In UCaaS, Small is Big

A new report and podcast from Amy Lind, Research Manager with IDC’s Communications Services practice, has everyone talking about the “hidden” opportunity in UCaaS – SMBs.

Just today, Rich Tehrani from TMC observed how selling to SMBs creates more value for white label resellers:

As we’ve told you before, white-label in UCaaS and cloud phone systems can double the margins for resellers – perhaps from 20% to 40% and also increase the valuation of the reseller. The reason for the valuation bump has to do with the fact the reseller owns the relationship in this scenario so this revenue is more valuable to an acquirer.

And Peter Radizeski tweeted:

Of course, this is not news to the 350 SkySwitch resellers that are killing it in the market every day.  But it’s nice to see the rest of the world catching on.

Listen to Amy’s podcast here:



Selling UCaaS Has Never Been Easier, or Harder


Telecom industry expert and analyst Jon Arnold published a thoughtful article about selling UCaaS in which he observes that while interest from SMBs in buying cloud voice services is hot as ever, meeting that interest with a value proposition that resonates is not equally within reach for all providers.  Many providers have the technology, but struggle to put together the right sales and messaging.  Put another way, Jon’s research echoes what I say every day:  winning UCaaS business is cake if you have the right formula.

Not surprisingly, except for a select few, the providers that are seeing the most success are those that are part of a well executed channel strategy.  These providers can take advantage of scale to deliver a winning combination of technology and market positioning.

Jon calls out SkySwitch, Voyant and Intermedia as three examples of good channel execution.  


Savvy cloud providers have taken this to heart and recognized that the best way to support channels is to shore up those weaknesses. From my research, Voyant, SkySwitch, and Intermedia are good examples of this.

While I am pleased to be included in a grouping with much larger companies like Voyant and Intermedia, I would point out that SkySwitch is the only channel exclusive provider among the group.   As a white label solution provider, we never sell direct and we never compete with our channel.  As a result, we can be super focused on building strategies that let our reseller partners win deals against the bigger guys every day.  And our numbers bear this out, with SkySwitch resellers growing significantly faster than the industry average 18% CAGR.  Indeed it is difficult to find an engaged SkySwitch reseller that is not growing at high double or even triple digit rates annually.

And so, to paraphrase Jon’s conclusion: if you are looking to find a winning formula to sell UCaaS, do it the easy way and talk to SkySwitch first.


Jeff Pulver Speaks on Why “Now Is the Golden Age of Voice” on Telecom Reseller

In this podcast exclusive with Jeff Pulver, listeners get a special preview of Pulver’s session at Vectors 2019: Now Is the Best Time to Be Selling UCaaS. Jeff Pulver chats with Doug Green of Telecom Reseller, and explains his concept of “Purple Minutes” and why voice will always remain the ultimate app.



“We’re now living in a time where you can envision a service wherever you are, as long as you’re connected to the internet, and deliver it. And that, to me, is magical,” Pulver says.

Make sure to listen to the full podcast episode on Telecom Reseller. And, if you’d like to learn more about Jeff Pulver and his keynote session at SkySwitch’s Vectors 2019, check out this blog post.

Business handshake relationship

SkySwitch Announces Strategic Relationship With Adaptiv Networks

Today, SkySwitch made the announcement of a newly formed, strategic relationship with Adaptiv Networks, a leader in cloud connectivity technologies. The announcement was made on the first day of Channel Partners Evolution — one of the largest channel events in the nation with over 3,200 channel professionals in attendance.


“SkySwitch strives to bring best-in-class solutions to our resellers,” said Eric Hernaez, Founder and President of SkySwitch. “With the demand for software-defined network services on the rise, SkySwitch has made the strategic decision to align with a company that leads the market. Adaptiv Networks stands out with powerful, frictionless cloud connectivity services.”


Featured on TMC’s Comm & Tech Blog, Rich Tehrani has his own take on the new relationship and describes the nature of the SD-WAN + UCaaS relationship perfectly:

Let’s face it, SD-WAN and UCaaS go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Real-time communications, after all, do benefit greatly from SD-WAN which allows communications (and admittedly, other high-priority applications) to be optimally transmitted and received.

Read the full article here.


Business handshake relationship


In response to the news, Maurice Nagle, Featured Columnist at UC Network Management, wrote:

It’s easy to say best-in-class — being best-in-class, on the other hand, is an entirely different story.  Communications and networking are constantly evolving, and this future-forward partnership is introducing a best-in-class way to enter the digital age.

Read the full article here.

