Hosted PBX without the Headaches:  Quality of Service

Hosted PBX Quality of Service


Expanding numbers of SMBs are now relying on the cloud for communication and other mission-critical services.  In the case of Hosted PBX service, migrating to the cloud allows SMBs to use their existing internet connectivity (referred to as BYOB or ‘bring your own bandwidth’) – an option that greatly increases deployment possibilities at the same time that it reduces cost.    

However, resellers are finding out that is often difficult to meet the customer’s Quality of Service expectations when a Hosted PBX is being delivered as an Over-The-Top (OTT) service.  Quality of Service issues can be caused by latency, jitter or network congestion within the LAN of the client, at the demarc between the LAN and the Internet or within the ISP network. To address these issues, SkySwitch recommends that resellers deploy SD-WAN routers. 

SD-WAN Devices can address common OTT deployment issues with:

  • Bandwidth Shaping
  • Prioritization for voice traffic
  • WAN Failover
  • Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools
    • MOS History
    • Network Health
    • Speed tests
    • Packet Capture

This white-paper discusses the concepts that need to be understood in order to address the factors that affect the Quality of Service, explains how SkySwitch enables resellers to manage and monitor end-customer networks effectively.

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