SkySwitch UCaaS Now Integrated with Meeting Manager Web Conferences and Google Calendar

We are happy to announce that SkySwitch is now integrated with Meeting Manager web conferences and Google Calendar through the latest ReachUC Chrome extension. Now, when using the ReachUC extension for Chrome browsers, PBX users can choose to create Meeting Manager web meetings directly from the Chrome browser bar, or directly from their Google Calendar…

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SkySwitch Meetings Now Support Video Conferencing Appliance

What happens when you combine the best in affordable video hardware with the best in cloud videoconferencing?   You get a fantastic new revenue opportunity for SkySwitch white label UCaaS Resellers.   That’s right, SkySwitch now offers a video conferencing solution for huddle rooms and meeting rooms that’s integrated with the Meeting Manager web and video conferencing…

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Our Top Tips for Working From Home Successfully

SkySwitch’s Top Tips for Working From Home

From a company that started out 100% remote, and remains largely remote with a global team. Once the initial glamour of working from home in your pajamas or sweat pants wears off, you might find yourself struggling with the obstacles of working from home productively. Even though the trend for remote workers has been on…

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How to Keep Working From Home In the Time of Need

The COVID-19 Coronavirus has us all, each day, seeing more events canceled, more companies asking their employees to work from home, and a greater need for our resellers and their customers to know what they need to do to effectively work from home. Since SkySwitch’s inception, our company has already had a remote and distributed…

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large huddle room deployment

Huddle Room Demand Is Growing in 2019 and This is Why

The modern workplace is shifting and we are seeing increased demand for room-designated video conferencing systems. Understanding the key drivers and best practices of huddle rooms ensures your reputation as the knowledgeable, trusted advisor in cloud communications. What Are Huddle Rooms? Huddle rooms are small meeting spaces and conference areas that can accommodate several people.…

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SkySwitch’s New Conferencing Feature Helps End Users Save Time

It’s the small, tedious tasks that add up to be the biggest time-killers. And because they’re so menial, it can become all the more frustrating to complete the task day in and day out. Case in point: When it comes to joining a web-based conference, no one likes scrambling for codes and dialing thirty different…

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ReachUC Chrome Extension Now Supports SkySwitch SMS and Fax

The ReachUC Chrome extension has been updated and now contains several useful new features. Until today, the ReachUC Chrome extension provided a convenient way to make Click-to-Dial calls and schedule Meeting Manager meetings from within the Google Chrome browser.  With today’s update however, the extension now has a dialpad that can be used to make…

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A focused businessman is sitting at the meeting room with colleagues and brainstorming about project.

Reseller Opportunities: Hosted PBX For Multi-Location Companies

Most multi-location companies rely on private branch telephone networks for inter-office business communication. More commonly known as a private branch exchange (PBX), analog systems rely on a complex network of telephone wires and jacks to facilitate call transfers between departments. Incoming and outgoing calls are transmitted over a public switched telephone network (PSTN). Although this…

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Young employees having discussion of online project in cafe

How UCaaS Benefits IT Resellers

Not all that long ago, business communication needs were relatively simple. Most companies paid a fee to their local phone service provider based on the number of PRI (primary use interface) circuits assigned to their location and their number of active lines. Each circuit supported 24 calls and a single data channel simultaneously. Legacy technology…

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What is Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS)?

Two trends have been evident in recent years, in part exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The first is the shift to remote or hybrid working, which many workers have viewed as a significant improvement in their working lives. A Statista study of workers in January 2021 revealed that 73% wanted flexible working options to continue…

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