Erik Linask, Group Editorial Director at MSPToday, spoke not only to the importance of the technologies in this new relationship but of the shared values between SkySwitch and Adaptiv:

When speaking with both Hernaez and Breton, it because clear that in addition to complementary technologies that are increasingly sought after together, the two companies share similar values and market outlooks and balanced expectations, which is at least as important as the technology itself.

Read the full article here.

For a quick briefing on the new relationship between SkySwitch and Adaptiv Networks, Channelnomics, a leading resource for trends that drive businesses, covered the details, background, impact and what makes this new relationship buzz-worthy. You can read their breakdown here.

Founder and President of SkySwitch, Eric Hernaez, Talks to Telecom Reseller About Distinctive Branding

On August 26th, 2019, Eric Hernaez, Founder and President of SkySwitch, sat down with Doug Green of Telecom Reseller to talk about what’s new with SkySwitch. From that conversation, arose the importance of creating products and services that stand out, and how SkySwitch prioritizes the success of their partners by offering white labeled services with the support for personalized, distinctive branding. The great support for personalized branding is just one of the ways SkySwitch makes telecom industry success easy for VARs, interconnects, agents and MSPs.

“MSPs are being forced to answer the question, ‘how do we move to the cloud?’ And we answer that question for them,” Eric Hernaez said. Being able to go to market quickly with innovative technologies that you can brand yourself, and completely own the customers you land, make SkySwitch an easy answer for MSPs interested in moving to the cloud.

In addition, Eric Hernaez made an announcement about a featured keynote speaker to participate in SkySwitch’s Vectors 2019. Jeff Pulver, a telecom luminary, will be speaking on “Now Is the Best Time to Be Selling UCaaS”.

To listen to the full podcast, make sure to visit Telecom Reseller.

Jayson Jones, VP of Sales, Talks to Telecom Reseller About How SkySwitch Plans to Transform Cloud Communications at Vectors 2019

Every year, SkySwitch hosts a conference for a VIP guest list: the SkySwitch partner community. This year’s conference, Vectors 2019, is full of educational sessions, training, networking and more, all designed to help resellers Transform Cloud Communications.

On Friday, August 30th, Jayson Jones, VP of Sales at SkySwitch, sat down with Telecom Reseller and discussed how SkySwitch as an organization is transforming cloud communications, and how Vectors 2019 is meant to empower the SkySwitch partner community.

“We empower our resellers, and help them get more business, improve their EBITDA and generate a better revenue stream for their businesses. This is for them,” Jayson Jones said.

To listen to the full podcast, make sure to head over to this story on Telecom Reseller.


Jeff Pulver, VoIP Pioneer, Joins SkySwitch at Vectors 2019

The entire team at SkySwitch is really excited that Jeff Pulver, Executive Vice Chairman at Skrumble, VoIP Pioneer, Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Vonage, will be joining us at Vectors 2019 as one of our featured keynote speakers. 

Vectors was developed to provide resellers with valuable content and hands-on-training sessions, led by industry experts, to help transform their UCaaS business. This years’ Vectors 2019 will feature three different tracks for resellers to learn best practices from:

  1. Business
  2. Sales & Marketing 
  3. Technical

Setting the tone for the technical track is UCaaS visionary, Jeff Pulver. Along with bringing his extensive telecom industry knowledge to Vectors 2019, Pulver will be giving resellers exclusive tips on how to skyrocket your business. Vo

Now Is The Best Time To Be Selling UCaaS

Technology is constantly evolving, and the UCaaS industry is no exception. More than ever, we are seeing an influx of companies adopting UCaaS and deploying it in their business structure. The increasing state of flexibility and constant advancement of features makes it a primetime for resellers to sell a variety of UCaaS products and services.

Pulver’s session, Now Is The Best Time To Be Selling UCaaS,” will focus on his experience in bringing new ideas to the world of telecom as he discusses economic, financial and technological trends. These trends are again converging to enhance productivity with technology, creating new opportunities for businesses.

Jeff Pulver, Executive Vice Chairman, Skrumble​

“The Clash was right, ‘The Future is Unwritten.’ We are now living in a time where communication services, which were impossible to deliver even a decade ago, can now be both envisioned and sold,” said Pulver. “Today, only our imagination binds us to how and when we communicate. I am looking forward to sharing my voice with the Vectors 2019 community.”​

About Jeff Pulver

Due to Pulver’s forward-thinking view surrounding voice communications, regulation and technology, and the result of his past efforts communicating with global regulatory agencies (including The VON Coalition), Pulver has become a telecom industry luminary who helped change how the world communicates. SkySwitch is confident that you will leave Pulver’s high-level technical session inspired and equipped with insider knowledge to take your business to the next level. 

