White Label UCaaS is our only business

Many providers offer a white label option as one of several channel strategies, alongside agent and traditional reseller programs. Some white label providers even sell service directly to end users. In this type of environment, what may seem like an attractive business opportunity today could easily disappear when priorities change, and channel conflict is sure to arise. In contrast, the SkySwitch business model is 100% devoted to our white label resellers. It’s all we do.

Best of Breed Platforms

SkySwitch provides a rich ecosystem of complementary systems. Our philosophy is to partner with the best. We excel at finding the best vendors of the systems needed to turn VoIP and UCaaS into exceptional business, and making them work together harmoniously to the benefit of our white label resellers.

Unmatched Reliability with Always Active switching core

We know what it’s like to lose sleep because of network downtime, and we don’t like it any more than you do. While no service provider is immune from issues affecting the Internet, we take it as a given that they will happen and plan for the worst in everything we do. As a result we have engineered reliability into every aspect of our network with multiple geo-redundant switch nodes, and a 99.99% service level guarantee for all mission critical functions.

Control and Flexibility

We strive to give our white label resellers the same control and flexibility that they would have if they were to purchase and integrate their own switch. We don’t lock you into using our origination and termination. And, we give you a clear and defined path to migrate to your own switching platform should you ever decide it is in your best interest.

Supported by Experienced Professionals

The SkySwitch team has the experience required to help you be the best at what you do. Your success is our success. Put us to work for you.

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