NS logoSkySwitch has built solutions for NetSapiens service providers to extend the value of the NetSapiens SNAPsolution platform.  Our “as-a-service” solutions complement your NetSapiens switch with enhanced features, and streamline and simplify the process of delivering service to end users.  We offer flexible deployment options to meet almost any need.




SkySwitch Instant Fax adds Fax-to-Fax, Fax-to-Web and Fax-to-Email support to your NetSapiens switch. The SkySwitch fax solution is fully integrated with the NetSapiens end-user portals. Because it is integrated with the NetSapiens API, Fax accounts can be instantly provisioned from the SkySwitch DID Management portal, allowing an administrator to assign a fax number to a NetSapiens User and Domain on the fly.

DID Management Portal

The SkySwitch DID Manager leverages the industry standard ENUM protocol to add scalable DID routing and management to your NetSapiens switch.  The routing component is compatible with any ENUM capable session border controller.  In addition to routing, this solution automates the process of ordering and provisioning DIDs.  You can also add enhanced services like Instant Fax, E911 or CNAM Delivery as a la carte options for any DID.

Web Conferencing

SkySwitch Meeting Manager is a flexible web conferencing solution to enable screen sharing, webinars and online meetings.  It has the capability to support large (up to 100 attendees) web meetings that are fully integrated with the NetSapiens audio conferencing bridge.  See the complete feature list here.

Click-to-Call Extension for Google Chrome

The SkySwitch C2C click-to-dial plugin for NetSapiens is available as a free download from the Google Chrome store.  It can  can also be private branded for your customer base.

Least Cost Routing

The SkySwitch Least Cost Routing solution for NetSapiens operates as a SIP 302 redirect server to provide granular least cost routing information on every call.


For more information on any of these solutions, contact sales@skyswitch.com.


White Label vs. Purchase

If you’re in the market for a multi-tenant VoIP switch from NetSapiens, complete your due diligence by considering SkySwitch as a white label partner. Talk to us. Even if you don’t think the white label model is the right fit for your organization, chances are you may learn a thing or two.

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