Vectors 2019 is a one-of-a-kind conference created by SkySwitch, a white label channel-only platform, for resellers. So don’t miss out! Jeff Pulver and SkySwitch can’t wait to Transform Cloud Communications with you this October in Orlando, FL! 

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Making the Next Sale: Keenan Gives Tips to Telecom Sales Teams at Vectors 2019

When it comes to accelerating business growth, we all know that sales plays an integral role. And when it comes to selling in the B2B world, the process tends to be long and complex, with many decision-makers and touchpoints involved along the way. 


Unlike consumer product sales, a B2B sale is a whole different animal, and sales representatives need to be fully prepared to successfully win the deal. However, when Forrester talked to executives about the time they spent with salespeople, this is what they had to say:

  • 77% said the reps didn’t understand the issues they faced or how their company’s product could help.


  • 57% said that sales reps weren’t knowledgeable about their industry.


  • 75% said the reps didn’t come in prepared with knowledge about their business.


Numbers like this support the notion that sales training is an incredibly important investment. But, what is even more important, is the quality of the sales training you choose for your team. According to a survey by Sales Performance International, 84% of all sales training is lost after just 90 days. That means you need to be very particular about the sales training you choose, and how you keep the training interesting and meaningful.

The Problems With Traditional Sales Training 

So, now your company is faced with two problems:

  1. Your sales team needs ongoing sales training to continuously improve and win more deals for your company.


  2. There are tons of costly sales training sessions, seminars, and consultants out there, but you don’t know how effective the training will actually be. Or, if it can be directly applied to the UCaaS niche.

The SkySwitch Solution

SkySwitch understands that our customer’s success is also our success. That’s why we’ve put some serious thought into how to resolve these problems:

  1. Need sales training? 
    SkySwitch has joined forces with Keenan (Founder and CEO at A Sales Guy Inc.) and he will be a featured keynote speaker at Vectors 2019.


  2. Want to be sure you’re spending money on effective sales training? 
    SkySwitch’s Vectors 2019 doesn’t host your typical, run-of-the-mill training — this is personalized training created specifically for SkySwitch resellers. We’ve chosen Keenan, an internationally recognized sales guru, to teach Vectors 2019 attendees how to apply the gap selling method to the UCaaS industry and win more deals.  

How Is Keenan’s Sales Training Different?

Keenan has been recognized by Forbes as one of the top 30 social salespeople in the world, and for good reason. His gap selling method focuses on core fundamentals and emphasizes that the salesperson needs to fully understand and anticipate the customers’ needs, all before the customer even realizes their own needs.

This is a proactive approach that cuts down on the complaints that C-Level executives expressed in the Forrester study: that sales reps don’t understand the issues they face, and that sales reps aren’t knowledgeable about their own industry.

At Vectors 2019, you’ll learn from Keenan because:

  • His methodology is a tried and true proactive approach.
  • His sessions at Vectors 2019 will be tailored for the UCaaS industry.
  • In addition to his keynote speech, Keenan will be leading personalized breakout sessions.
  • On top of that, Keenan will be hosting a post-conference webinar for Vectors 2019 attendees to ensure that everyone has retained the sales education and are equipped with everything needed to win more deals.

“Backed by SkySwitch’s innovative technologies, SkySwitch resellers and MSPs have limitless potential,” Keenan said.

“And with the UCaaS industry forecasted to be worth $79.3 billion by 2024, there’s honestly no better time to be selling UCaaS – especially if you’re selling it the right way. That’s where gap selling comes in, and why I couldn’t be more excited to join SkySwitch at Vectors 2019. ”

Keenan, Founder and CEO at A Sales Guy, Inc.

If you’re ready to radically transform your UCaaS sales with actionable tips from Keenan, then you do not want to miss out on these sales tips at Vectors 2019. 

How to Save $200+ at SkySwitch’s Vectors 2019

Going once, going twice — you don’t want to miss out on the chance to save over $200 for SkySwitch’s Vectors 2019 conference.

Between our deeply discounted early-bird registration package at $299 and the discounts provided by our special Vectors 2019 Travel Partners, you can save big on attending this incredibly valuable event that’s designed to transform any SkySwitch reseller’s UCaaS business.

(Note: The tickets alone cost $499 when purchased onsite, so these are super savings.)

