Most business owners understand that  SMS is a valuable part of the lead acquisition and/or customer engagement process, and many  already use it.  But today, most SMS communication is done with a business manager’s personal mobile device, and is not integrated with the businesses phone system.  

Business SMS brings the ability to integrate SMS communications with a businesses PBX and other internal systems.  In the future, not having the ability to communicate with customers using Business SMS will be the equivalent of not having company email or a company website.

 The SkySwitch white label ecosystem enables you to sell Business SMS and Business MMS with the same back-end infrastructure that underlies our advanced business voice platform.

Adding Business SMS and Business MMS to your product mix allows you to enhance your hosted PBX or CaaS offerings by empowering business users to send and receive text messages and multimedia files using their business DIDs.  Business SMS and Business MMS services can be activated on virtually any U.S. or Canadian DID or any Toll Free number.  That means that you can give your customers  the opportunity to  maintain their professional identity by using their existing phone numbers.  The SMS activation has no effect on the voice service of a DID, so it is completely transparent to end users.   And, with the SkySwitch DID Management tools, you have complete control over all aspects of the Business SMS service that you offer.

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The SkySwitch white label Business SMS and Business MMS solution provides all the features that you will need to sell your customer base one business number that supports voice and text messages.

With SkySwitch white label Business SMS and Business MMS end users can:

  • Send and receive messages to and from extensions or 10-digit local or long- distance numbers.
  • Message colleagues, clients, and departments with a business identity—even from personal devices.
  • Reply to an incoming message from a mobile app, desktop app, or by email.
  • Text seamlessly across devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.
  • Collaborate more effectively by communicating in a single text thread.
  • Send and receive images, videos, and files.


Downloadable Data Sheet

Download this data sheet to review our solution later.

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