are reselling Concord Fax, Vitelity vFax, Foiply, Interfax, GoFax, or Faxsipit, it’s time for you check out SkySwitch.

The White Label business model is a great fit for many organizations. But as they say, good choices are made from good options.




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