Here’s How You Can Save at Vectors 2019

Step #1Sign up for early-bird registration by August 15th, 2019. The clock is ticking on this one.

Step #2Visit our Travel Deals & Details page to take advantage of exclusive airline offers, discounted car rentals, affordable transportation and our special event hotel rate.

Step #3Share this with your colleagues — everyone loves a friend who spreads the news on great deals!

Vectors 2019 Special Airfare Discounts

American Airlines, Southwest and Delta are offering all Vectors 2019 attendees exclusive discounts and bonus offers to make your corporate travel planning a breeze.

Each airline Travel Partner has its own unique offer, which can be viewed in greater detail here

Vectors 2019 Car Rental & Transportation Discounts

Once you arrive at Orlando International Airport, you have another chance to save as a Vectors 2019 attendee. Our Travel Partner, Hertz, is offering special discounted car rental rates that are available at all Hertz Florida locations.

Mears Transportation, another Vectors 2019 Travel Partner, is offering attendees a special coupon to save on transfers between Orlando International Airport and your hotel.

Discount code details for both Hertz and Mears Transportation can be found on our Travel Deals & Details page.

SkySwitch is on a mission to Transform Cloud Communications and we want to make that mission easy and accessible for every single SkySwitch Reseller. With the help of our Travel Partners, all Vectors 2019 attendees have amazing savings within their reach.

Become a UCaaS Expert With These Sessions at Vectors 2019

As a SkySwitch Reseller, you need to stand apart from the crowd. And that’s what Vectors is all about — gaining valuable new skills, learning about technologies from the best in the business and mastering how to effectively sell those technologies.

The Vectors TechSpert speakers are the players changing the landscape that will transform your customer’s business…which is why you need to be there.

We’ve curated a packed session schedule that will increase your knowledge, teach you new skills and provide the hands-on training you need, so you can know more, sell more and grow more.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect to learn:

How to Link Online Campaigns to Inbound Calls

All of your customers use pay-per-click campaigns or SEO marketing to generate business. The problem is that it’s really difficult to know when a customer call was triggered by which online asset. 

You can solve this problem with SkySwitch and Call Rail. This session will teach you how to use Call Rail to dynamically generate campaign-specific phone numbers linked to your web assets so that inbound calls can be properly attributed, tracked and verified.

How to Create Natural Language IVR with Twilio

SkySwitch is planning to add speech recognition capabilities to its internal IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system.  But, you don’t have to wait for SkySwitch to meet your customers’ demands for this feature. 

With Twilio’s drag-and-drop IVR Studio, it’s possible to build a full-fledged IVR system that’s easy to navigate by voice or keypress. This session will teach you the basic skills needed to create an IVR that works in conjunction with SkySwitch UCaaS

How to Leverage Microsoft Teams and Office 365

Microsoft is on a mission to make Teams a replacement for the traditional PBX in 2021.  But in the meantime, it’s possible to use Microsoft’s marketing efforts to your advantage by connecting Office 365 users to your PBX service.

This session will teach you everything you need to know to identify opportunities among customers that use Office 365, close big deals and win in the UCaaS business by selling Teams-enabled SIP Trunks.

How to Increase Revenue and Decrease Churn with CRM Connectors

Small and medium-sized businesses are adopting cloud CRM systems faster than ever before. But many are not aware that their staff would be more productive if they connected the CRM system to their cloud phone system. 

In this session, you’ll be learning how to upsell existing customers, and beat your competition on new deals, by being an expert at CTI (Computer Telephony Integration).

How to Become a Robocall Expert

Everybody hates the growing scourge of robocalls, also known as telephone spam.  It’s a thorny problem that has no easy solution.

Although spam-detection services such as the one provided by SkySwitch partner Nomorobo can help, they aren’t a complete solution.

To be credible and gain consumer trust among victims of robocalls, you need to know your stuff. This session will explain the technological underpinnings of the problem, as well as the solutions that are being proposed by both Congress and the industry so that you can be a robocall expert to your customers.

And More…

In addition to all the above, SkySwitch staff will provide training sessions on all of our existing products, as well as all the new products that we plan to announce and release at Vectors. Training topics will include ReachUC, Business SMS, CamCommand and SD WAN.

If you want to better yourself, better your business and better your customers, join SkySwitch at Vectors 2019 in Orlando, October 27-30th at the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort. Bring the family if you wish, and enjoy all of Universal Studios and the fun of being in Orlando. 

We hope to see you at Vectors 2019!

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