The SkySwitch Device Provisioning Server simplifies the management of SIP end-user devices by significantly accelerating device registration and deployment.  With built-in support for all major device vendors, it delivers unparalleled ease of management  to Resellers and zero-touch device configuration and customization for end users.

Key Benefits

The SkySwitch Device Provisioning Server enables you to:

  • Support for all major device vendors, including Polycom, Yealink, Grandstream and Cisco to name a few
  • Provision Programmable Keys and Soft Buttons for Call Parking, Multicast Paging, SLA, Call Pickup, Speed Dial, BLF/Presence, Call Recording and more
  • Apply configurations to an entire office or a single device
  • Works seamlessly with routers that support DHCP Options (Option 66 or Polycom Option 160)
  • Trigger configuration updates and reloads remotely (including phone firmware updates)
  • Provision any number of devices remotely, without having to manually configure SIP handsets
  • Upload device information in batches from a csv file, or programmatically through our flexible API
  • Control configuration profiles efficiently,  with no duplication of existing provisioning data
  • Enable geographic load distribution by provisioning devices based on their geo location
  • Reduce costs by eliminating engineer involvement with enterprise installations of individual telephones (either onsite, or over the phone)
  • Delegate the day-to-day administration of most phone features and settings to SMB employees (administrators or end-users) through our intuitive PBX Management portals.

To learn more about the SkySwitch remote device management capabilities, contact a white-label VoIP specialist today.

To view sample Polycom provisioning server overrides that are supported by the SkySwitch device provisioning server, click here.

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